Monday, July 25, 2011

Lilah @ 14 months

I started this post on July 6th.  Oops.  You are 14-months-old (almost 15) and are turning into quite the toddler! 

You are developing your lung power and have this great scream/screech thing, that happens in short intervals with pauses in between.  It's even more annoying than Aidan's continuous whine.  Well, maybe not.  But it's very dramatic. 

You also have an awesome pout.  I don't have the heart to take a picture of you when you're really crying, but I should.  Your bottom lip can pout like nobody's business!


For some reason, your right shoe always falls off.  Your foot doesn't seem that much smaller!

You are super adventurous at the playground and will go zooming down a slide, fall onto the ground, and get back up for round two like nothing happened.   

You have really gotten into oranges lately.  Yum, Mama's favorite!! 

You still aren't talking much, but you use your own language endlessly!  I can tell once the words start coming, you're going to be a chatterbox like your brother.  You do say, "Done" or "all done."  Now if you could say that before you throw your food on the floor, that'd be nice.

When you think something's hilarious (or when you think you're being hilarious), you lift up your chin, scrunch up your face, and show off your teefers.  I've been trying to capture it on camera for months now, and this was the best I got (despite it being mid-yawn.) 

squinty stretch

You are still a Mama's girl, although Daddy's the one who gets you to laugh the most.

When I try to carry you on my front (like in the Ergo), you shimmy yourself around until you're on my hip.  And if I put my free hand on your leg to hold you better, you shove it away.  Geez, diva! 

You are finally getting into trains (and the train table.)  I guess it just wasn't an option. 

You love water and splashing, but hate bathtime.  What's up with that?

I'm trying (slowly) to wean you from your binky.  My rule is only at nap and bedtime now, but there are times during a long car ride that I'll cave in... or when we're around large crowds.  Or when I'm just sick of your yapping!  haha  JUST KIDDING. 

Daddy discovered (while I was gone for a week) that if you only sleep for an hour and a half during the day, you actually sleep through the night.  I've discovered this is mostly true, but we'll pretend it works all the time: )

There are only a few parks we can go to where you'll actually stay in the playground area.  Mostly, you like to wander away.  I don't mind chasing you down, except when I'm tending to Aidan... and then some strange mom will go shrieking after you and bring you to me.  Sure makes me feel like a GREAT mom.  Ugh. 


You will put anything in your mouth.  Aidan was an oral guy, but stayed away from yucky things, like dirt and rocks.  Doesn't seem to phase you!  Ewww.  How did that petunia taste today?  Yummy? 


Oh Lilah, you are my sweet little girl.  And watching Daddy arrive late to work because he just needs one more snuggle with you is priceless. 


Pssst! For more pictures of the Beansie and Podkins, you can view my photostream over on flickr.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too short for the hairy wheel

Well, ferris wheel is it's real name, but I liked Aidan's version better.  He also called it the big "water wheel."  If your kid loves Thomas the Train, you know what I'm talking about.

c&h at lakefair

Anyway, it's that time of year again... Lakefair!  Check out this post, which has pics of last year's fair, when Kameron was here for a visit (scroll down & check out the super cute pics of our matching girls!) and some flashback pics of a very blond boy in 2009 & new parents in 2008.


But unlike the baby-toting years before, this year Aidan rode the rides!!!  He was slightly miffed he wasn't tall enough for the "hairy wheel," but we found plenty of rides in the kiddie section for him. 


Apparently July is a tear-fest month for me, 'cuz when I saw my boy on that first ride smiling the BIGGEST SMILE EVER, my eyes started leaking again!  Seeing my normally hypersensitive, hyper-tantruming boy enjoying something "normal" kids enjoy was awesome.  Sure, he threw a couple fits when the rides stopped, but mostly it was because he didn't know how to unbuckle the straps.  And apparently the people working the rides assume all 3-year-olds can get out themselves??


Some rides were easier to photograph than others.  We have about 10 more pictures like this one below, with Aidan's head behind the pole.  It didn't help that Aidan was really curious about what was going on behind him. 


He even tried a little roller coaster, but only smiled on the corners.  The kid in front was totally bored, and kept turning around when Aidan squealed with delight, giving him the, "What are YOU laughing about?" look.


Lilah slept for most of evening in the Ergo, but made a quick (and blurry) appearance on the camera.


Aidan tried the airplanes...


And Mama convinced him to ride the swing again ('cuz I really wanted to go on it!)...


But by far, his favorite was the "big yide" (slide.)  If it had been FREE, we would've been there all night.  But Mom and Dad's tickets (and money!) eventually ran out!  He had a few tantrums about that, and even tried to run back up the slide at one point.  But overall, he managed to leave reasonably well.  Even Mommy took a turn - it was fast! 


When I got him up this morning, the first words out of his mouth were, "Aidan go on big yide.  Wanna go on big yide."  I thought were were off the hook, since it's been raining all day.  But sure enough, the rain stopped.  We'll see.  I could go for another strawberry shortcake... : )  

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tear-fest in the Stoker house

I married a sap.  Yep, that's Chadly.  Tough on the outside (well, not too tough), and a big, sappy, gooey, mushy mess on the inside.  Deep down.  Way deep down

Yesterday, I took the kids to the train station.  Remember last summer?  Yep, we went there all the time.  Sometimes Aidan clapped when he saw the train roll in (just a boring ol' Amtrack), and sometimes he ran and hid (and screamed and tantrumed.)  Well, yesterday was pretty much the same as last year... running around the station, getting mad that he can't steal the toy train from the counter, clapping for the train and running from the whistle... except for ONE HUGE DIFFERENCE...

(wait for it... wait for it... the sappy part's coming)

Chad gets home from work and I go somewhere (the store? outside?  Can't even remember.)  Anyway, I come back in the house (after my alien abduction, apparently) and Chad yells from upstairs, "Come quick!  Come quick!  You gotta hear this!!"  Apparently Chad asked Aidan about his day and Aidan sat down, looked Chad right in the eyes and told him all about it.  I repeat, told him all about it.  You don't understand... that's HUGE.  We have never had a conversation with Aidan where he's recounting an event, in detail.  But yesterday, he told Chad a complete story about the "bane nay-en" (train station)... how the whistle was loud and it "scared Aidan," (love when he talks in the 3rd person), how the people got on and off, how the train slowed down and put on its' brakes, how he wanted to get on the train.  He kept pumping his fist down, like you would if you're saying, "Choo, choo!"  I think that's the old sign we once used for "train."

By the time I got there, Aidan had finished his story and just kept repeating, "train slowed down, train slowed down."  But even just hearing Chad re-tell Aidan's story made me tear up!  And Chad teared up too.  Yep.  Big grown man tears.  Love it.  : )

Speech news... the 2nd appt. with the female speech therapist went wonderfully!!  I actually stepped out of the room, and I think that made all the difference.  She used a picture schedule and he knew he had to complete a certain number of tasks before he got to play with the ever-so-desired ball tower.  It worked!!  I did take him to the male therapist too, and he was awesome, but wanted us to stick with Dana since we're already seeing her.  So we'll see how the summer goes with her, and then we could always switch to him in the fall.


(sorry, I couldn't leave my blog on my ranting post... needed something positive!)


(Aidan's becoming a camera poser.  heehee!  Good choice of props, Pod.)