Friday, November 23, 2012

Lilah's dictionary

As Lilah starts talking more and more, I don't want to forget the little words she can't quite pronounce (that are oh-so-adorable)...

StokerFam (14)

"mil-koo-shake" - milkshake (she gets a Carnation shake every morning, and the first words out of her mouth from her crib are, "Mama?  Mil-koo-shake?"  Adorable!) 
"booies" - blackberries (or berries in general)
"stewn" - spoon
"sor" - fork
"ish" - fish (Goldfish crackers)
"sours" - flowers
"bee-you" - blue
"yeh-do" - yellow
"deen" - green
"daf" - giraffe
"Wall-ee" - Aidan (ha, this one still cracks me up!) 
"peese" - please
"stahs" - stars
"mooooon" - moon

She says all of her other colors correctly, and has the BEST manners (always says "please & thank you"... and the other day, when I was brushing our cat, she asked, "May I do it?")  We're still working on counting, but about a month ago, she counted from 1-13 by herself.  Yay!

Favorite phrases lately... "spooooky," "I see GHOST!!!", "spooooky Hall-ween."  Oh, and the ultimate 2-year-old phrase -- "I don't yike it." 

StokerFam (11)

Here's a conversation with Lilah from yesterday (on our way to Thanksgiving dinner):

Me: "Lilah, say, 'Aidan.'"
Lilah: "Wall-ee."
Me: "No, say 'Aaaaaaidan."
Lilah: "Waaaaaaall-ee."
Me: "Aidan."
Lilah: "Wall-ee."
Chad: "Aidan."
Lilah: "Wall-ee."
Aidan: "Aidan!"
Lilah" Wall-ee!"
Me: "Aidan!  Aidan!  Aidan!"
Lilah: "Wall-ee!  Wall-ee!  Wall-ee!  Wall-ee! Waaaaaaaaaall-eeeeeeeee!" 

Ok, I guess she made her point. 

But this morning, I did get her to say Aidan.  She can say it just fine, so I'm not sure why she keeps calling him Wall-ee.  Aidan just rolls with it, though.  Once in awhile, he'll say, "She calls me Wall-ee.  That's silly."  But he'll answer to it everytime.  Good brother.

StokerFam (30)

I'm relieved with her growing vocabulary... for awhile there, I wondered if she'd have to go to Speech too.  And speaking of speech, Aidan is officially ending in December!  Yay!!!!!!!!  He's been seeing an SLP since he was 9 months old.  So excited for him.  Our SLP said his progress was one of the most impressive she's seen.     

My kids are growing up.  (sniff, sniff)

(pictures taken by my wonderfully talented friend, Andrea Turner, who managed to find a few smiles from a VERY grumpy girl at our photo shoot)


Kameron said...

I can't believe you posted and I missed it! I have been such a bad blogger lately! I love their words that they don't say quite right. I love the pictures. :) I can't believe how big our kids are getting. It does go by so quickly!

Rachel said...

Oh gosh - I hope she never takes to calling Aidan anything but Wall-E! I love that! Congrats to Aidan on how awesome speech has gone for him :)