Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow day(s)!

This has been the strangest week!! 
1-15-12 106

Sunday - Snow falls over Western Washington.  We take the kids on a winter walk down the street and back. 

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1-15-12 039
lilah brighter
1-15-12 079
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1-15-12 092
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1-15-12 105
1-15-12 113
1-15-12 1171-15-12 118
1-15-12 1191-15-12 121

Monday - MLK day - no school.  Make it safely to Aidan's OT appt.

Tuesday - Snow falls again - no school.  But apparently living next to the water has its downside... we had a bare yard, no snow on the trees, nothin'!  Drive 2 minutes closer to town, though, and BAM!  Winter wonderland!  What's a "snow day" without snow?  I'll tell ya - it's LAME!

Wednesday - Snow falls again - no school again.  Apparently when you complain to the snow gods that you've been ripped off in the snow department, they show you who's boss and let it POUR.  We woke up to 9" on our deck rail.  Lilah spent 5 minutes outside, fell, cried, came inside, and took a 2-hour nap.  Aidan and Chad went on a snowy walk, passing cross-country skiiers on our road.
1-18-12 007
1-18-12 0061-18-12 004
1-18-12 003

Thursday (tomorrow) - Snow will still be here - no school again.  And I'll have to cancel an appt. I made back in September with my diabetes doctor.  Probably won't get another one 'til May! 

Friday (2 days from now) - Would've been my 3rd grade MLK musical (that I wrote myself!)  But it's gonna have to be rescheduled for next week.  Ugh.  Just hope all of my main players can make it! 

What a week!

aidan brighter

Friday, January 13, 2012

New guest room (halfway done)

New Year's resolution:
1. get a house tour up on the blog (at least one room at time!)

We'll start with the guest room...

My mom and aunt were planning to stay over New Year's Eve.  My aunt was gonna sleep on the couch upstairs and my mom on the loveseat downstairs.  I couldn't bare the thought of my mom curling up on our tiny loveseat (she's short, but still!)  Got talking to Chad and we decided to turn our future office (which we didn't really need anyway) into an official guest room!  Too bad we had this idea FOUR DAYS before New Year's Eve.


(before we moved in, Chad discovered dry rot in this room -- directly above it is the deck.  Doesn't make for a good roof.  So this room got a complete overhaul, going down to studs, getting new insulation, drywall, texturing, the works.  Then Chad did a bunch of wiring for video/internet, so it became a dumping ground for tools and other random junk.  Sounds like an office to me, right?)

The plastic over the window is from the popcorn ceiling removal.

Everyone needs a shop vac in their office, right?

Aidan testing out the pile of extra linens.  Don't mind the skewed view from my camera lens... it's the only way to get the whole room in the shot.  This is a very tiny room with a low ceiling. 
1-12-12 2327

In order to make it an official guest room for my Mom/Dad/whoever to stay in, we needed a few things...

To buy:
* a bed - after much debate, we decided a twin would fit the room best.
* bedding - the works
* wardrobe closet - this was completely optional, but I really wanted a place my mom could hang up blouses when she stays over (the room has no closet.)  It could also double as a linen closet.
* new ceiling light fixture

To do before New Year's:
* paint the room (MAJOR FAIL.  Oops.)
* hang curtains (oops)
* add outlet covers (oops)
* rehang door (done!)

Tuesday, Dec. 27th - Drive to Ikea by myself, with only an hour to go before closing.  By the way, did you know how awesome Ikea is at closing??  Seriously, I'm still laughing about it!  They play the funniest announcements, like how the store is closed and your car will be locked in the parking lot, and you'll have to stay and make meatballs with them.  Ha!  And "Goodnight, Sweetheart" comes over the intercom.  Ok, anyway, I find a down comforter, duvet cover, some throw pillows, Hemnes wardrobe, some decorative baskets, and an entertainment system - here, here, and here - for our downstairs playroom (to be set up after New Year's).  Oh, and a shoe cabinet for the entryway, which I almost forgot to grab.  Oh, and this cute duvet for Aidan's room, when we finally get him a down alternative comforter.  Needless to say, the back of the truck was full and I was sweating from lifting all of those boxes!!

Later that night... since I'm a night owl, I decided to put the wardrobe together.  It wasn't until I had the sides and back attached and stood it up that I realized how ginormous it was in our tiny guest room.  And I hadn't even added the doors and drawers, which would've made it even more threatening!  I did looooove the yellow & white stripes inside, though.  LOVE. 

1-12-12 23361-12-12 2339

Wednesday, Dec. 28th - Chad agrees wardrobe is huge, but we'll make it work.

Thursday Dec. 29th - Chad agrees the wardrobe needs to go (yay!)  I called Ikea and yes, it was returnable! (yay again!!)  There was a smaller wardrobe for half the price - we planned to pick it up Friday after work.  I head to Sleep Country with the kids and find a floor model twin on sale.  Plan to have it delivered on Friday afternoon.

Friday, Dec. 30th - Bed arrives.  Kids jump and pretend to sleep in "Nana's bed!"

1-12-12 23401-12-12 2342

 I take apart the wardrobe during Lilah's nap.  When Chad gets off work, he puts the wardrobe back in the boxes it came in, ties it down in his truck, breaks his tailgate (long story), and we head off to Ikea with the kids at 7:30pm.

They close at 9pm.  We live almost 90 minutes away. 

Arrive at Ikea with 20 MINUTES to spare (Chad drove!)  Stand in the return line for 15 minutes.  Panic sets in.  I still needed to get the new wardrobe and didn't know where it was in the warehouse area!!  Finally get the big wardrobe returned and rush toward the warehouse.  Then I see Chad coming around the corner with the new wardrobe, with Lilah standing on the cart, holding onto both boxes, and Aidan leading up the rear.  My heroes!  Another evening at Ikea at closing (with 2 kids up waaaaaay past bedtime)!  And I ran into a former student and her mom (Katie - it was Kaitlyn Tisch!  She was so tall!)

Later that night... put new wardrobe together.  Ahhhh, much better.

Saturday, Dec. 31st - With just hours to spare before my mom's arrival, Chad runs to Lowe's with Lilah and picks out a light fixture, while I run to Bed Bath & Beyond with Aidan for a sheet set, mattress pad, and bedskirt.

Later that morning... madly decorate a bit and fluff bed.  As my mom is pulling up, Chad is still installing the ceiling light.  She can see him from the street, peeks in the window, and says, "I see something is different with the office!"  I wanted to surprise her when I gave my aunt the house tour.  Stinker.  : )
1-12-12 2396
1-12-12 2397

Still need to figure out this desk area.  That's my new laser printer Chad got me for Christmas! 
1-12-12 2399

I went with blue & white for a clean, fresh look.  My mom liked it!
1-12-12 2400
1-12-12 2401

No cute yellow & white stripes inside, but the blue goes great with the room!
1-12-12 2402

Chad's little unfinished project...
1-12-12 24031-12-12 2404
1-12-12 2405

I want to hang some curtains or put up a bamboo shade for some texture... not sure, though, since it's a wide window and the bed is right up against it. 
1-12-12 2407

Anyway, loooong story short, it turned out great!

To [still] do:
* paint room
* cut/paint trimboards
* hang curtains (?)
* look for a cute rug to put next to the bed (maybe large stripes, navy/white or an accent color?)
* find wood bed frame on Craigslist and refinish/paint (although we bought the metal frame it's sitting on, I still love wood bed frames)
* hang some pictures
* accessorize desk area
* drywall, texturize, and paint wall where Chad did video/internet wiring
So there ya have it.  1 tiny room on its way to DONE!  Oh, and that bed is really comfortable.  I slept there the other night when Lilah and Aidan both decided to be up at 3am (and I couldn't bare going back upstairs in case they woke up again.)