Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost 2 + almost 4 (+ 1 house move) = completely insane!

Oh, hello blog.  How are you?  It's me again.

What's that you say?  Why haven't I written since Nov. 4th (as my dear sweet friend kindly pointed out - love you Jane!)?  Let's see...

* 1 house move.  'Nuff said.  No seriously, I don't get how anyone can move with two small children!  All the packing, unpacking, changing addresses, setting up utilities, taking down cribs and setting them up again... ugh!  I have to give myself credit... all of the essentials have been unpacked for awhile.  And we've even decorated a tree and hung Christmas lights!  But we have no pictures on the walls yet and the garage (I mean "pole barn") is full of where is this gonna go? boxes.  We have painted most of Aidan's room, painted most of Lilah's closet, installed most of Lilah's closet system, and hung some curtains in the music room. (Hmm, noticing a trend here.)  Still have a lot to do.  Most dramatic part of the move?  The center diamond of my wedding ring decided to disappear on the first night.  Yep.

(last pic in Lilah's old room, before I had to take down her decal and destroy it - I managed to save the one in her closet & this blue bird, but the name & scallop border of this one were goners.  Sad face.)

Ok, back to the new house... I know it's not National Lampoon worthy, but at least we have lights! 

(you can't see it, but the red & white lights go great with our red & white striped awning on the upper floor.  Looks like an ice cream parlor at dusk!) 


* I have an active almost 2 year old.  At 19 months, Lilah is insanely cute and insanely cranky, all in the same hour.  Or minute.  She's finally starting to talk!  She can say:
- "Ready, set, doh!" (she's working on the "go" part.) 
- "One, two, three!"
- toe
- door
- hi
- dada (that's my name too)
- Aidan
- stop (she uses this one a lot lately)

She's a fast runner, climbs on EVERYTHING, loves splashing in the tub (but hates getting her hair washed), sticks her hands in the toilet, steals her brother's toys and runs away while laughing mischievously, poses for pictures just slightly more often than her brother, has been banned from her binky by the dentist (at least during the awake hours, most of the time), is already asking for candy at the store, and still makes the biggest mess EVER when eating meals.  Her middle name should be "whirlwind."  She's so close to sleeping through the night regularly, but still wakes up on occasion when her binky falls out.  It might be awhile before we wean her at nighttime! 

(I love how our new yard looks like a park!)


* I also have a very active almost 4 year old.   How did I get so lucky?  haha  Aidan is getting independent fast.  The diapers are almost gone!!!!  On Sunday (12/11), he went pee twice on his own (without any fuss pulling up his underwear - that's new), AND he left the room and went poop for the first time!  It was a major ordeal (let's just say the poop didn't all make it in the toilet and Lilah wanted to be in the middle of the action.  Poor Chad got stuck dealing with it all!)  But since Sunday, he's been in underwear during the day and doing ok.  He's had a pee accident once each day, and then did a #2 in his underwear today.  Ugh.  But like I've said in the past, I'm not pushing this kid.  He has to do it on his own.  Right now, he's sitting in a diaper because he requested one.  When Kindergarten comes, obviously he won't have a choice about it.  But he's 3 1/2, a boy, and has sensory issues to boot!  So I'd say he's doing pretty good! 

Preschool is going well - some weeks are better than others, but he's getting the hang of it.  He's getting better at writing the letter A (he chants, "up, down, across" all day long!) and counts on his fingers.  He's starting to sing spontaneously and his speech is improving immensely.  He's also starting to say funny things, like when I decorated the tree, he said, "Those lights are wonnnnnderful!"  Or when Chad was up in the maple tree, cutting down branches, he said, "You better get a rope and get down before you get a big owie."  Wise words, dude.


* Pod and Bean are becoming great playmates.  Sometimes, Aidan gets a little controlling about it, like shutting the door to his room so Lilah can't get out.  And if she does, he yells at me to "bring Yiyah back!"  But then he'll give her a kiss or hold her hand in the car.  I live for those moments!

(My mom with me & the kids at Thanksgiving)


*  I have yet to make my Christmas cards - been stalling.  Chad's friend came down and snapped a candid picture of the 4 of us, so at least I can start with that.

(anyone notice a little hand that snuck into the picture?  Eww, you're not looking at Chad's crotch, are you???) 

(just a little cropping oughta do it!)

psst!  If you need our new address, leave me a comment!  I do have our mail being forwarded, so if you sent a card to our old address, I'll get it.

Happy Holidays everyone!!