Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preschool & mixed emotions

May 11th.  That's the day Aidan turns 3 and the day his Infant/Toddler Early Intervention services cease.  Now the process of evaluating him to either move up to the developmental preschool, or to exit out of the program, begins.

On Monday, Aidan sat through a cognitive evaluation.  Lining up blocks, solving puzzles, flipping ducks off of spoons (not sure what that's testing, but it was our favorite!)  And the result?  He passed.  I should be happy, right?  Exclamation points or something?!?  I mean, my almost-3-year-old has cognitive skills good enough to not require extra attention.

But it made me worried.

I've been counting on him qualifying for the developmental preschool.  In order to qualify, he has to either:
1) have a developmental delay of 1 standard deviation below the mean in 2 areas (such as cognitive & language, motor skills & social comunication, etc.) OR
2) have a delay of 2 standard deviations below the mean in 1 area.

For awhile, we all thought he'd qualify for sure in speech.  But with his recent speech boom, that will most likely NOT be the case (although we have yet to do his speech eval.)  Although, there's still sensory piece & social comunication, and his OT is in the beginning stages of her evaluation process. 

Contrary to how I should've been feeling, though, my stomach sank when he passed his cognitive skills.  I started wondering if he would qualify for the preschool at all. 

But don't I want him to exit out of the program?  Wouldn't it be nice for him to NOT need a special preschool?

Well, that's the tricky part.  There are some perks...

* Aidan would get specialized attention.
* The developmental preschool is FREE.
* He could even be towards the "top" of his class.
* It's 4 mornings a week (I think a routine would be great for him.)
* A bus picks him up and drops him off (although, am I ready for my 3-year-old to ride a bus????)
* The preschool is held at the same school where he'll attend Kindergarten.  Less change for him, the better.

So, here's the one instance in Aidan's young life where I'm sorta hoping he "fails."  If it means he'd get extra attention that could essentially allow him to be more prepared for Kindergarten, it seems ok by me.


Spring break starts tomorrow afternoon!!!  I can hardly contain myself!  Here's to catching up on blogging, posting pictures, getting my desktop fixed (finally!), continuing Lilah's onesie pics, and lemon-lime party planning!  Oh, and we're going to Quinault Beach for a couple days with my mom.  Here's to built-in babysitters!!         

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lilah @ 10 months

Once in awhile, I come up with blog ideas that aren't just monthly updates or a slew of the latest pictures.  I've been dying to do a post on Lilah's great eating habits (thanks to the common-sense book Baby Led Weaning), or my dieting woes, or planning for the kids' upcoming lemon & lime birthday party, or about the crazy roller coaster ride called "looking for a new house - deciding to stay put - looking again - chickening out."  OR I could blog about how Aidan's Lightning McQueen bike (and it's electronic noises) just went off randomly in the living room and scared the crap out of me!  (oops, there I go with that word again.  But what's up with toys doing that???  Possessed!  I like Owen Wilson, don't get me wrong, but I don't need to hear his voice at 11:30 at night!!)

BUT... in the end, I never have time for those kinds of posts.  Here it is, March 14th, and I'm already behind on Lilah's monthly update.

Our sweet, happy girl...


... is almost one year old.  Gulp.

... is starting to claim her territory in the house.  She's also been known to hit back.  (You go, girl.)


... walks with a push cart, crawls off her belly, and like to shake her booty whenever she's standing up.

... went from two teeth to FIVE in one month.  And I just felt her sixth coming through.  That'll make 4 on top, 2 on bottom.  Cah-razy!


... isn't necessarily some wonder-child in the eating department, but she definitely tries more than Aidan ever has.  Still isn't a huge carrot or broccoli fan, but we're working on it.  Best part is she eats on her own.  No spoon-feeding, thank goodness!  (ok, I help her with yogurt, but I load the spoon and she manipulates it.)

... got called a BOY again the other day.  I had her in a navy blue top and fuschia pants (a cute hand-me-down from Kameron!)  I guess the navy was questionable (despite the embroidered flowers), but fuschia pants??  Come on!!


... has discovered sucking in with her mouth (also known as slurping.)  She slurps everything!!  She even crawled over to the sliding door and slurped the window.

... still loves to be held when she drinks her bottle.  Once in awhile, I put her down on the couch on a pillow (if I'm dealing with Aidan, etc.)  She can hold her bottle just fine, but her big sad eyes look at me as if I've completely abandoned her.  Drama queen!      


... is going to look so dang cute in her lemon outfit (made by Kam, of course!) for her 1st birthday.  I can't freakin' wait. 

... has become shy.  Had a playdate with my teacher friends (and their babies) and Lilah kept her kitty binky in her mouth the whole time!  She even protected it from sneaky little Broderick, who was also fascinated with her hair (fascinated with pulling it, that is.) heehee  Of course, we had to do a "just diapers" photo shoot!  (Thanks Andrea, for these pictures!  You're amazing!! -- check out Andrea's photography here!  Makes me wish I had time to edit pictures again.  I love when the colors just pop!)

4 babesLilah in tutu

... loves playing "I'm gonna get you!" while crawling up the stairs. 

... hates being on her back.  Diaper changes, getting dressed = no fun for Mama!


... isn't interested in books yet.  When I try to read to her, she grabs the book from me and throws it around.  I guess Aidan probably did the same at this age? 

... laughs hysterically when Aidan gives her kisses or when we kiss her neck.  Pretty much, she's one happy girl (unless she's on her back, eating broccoli, misplacing the hair clip she's slurping on, while her brother is simultaneously smacking her on the head and stealing her toys, and while Mama is getting her dressed.) 

Other than that, she's happy.  : ) 


p.s. The Lightning McQueen bike just got stripped of its batteries.  It went off at least 5 more times since I started this post.  Psycho!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday, I picked the kids up from the sitter's.  I had just pulled out of the driveway and turned onto the road when I hear Aidan say, "Buggle up, Mama." (buckle up)  After being amazed by his new phrase, I thought, I am buckled up.

Oh wait... Aidan wasn't.



Also yesterday, I took Aidan to his OT appt.  She brought out paper and feathers for Aidan to make a bird.  He grabbed the glue stick and immediately put it on his lips.  Noooo!! Aidan, that's not chapstick!  It's a GLUE stick!"  

The OT asked me, "Doesn't he know how to use a glue stick?"


(So you mean I'm supposed to do arts and crafts with my kid??) 


And speaking of a glue stick, Aidan is working really hard on his final consonants (t, p, k.)  He can say, "wet" and "hat" with a great final "t."  "Nope," "Yep," and "cup" are finally in his vocabulary.  And "duck," "work," and "bike" have some really clear final "k" sounds.

So when he was playing with the little stick that we have in the window (so it won't open from the outside), I thought, Ooooh, a word that ends in a "k!"  Perfect! 

Just one problem... he can't say the "st" at the beginning.  He replaces "st" with "d."

So... now he's saying: _ ick.

(You know I can't actually write it.  My blog would get flagged for bad language!!)  

The best is when he says it's a "BIG stick."  Good thing I warned Chad before he said that one.



Oh, and speaking of Aidan's new-found imitation, he copied me (quite clearly, too) last night when I exclaimed to Chad,

"What the heck?!"  (Aidan - "What the heck?!") 



I have a goal of losing 10 pounds before my 34th birthday (April 28th.) 

I've lost precisely ONE. 

(Maybe it's the Cadbury Creme eggs that keep popping into my cart at the grocery store.  Darn those delicious eggs.)




Your turn!  What have you "oopsied" about this week?  What moronic move made you slap your forehead like Homer Simpson and say, "Doh!!"?  Or what terrific words have you said in front of your kids that they started copying??  Or tell me how addicted YOU are to those stupid calorie-filled creme eggs of goodness.  Come on, make me feel better.

: ) 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stocking up

First, it was hats.

Photo courtesy of Keren Fenton Photography
And then headbands (or flying saucers, as we named this one.)

7-11-10 256

And then once that crazy, Flock of Seagulls hair came in, everything went out the window.  I finally remembered I'd been given a set of alligator clip bows.  With one swoop, Lilah bean went from this...

1-26-11 039

to this...

2-2-11 028

Now that clips were working, I needed more!  A girl's gotta have one of every color, right? (that's how I shop, anyway.)  Enter etsy.  Specifically, Shining Stars Boutique.  I just did a search for hair clips and liked what I saw from this seller.  So I bought a few.  Ok, maybe more than a few.


Here's Lilah, sporting her new pink & brown felt flower... of course, I couldn't actually get her to look at the camera properly.  She was too busy picking crumbs (and peanut butter crackers) off the floor.  I call this her Chris Farley look.  heehee


And here's the loot!  Some came in sets of 2 or 3, others in multi-packs.

lilah's clippies

But the one's I really wanted (like this cute cupcake or the sleepy owl) wouldn't have worked.  Why??  Because they're for clipping on the left (part on the right.) Lilah's hair naturally goes the opposite way.  So then I got thinking... which way does the average person part their hair?  How did Shining Stars Boutique decide that parting on the right was the only way to go?? 


As I was browsing through celeb pics from the Oscars ('cuz I'm a people online addict), I noticed a definite mix of parts.  Some on the left, some on the right, some down the middle.  Which looks better?  I part either down the middle or on the right (so a clip would go on the left.)  Guess I could order myself that cute owl!

(It is obvious that Penelope Cruz just had a baby?  Um, whoa.)
Anyway, which way do YOU part your hair?  Do you change it up, or are you a girl of routine?  When Chadly had long hair in high school (hmmm... need to scan THOSE pics), he parted it down the middle.  No clips for him, I guess.  : )   

(But there is one boy in our house that likes 'em.)  Shhh.  Don't tell Daddy.