Saturday, May 21, 2011

The party, the pictures!

Let's get straight to it... the pictures!  (Photos by Keren Fenton, unless otherwise noted) 

The birthday girl!


First view of the candy buffet (love the dishwasher door open - see the full details of the candy buffet here)


After we finally got the kids and ourselves ready, we headed out back to get a family photo (while my mom slaved away in the kitchen, finishing salads and cupcakes for me!)  I couldn't believe it - Aidan actually stood still for a picture!  Granted, he wasn't looking at the camera the first time, but I think he's finally getting it.


And then when Aidan was looking, Lilah decided to have her glare on.  Ugh.  : )  Good thing she's so cute...


Playing with the kids...



I'm picturing this next one on the thank you cards... whatcha think? 
"Thank you from the bottom of our feet hearts.  Hope you had a smashing good time." 


Kameron worked her creative magic again and whipped up shirts (and that adorable lemon skirt!) for the kids.  She surprised me by adding the awesome lollipop on Lilah's "1" shirt, and a popsicle (complete with a lemon and the "bite", just like the invites) on Aidan's.  I didn't want to ruin the shirts before the guests came (Lilah needed lunch, Aidan is still drooling), so I put them on when the first guest walked through the door. 


"Sky high"


My mom put together some wonderful salads - a pasta salad (pictured below), a chicken cashew salad that everyone gobbled up, and a fresh fruit salad.  She also doubled as my server and got everyone food and drinks!  Pretty much, she was the hostess and I dealt with my kids.  Ha!  Thanks, Mom.  Couldn't have done it without you!  And Lindsay, my sis-in-law -- she's a frosting maker/dishwasher extraordinaire!


Lunch time!  (wait, wasn't I supposed to wait until after lunch to change into this shirt?  Oops.)


The wall of photos! 


I printed out Lilah's 52 weeks onesie project pictures at Costco (9 cents each, on sale!), with a simple white border.  I intended on hanging them, like on a clothesline.  But the night before the party, I realized that would be one loooonnnng clothesline.  So, I stole my Christmas card display spot and stuck 'em up on the pantry door.  Turned out to be a great spot where people could stop and see the Lilah evolution.  And it turns out, Aidan (and Lilah too) are still enjoying them! 

Aidan always says, "Lilah yeeping" (sleeping) for this one (she was actually just squinting):

32 weeks onesie

And "Lilah happy" for this one:

Lilah: 39 weeks old

Yellow & green decor (I stuck an invite in the potted plant)...


You see that lemon print above?  I made that.  I saw this one online, and decided I could save a few bucks and design it myself.  Not too shabby!  I made a version with light yellow letters I liked better than the white, but it was too big for the frame and I didn't have time to reprint.  So I gave it to Keren as a souvenir! 

I also created this 16x20 "subway" sign for the entryway.  Well, it was supposed to look like a subway sign.  Too bad it didn't... but it was still festive. 

My birthday

I found this cute tray at Target and thought it would be perfect for the drinks (lemonade, of course!)  And the yellow & green straws were on clearance at Michael's.  Just had to snip off about 2 inches and then they fit perfectly.  I envisioned the ice and lemonade already in the cups, ready to serve, but my mom did a great job of making drinks for everyone. 


The candy buffet again


You can see the yummy salads, drinks, and my after-Easter clearance ice bucket in this shot.  The green & white bowls were from Ross (or was it Marshall's?), which I bought last year. 


In the spirit of this yellow & greenness, I decided to spray paint my patio set.  The red paint was peeling away and I had planned on giving it a fresh coat anyway.  I couldn't decide between a yellow table/green chairs or green table/yellow chairs.  So I did what every girl does... I made my friend Marie decide for me!!  Love her choice.  : ) 

DSC_4946even the patio set goes yellow & green

Got Aidan out front, in the hopes of getting a great shot of him in Kameron's shirt, but he was so bored with Mom's photo shoot idea.  Ho hum.  He's soooo three.


But he's still soooo sweet, too!


My friend Hollie had a great idea of doing a lemon-lime hunt, using easter eggs!  I found a few packs at Michael's that had a lot of yellow & green eggs, but it wasn't enough for the kids [I thought] would be coming.  So I decided to use the rest of my spray paint and spray the blue, purple, orange, and pink ones.  Mental note: do not spray paint in the garage with the door closed.  The house smelled like paint for a few days.   

I filled the eggs with jelly bellies, green m&m's, Reese's cups (in green foil, of course - from Easter), and stickers.  We ended up having 7 little kids (not counting mine) and 3 big kids at the party.  I read online to have 10 eggs per kid, and I had well over that.  Thus, why Eilis had a whole bucketful!  But she thought she was pretty rad getting all of those eggs!!  My nephews did the egg hiding and man, they were good!  I mowed the lawn yesterday and found two more (and one had a Reese's cup!  Fist pump!!!)

 My friend Christy took this picture of the egg hunt, about to start.  Don't you love Eilis and Ellie in their yellow & green??  I was thrilled people actually dressed in the colors - adults too!


And a picture I snapped of the egg hunt, in progress...

The lemon-lime egg hunt!

Ok, back to Keren pics... here's Marie and her little man Thomas.  Nice green Chucks!!


Aidan was not at all interested in the egg hunt, but I managed to get him over with the other kids for a moment. 


And we found an egg!


Eilis literally had a bucketful.  I told you.


Ellie scored too!!  And Christy & Ellie (and Bob) get "best dressed."  : )  Check out Ellie's fruit loop necklace!  Such a great party project for little girls. 


Here's a pic Christy snapped of the girls.  Ava, not pictured, ended up getting refills!!


And here's a pic I took of Eilis, stringin' 'em up!


Check out the loot!  Holy cow.


If you recall, Aidan hasn't been interested in presents thus far.  So I really had my doubts this time, especially since he was happily running around outside, and probably would kick and scream to come inside.  But, when I asked him, "Do you want to go open presents?" he quickly said, "Yep!!" and headed in. Alright!  He grabbed this first one and we went for it!  (Too bad it was clothes.  haha  But he actually studied the socks Nana Marie got him for a long time.)


(by the way, don't you love my yellow & green necklace?  An etsy find!)

Presents for Lilah bean too!


"Vroom, vroom!"  An airplane from Eilis and Thomas.


Sunglasses from Ava & Riley (she actually got another pair from Drew & Hannah too!  This girl's stylin'.)


Cousin Corbin was soooo cute with Lilah!


I've been friends with this girl since 4th grade!!!  Love ya, Christy!


Time for cake!  Like I said in my previous post, I wish I had [listened to my mom] made lemon cupcakes and a vanilla cake.  I did a lemon cake and it was awesome, but no one ate it!  You'll see why...


I almost cried here... first of all, Aidan did not scream or yell, "Don't ying!" (sing) during a lovely rendition of "Happy Birthday."  AND he blew out the candle!!  Chad and I were so proud.  And thanks, Keren, for catching that candle, smoke and all!


Lindsay got this picture - love the excitement on our faces!


Originally, I was just going to put a slice on Lilah's tray, and serve up the rest.  But Keren persuaded me to give her the whole darn thing.  Probably thinking Lilah would stick both hands (or her face) in it and get all mucky.  Apparently, Lilah is much too ladylike for such messy shenanagins. 


Ok, getting a little messier...


And here's where it took a "bride and groom at a wedding" turn...


Here are the shots Christy snapped... shows her reluctant reaction!


And my mom got these... heehee!


Aidan had his own cake agenda.  He decided to lick off the tops of FOUR cupcakes.  Everytime I said, "No more," someone would give him one.  Seems he knows who to ask.


Reading a new book with Oma...


One of my favorite pics of the day (that I managed to catch on my own camera.)  Dig in, little buddy.  : )


In the end, we had 9 kids total, 3 preteens/teens, and 16 adults.  PLENTY.  The house was packed as it was, so I'm glad the other 30 people couldn't come (what was I thinking???)  Lilah took a nap in the middle of the party, but otherwise, the kids both did great.  No major tantrums, besides Aidan not really wanting to go out for the egg hunt.  I think the toys and balloons in the living room helped the gift-opening time go smoothly.  And I'm sure all of the candy didn't hurt either. 

Here's my short list of what I forgot:

* the juice boxes (in the trunk of my car!)  Luckily, the kids drank the lemonade.
* to take more pictures of other guests 
* to recover my cupcake stand
* to make a first year video of Lilah (still plan to)
* to iron the tablecloth under the candy buffet (and take those darn gummy frogs out) 

What really rocked: Chadly, fixing the backyard, the week before the party!  (Remember our whole "the foundation is sinking" thing?  He had a lot of trenches to fill.)

By this time, Keren put her camera away, but stayed to chat a minute.  I DO wish we lived closer, Keren!  Would love to hang out.  I snapped this picture of Chad, only to show the now-empty candy buffet...

the empty candy buffet

Lilah decided to go in for seconds on the cake.  This time, she got a bib.  : )


Lindsay got this picture... guess she went for a cupcake too!


Here's my nephew Corbin and his lemon-lime sugar attack.  Since we were cramming his paper bag full of leftovers, he decided to transfer everything to a bucket.  Wise choice, dude.  Looks like you have plenty of room for more. 

Corbin's haullemon-y, lime-ony goodness!

Here's a picture of my last-minute hanging lanterns (from Party City) I hung in the front.  Glad I did, because apparently Chad missed the memo where I said, "Make sure you take the big pile of leaves by the front door to the yard waste."  I didn't realize the pile was there (along with a Panera Bread box, waiting to be recycled) until I walked the last guest out.  Wonder what everyone thought!!  Hopefully, they were so mesmerized by the lanterns, they ignored the leaves.  Chad!!!! 

green lanterns

And finally, Lindsay got this picture of Aidan, sporting his cousin's DC hat (at least I hope it's a DC hat... what do I know??)


Sooo... peace out, yo!  That's a lemon-lime over-the-top birthday party wrap!!! 

(pssst!  For complete pictures, click on Keren's pics, my pics, Mom's pics, and Christy's pics!  Whew.)