Monday, March 5, 2012

Things they say, things they do

Aidan - 3 years, 22 months

Aidan: I wanna go to that park!
Mommy: Sorry, honey, but it's raining out.  We can't today.
Aidan: Yes we can!  Daddy said YES!

(You use that "Daddy said yes" line on me a LOT lately.  It's funny.  Mostly.)

Mommy: Aidan, can you please come sit down to eat your dinner?"
Aidan: Sorry, Mama (and continues to play with trains). 
Mommy: Aidan, can you please stop hitting Lilah?
Aidan: Sorry, Mama (and continues to hit Lilah).
Mommy: Aidan, can you come use the potty?
Aidan: Sorry, Mama (and pees on the floor).

(I finally realized exactly what you mean by "sorry."  Hmmm.)

You have weird dreams and woke the other morning talking about finding the "giant road."  We did actually find the "giant road" (we turned on a forest-lined road near our house we hadn't driven down before, as per your request) and apparently the giants were sleeping

You are obsessed with ghosts and things "coming to get us."  You can often be heard yelling, "Run!!!!" or "Save me!!" or "Look out!!!!"  When your trains go down a hill on your track, you like to say, "Wahoooo!"  Reminds me of Walter Matthau in "I.Q."  LOVE that movie.  

You love to snuggle and get "cozy" with Mama.  You actually say, "I wanna be cozy with you, Mama."  I live for those moments.  Too bad there are more "Aidan, go to timeout!!" moments, but hopefully that will change soon.  You love fleece blankets, my fleece bathrobe and anything soft.  You'll lay your head on my chest and close your eyes and sigh.  Ahhhh.

You have this funny walk/dance where you take super tiny baby steps.  It's cute and all, but could you please speed things up in the morning when I'm running late???

Lately, you love drawing your self-portrait or making people out of playdoh. Pretty impressed with your "heart man" riding a skateboard!! Ok, I may have helped a little, but it was all your idea...

2-22-12 015

You're being better and worse with Lilah, all at the same time.  One minute, you're playing with her, protecting her around other kids at play areas, laughing and having a great time.  Next minute, well... you can imagine.  It's a lot of pushing down, shoving, smacking on the face, stealing toys.  Ugh. 

2-21-12 0012-21-12 0022-21-12 0032-21-12 0062-21-12 008

I had last week off and got to see you at your preschool.  You have good moments (like when you participated in the singing really energetically) and not-so-good moments (like when you had a meltdown during snacktime and little Logan had to tell me, "Aidan's crying again!!")  I was just telling Auntie Marie that I think you might have rough times ahead with boys, but I hope some smart, kind girl takes you under her wing and befriends you.  And apparently Brynn and you are "tight" (according to Mrs. Flynn.)  Brynn is a lovely girl, one of the peer models in the class.  Yay! 

You are mastering your tr and dr sounds, and can finally say "train" and "track."  Hallelujah!!!  Although, I'm sort of tired of hearing you ask for a "drink."  Glad you can say the word, but boy, you need to EAT something!! 

You've been saying a lot of these:
"I want something to drink."
"I want something to eat."
"I want something to watch."

Daddy and I love your increasing communication!!  I can't wait for your appt. in April at Children's, so we can tell the speech therapist how far you've come in a year.  We're also taking you up there at the end of this month, to discuss your upcoming summer "lip revision" surgery.  We're very nervous.  We've gotten used to how your lip looks now, so it's hard to imagine it different. 


Lilah - 22 months

When Aidan was at preschool last week & I was off, I needed to find a way to entertain you while I took a shower.  I asked if you wanted to watch TV.  BIG head shake yes.  Then I said, "What do you want to watch?"  Your eyes grew big as you ran over to the DVDs, grabbed "The Little Mermaid," and ran it back to me.  Aidan always rules the remote, so you loved your little "moment." 

You climb and climb and climb and climb.  On everything.  Everywhere.  YOU are the bad influence on Aidan in that department. Daredevil to the extreme.


You are getting better with your communication, and have mastered the signs for "thank you," "please," "milk," and "more."  You say "mil" for milk and "bee ee" for binky.  A three-year-old at the Children's Museum kept asking you what your name was and then said, "Why aren't you talking??"  I tried to explain that you're only 1 1/2, but she didn't get it.


You always have crusty hair because you refuse to let me wash it. 

You love looking at your belly button lately and drumming on your round midsection.  I wish I loved my round midsection as much... 

You are still addicted to your binky, and if I take it away at certain moments (like when I'm trying to get a photo of your cute outfit outside), you give me tantrums like this... (yep, she looks just like me.  And yes, I look like this when I'm tantruming too.)

3-3-12 0263-3-12 0273-3-12 028

You really, REALLY like to wear rainboots.  Aidan's boots, your boots, Mama's boots... and you're getting quite interested in shoes. 

You are quite stubborn about a lot of things.  This week, you're refusing to eat apple slices, as you only want the whole apple.  You thought it was hilarious when I put corn cob holders on the ends.  I told you they were your "handlebars." 

Speaking of eating, you are almost as picky as your brother, but just about different things.  You try more than he does, but if you don't like it, it goes flying straight to the floor.  You would eat pasta and rice day and night if we let you (2 things of which Aidan won't touch!)  Sometimes I'm surprised at the things you won't try.  And then you shock me and eat some marinated-in-vinegar red onions.  Whoa!  You definitely keep me on my toes in the kitchen!   

I'm not sure what happens, but you get crazy around 7pm.  Seriously crazy.  Like the Tazmanian Devil (and that's what you do to the house, too.) 

You fight going to bed sometimes, but once we turn out the light (and give you your binky, of course), you stop the fussing. 

You love being held upside down, tickled, chased, and given lots and LOTS of attention. I live for the moments when you snuggle me (and they happen often!) and look at my eyes really closely before touching noses. Adorable you.

3-5-12 0013-5-12 002

Kiddos, you sure are tough sometimes, but then you're sweet and easy the next minute.  Either kicking me in protest or snuggling.  Throwing dinner on the floor (or spitting it out!) or eating it up.  Shoving or playing happily.  Despite all of those I'm-gonna-pull-my-hair-out-and-sell-you-to-the-gypsies moments, I wouldn't give it up for anything!