Saturday, January 26, 2013

100 things

List fan.  Fun facts fan.  Writing about myself & my family fan.  Here we go! 

1. I am NOT a good blogger.  'Nuff said.
2. I stay up way too late.  It's precisely 1:27am as I start this post.  I have Project Runway playing in the background.  Everyone's been asleep for hours.
3.  I can often be seen yawning.  See above.   
4.  I have to consciously stop squinting my eyes or glaring, especially at the TV or my computer screen.  People used to ask me why I was mad, and I never understood it.  Yep.  Get it now.  The big, deep wrinkle on my forehead reminds me. 
5.  I'm left-handed and so is my dear lefty son.  Yay!  Forcing everything into his left hand really worked!!  KIDDING.
6.  When I watch funny movies, I don't laugh out loud.  This always drives Chad crazy.
7.  Chad laughs VERY loud at funny movies.  This always drives ME crazy (hello??  I'm trying to listen!)
8.  Aidan laughs VERY loud at funny movies.  Lilah, not at all.  Mini-me kiddos. 
9.  I wish I were a more organized person.
10.  I wish I had a laundry fairy. 
11.  Or maybe Mary Poppins could just come over and snap her fingers to clean my house.
12.  I love doing creative things, but sometimes run out of steam to finish them (i.e. painting rooms, craft/DIY projects.) 
13.  I'd rather wear cheap, funky jewelry than expensive diamonds (Chadly, save your $!)
14.  I lost the big rock in my wedding ring on the night that we moved into our new house.
15.  I believe in "signs" and "fate" and wondered if moving into our house was bad luck. See above.
16.  I won an award in high school for being the fastest typer.  I still impress my kids at school when I get on my computer.  (I'm also a big dork.)
17.  I had surgery on my right wrist in college, and had to learn left-hand piano pieces.
18.  I have always had cats.  I am not a dog fan.  They smell.
19.  When I was a kid, I slept in a pink and rainbow-wallpapered room, with a gigantic canopy bed.
20.  My childhood cat jumped on top of my canopy bed and crushed it.  Why do I still like cats?  Not sure.
21.  I think I just saw a flea jump on my computer.  KIDDING.
22.  I have a major fear of bugs and flying insects.  Well, except fleas.  They're just annoying. 
23.  Profanity is annoying too.  Makes my virgin ears hurt.
24.  Coffee is yucky, but I love coffee-flavored things.
25.  Coffee breath is yucky too. 
26.  Mushrooms were invented to torture me... especially on pizza, where they hide under the cheese all sneaky-like.
27.  I like being the center of attention, but I have a major fear of failing in front of others.
28.  I am a picker.  If you have a pimple ready to blow, watch out... my fingers might be comin' atcha.
29.  Ok, I've never actually popped a stranger's pimple... or a friend's, for that matter.  That'd be gross.  But my husband's?  Yes. 
30.  I was blessed with a crazy gorilla gene that gave me super hairy arms.  Had 'em all the way until before my wedding, and waxed 'em off.  Now I do the laser thing.  Nothing worse than having Kindergarteners "pet" your arm hair, or 5th graders asking why you don't shave.  Ugh.  Poor Lilah.  Saving up for her hair removal years now...
31. Chad never minded my hairy arms.  At all.  That's why I love him.
32.  In 7th grade, I heard a boy say to my friend that she had the "perfect sized feet" (7 1/2).  I wear size 8 and always thought my feet must be huge.  I have come to my senses.
33.  In 6th grade, I owned a pair of shiny lavender spandex pants... and I [unfortunately] paired them with an over sized jungle print camp shirt... WITH shoulder pads. 
34.  I have always felt I could dress a room better than I could dress myself.  Trying to change that. 
35.  I used to have a reoccurring dream that Dracula was stealing my red tricycle.  Jerk.
36.  I still remember my first boy-kissing-me dream.  It was glorious.
37.  I still remember my first REAL kiss.  Not so glorious.  (Boo.)
38.  I started piano lessons at age 5.
39.  At one point in high school, I was taking piano, flute, and french horn lessons.  No wonder why my mom can't afford to retire!  Kidding, Mom.  But thank you.  : )
40.  I'm one of those lovely people who has OCD about certain things (picture frames hung straight, bed made a certain way, etc.), but then is a total slob everywhere else.
41.  Distantly related to the Slowskys.  Downhill-skiing, motorcycle-riding, fast-car-driving... not for me.  Well, except when I'm late for work.
42.  I am often late.  Having kids only worsened that trait.
43.  I am a child of the 80s.  I liked the Breakfast Club long before the kids on Pitch Perfect made it cool.
44.  I went through a Madonna phase and choreographed "True Blue" with my 5th grade BFF. 
45.  Don't go thinking I was cool enough to dress like Madonna, though... remember, I have no style (see #34.)
46.  In 4th grade, my mom and I moved into a new house and I purposely put yellow ducky wallpaper in my room. 
47.  In 10th grade, I went through a grunge phase... baggy boys' jeans, flannels around waist, snap bodysuits (um, I call those onesies now!!), chunky necklaces.  And I listened to a lot of Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.  And even Simon & Garfunkel.  Whoa.
48. In my senior year, I was the student director in marching band, and couldn't fit my big head into the drum major hat.
49.  I always knew I'd be a music teacher and a mom of two. 
50.  I always hoped I'd have a boy and a girl, with the boy older (not sure why - maybe 'cuz I was a younger sister too.)
51.  For a long time, I was in love with the boy name Sean... but then the name Aidan came along and stuck.  There was a short controversy, however, on how to spell it.  Chad & my mom won.   
52.  Chad wanted to name Lilah "Ashley" and although I've known plenty of nice, sweet Ashleys, that name just made me want to barf.  (Sorry if your name is Ashley.  Maybe you hate the name Heather?  I'm cool with that.)
53.  Sometimes being the mommy of a kid with SPD (among other things?) is hard.  And lonely.  And sometimes it's the most awesome thing ever (like when Aidan has an entire week of no hitting AND no problems getting off the bus.  Or when he controls his OCD and gets over something.  Love watching his progress.)
54.  I'm a little jealous of Aidan's artistic talent.
55.  I got made fun of once in my 8th grade cartooning class because I was drawing some weird boobs on my cartoon character.  I may have creative talents, but drawing is NOT one of them.
56.  I can't do a cartwheel.  Lame.
57.  I can do a somersault, however.  Impressive, eh?
58.  I used to be friends with a guy named Forrest.  He had red hair.  That was during my grunge phase.  He took me to a Jimi Hendrix laser show (or was it Pink Floyd?).  It was weird.
59.  I lived in England for 3 1/2 years (with a dumb guy - not worth a story).  But I met my Aunt Anna who lives on a vineyard in France, my Uncle Sean who was in town from New York, and I met some great friends (Autumn, Jody, Misty.)  Worth it in the end.
60.  I got lost in England once and ended up SIX HOURS away in the wrong direction.  Um, apparently those were my stupid years.  Sort of like the Wonder Years, but I wasn't as cute as Winnie.
61.  I am 1/2 British and have a [now expired] British passport. 
62.  I sang karaoke twice while in England.  Sarah McLachlan.  Not a crowd-pleaser.  Oops.
63.  I don't drink.  Probably would on occasion if I liked it, but I don't.
64.  Chad and I drank sparkling cider at our wedding.  He would've had champagne, but I selfishly wanted us to drink the same thing.
65.  We have it on video that I completely dogged my new husband on the dance floor at our wedding, as I passed him with my conga line.  Oops.
66.  Sweaty brides are not pretty brides.  Mental note: don't get married in the hottest July ever in a non-air conditioned room! 
67.  I worked at Hallmark after high school and sent my friends and family a LOT of cards.
68.  I worked at Linens n' Things for 3 years and learned what a euro sham was and how to properly make a bed (with 6+ pillows.)
69.  I was a substitute teacher at a middle school in England and got asked a lot of sex ed. questions.  Wasn't prepared for that.
70.  In high school, I worked at a public library and learned there was a lady named Holly Jolly.  I met her once.  I tried really hard not to laugh. 
71.  I wish I wasn't so sensitive sometimes. 
72.  Kids' movies make me cry.  Well, except Thomas the Train.  He just makes me cross. 
73.  I love a good sci-fi thriller.  Movie of choice for a date night with Chad (on the couch.) 
74.  Romantic comedies are my movie of choice when I'm alone (and don't want to hear Chad making barfing sounds or annoying comments the whole time.)
75.  I love board games!
76.  I love puzzles too.  Needing a big puzzle table.  And kids who don't destroy my puzzle-making efforts.
77.  I don't drink tea. 
78.  I {heart} hot chocolate. 
79.  I'm a ponytail kind of girl and always will be (until my hair falls out, I guess.) 
80.  Fall is my favorite season.  Love winter too, when it's not too cold for too long.  Spring is fun for gardening, but busy work-wise. 
81.  No longer a summer fan.  Not until we get air conditioning... and I get a part-time summer babysitter so I can get a break!
82.  I love sweaters and my white North Face jacket. 
83.  My scarf collection is getting pretty extensive.  I give my husband permission to add to it. 
84.  I cannot walk in high heels.
85.  You don't want to see me try.  It's embarrassing.
86.  When Chad and I first started dating, he used to sit on the same side of the booth as me.  I thought it was weird, but now I miss the snuggling.
87.  I absolutely adore our new house and where we live, but miss pizza delivery and quick trips to the store.
88.  I {heart} pizza.
89.  I'm still relieved I didn't end up with full-blown diabetes after my 2nd pregnancy.  (yes, thinking about pizza = thinking about diabetes.)
89.  I have crooked elbows, gimpy wrists, and stubby thumbs.  Before the arm hair removal, I was a real piece of work, don'tcha think? 
90.  The one country I didn't see when I lived overseas was Italy.
91.  I don't need to see Italy before I die, but I'd like to see the northern East Coast and more of Canada.
92.  I always wanted to marry a tall guy.  Chad's 6'4".  I win.
93.  I always wanted to be with a musician.  Chad plays piano, guitar, and sings.  I win.
94.  All of our birthdays are within 2 weeks of each other (and we're all Tauruses!!)
95.  I'm not looking forward to turning 40 before Chad.
96.  Conversation hearts & Cadbury Creme Eggs.  Need I say more?
97.  I would like to stop comparing myself to other people, moms, teachers... and just be the best ME I can be. 
98.  I believe in the power of cheesy quotes.
99.  Ooh, I like cheese.  String cheese, Swiss cheese, pepper jack cheese... and pasta.  Cheese and pasta.  Yum.
100.  I'm tired. (yawn)  And no, I did not stay up past 1:27am to finish this entire list.  I fell asleep after #3 and finished the rest today.

So there ya go.  That's me in a crazy weird nutshell. 

Heather : )        


Rachel said...


I have a redhead cousin named Forrest who loves music... I'm a bit skeered of just how small a world this is?

(Remember, we bumped into eachother randomly at Red Robin when I committed a cardinal faux pas and asked if your son's name was Aiden! Stranger Danger!)

Kameron said...

I love your list! Too many thing I could comment on, but yes you do need to get to the East coast! You guys could stay at our house, we have a whole apartment downstairs!!
I wish we lived closer. We have a lot of random things in common. I am also cross for you that you don't get pizza delivery. ;)

Stephanie De Groot said...

Wauw, wat een geweldige Stoel box