Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Yi-yah killed the nake!"

I know I'm a serious blog slacker... but I've been sorta busy.  Oh let's see... the school year started for me, Aidan started preschool, I'm the one taking the kids to the sitter's this year, I fractured my hand (ok, Aidan did), and... oh yeah, we just bought a new house.

Yep, you heard me.  WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!! 

But since the only pictures I have are from Chad's phone and they're not great, I'm going to do my first "holy cow, we just bought a new house in three days" post on Sunday (I'm going over there again with MY camera!)


Now I need to remember why I keep this blog: to remember milestones and funny little things the kids do.  Today's story is about a nake (snake.)  : )

So... Aidan had OT today.  Tough time.  Lots of meltdownsBut once we left the office, and I let the kids run around on the curvy sidewalks, Aidan started to cheer up. 

The kids ran a bit ahead of me, and then I notice Aidan looking at something on the ground.  He gets a huge grin on his face, points down, and says, "Nake!  Nake!  I yee a nake, Mama!"  Um, what???  You see a SNAKE???  I go running over and thankfully see a harmless little caterpillar.  Actually, it was the ugliest insect I've ever seen, moving across the sidewalk with its slimy little feet.  But Aidan was grinning from ear-to-ear, saying, "Nake walking!"  I can't quite remember how he said caterpillar, but he did attempt it.

Ok, so Lilah takes off running toward the street.  Hoping to entice her to stick around, I direct her eyes towards the caterpillar.  She crouches down next to Aidan, babbling and sounding very excited.  Aidan seems thrilled to show her!  "Look, Yi-yah, nake walking!"  But no sooner did he finish his sentence, Lilah picked up her little chunky foot and stomped right on the caterpillar.  Aidan gasped.  Then the caterpillar picked it's head up off the ground, and I swear it stared right at Lilah, as if it was saying, "What have you done to me???"  It's head dropped and it stopped moving.

And my happy, excited, nake-loving boy hung his head down, and said in the saddest voice ever, "Nake not walking anymore."  : (  And he glared at Lilah.  I tried poking the caterpillar with a twig, but it didn't move.  Finally, I rolled it off the sidewalk into the garden area... and then I did it.  I lied.  I told Aidan the caterpillar was sleeping.  He smiled again, big and bright, put his hands on his head to imitate a sleeping pose, and walked away, happily talking about the "nake yeeping on ground."

If my driver's license says I weigh 140, then I can tell my 3-year-old the caterpillar's not dead, right?? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off the beaten path

Warning: Do not attempt to walk on train tracks.  Unless your husband takes your son there the day before, unbeknownst to you, so then when you go to the lake, thinking you're going to have a nice walk around it with the kids, your son throws a fit at the entrance to the "Keep Off!" train tracks, and won't move a muscle until you walk down there with him. 

Unless that happens.


There once was a boy who liked trains.  And tracks.


He stopped.


He waved.


He said to his sister, "Yi-yah, be careful."


But he didn't want to wait for her slow bum anymore, so off he went.


He found a rock.  He picked it up.  And, oh yes, he threw it.


He found a mud puddle and sort of enjoyed it.  There was a big shoe-wiping session immediately afterwards, however.  Thank goodness for baby wipes.


On he walked. 


And only stopped when I asked to take a picture of his hands.  He obliged.


And then on he walked again.


Until finally Mama put the kabosh on the train track walking and demanded we walk around the lake.


There once was a boy who liked pushing strollers...


Psst!  Thanks to everyone for your much-needed advice (and sympathy) about my dear sweet boy (see this post if ya missed my griping.)  Preschool is starting next week (I can hardly believe it!) and he has a brand new SHORT haircut for the occasion (eek!)  I'm excited for this new adventure and can't wait to see the growth in his social skills.  Now if I can only get him potty-trained sometime before he's 4...

Lilah @ 15 AND 16 months

Bad mommy.  I can't even keep up with monthly updates??  How sad it that?  So now I have to force my brain (that can't even remember what I had for dinner last night) to remember Lilah's new milestones for the past TWO months.  Here we go!

You will follow your brother to the ends of the earth... or at least down an old railroad track (that clearly is labeled "Keep Off!")  Whoops.  There goes bad mommy again. 

You can pull off big girl outfits like nobody's business, but still look darling in little creepers like this. Especially with your new Livie & Luca shoes. And especially with those thighs.


You love your girly accessories (even Gaga-esque shades!), but never seem to keep them on for very long.  Or at least not long enough for a picture. 


You love pulling leaves off Mommy's plants and then running away with wild abandon.


You love dollies & balls.  A tomboy-girly-girl in the making?


You love to smile.  And sit like a big kid at the table.  And stuff your face with raisins. 


You don't spontaneously nap like this much anymore, so I'm loving it up while I can.  Oh, and sorry for poking your belly button.  I promise you didn't even stir.


You look really good in blue.  All kinds.


You somehow one-upped your brother and learned to stand on the kitchen table before it EVER occurred to him.  Thanks, beaners.  Now he's copying YOU.  And boy, do you get ticked when I push the chairs in to avoid your climbing escapades (although I did allow it this time for picture's sake.)  Oh yeah, and you still love your binky.  Ugh.


You have some natural rhythm (duh, it's genetic!)  Look, even your brother is impressed!

DSC_0088 (2)DSC_0089 (2)

You have an awesome collection of fall shoes (size 6.)  The See Kai Run's were all last year's styles I found on a mad sale (LOVE the burnt orange & purple combo!) and your "grapewine" Converse have been getting a lot of use lately... although you sort of run like a big goober in them.  And don't forget your new brown Livie's.  That's 4 pairs of shoes!  For one girl!!  (I'm speaking as if I had nothing to do with that.)  : )

DSC_0097 (2)

You have a great new expression.  We call it "pucker lips."  You like to do it when you first see someone or when you're feeling shy.  You did it a lot to your Uncle Colin and cousins on our weekend at the cabin.  You even did it to Nana's camera. 


A few more...

DSC_0004 (2)DSC_0011 (2)DSC_0017 (2)DSC_0019 (2)DSC_0021 (2)DSC_0022 (2)

You also have this great trick of curling into a little ball when you're being shy.  You stayed like this for 10 minutes (at least) when my brother was looking at you.  Pretty adorable.  And the other day at Target, you were running like a wild child, but when an employee came up and said hi, you immediately dropped to the floor and got into position.  Um, if you think you're hiding, they can still see you.  Just so you know.  : )


You definitely hold your own with your brother in the new bouncy house.  And apparently I make you wear that cute Old Navy dress a lot.  Or else I took all of these pictures on the same day.  Just check the color of the hair clip.

When I was pregnant with your brother, I wished for a "calm child."  Well, I got a calm baby, but he definitely got more wild as the months went on.  I think you're on the same path, baby girl.  A climber, a runner, a thrill-seeker... you definitely keep me on my toes!  But all of the smiles and the many, many cuddles and snuggles and "hold me, hold me" arms reaching up make it so worth it.