Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shopping for the girls

2 bags of clothes for $40.  That's how much my friend Marie got at the big Old Navy sale.  3 bags for $60 - that was my neighbor, Jennifer.  So when Chad gave ME permission to hit the Old Navy without kids, I completely flipped!!  4 bags and $41 later...  

Well, technically, it was $116.03, but I had $75 cash burning a hole in my pocket (from my very first Craigslist sale!), so I spent 41 bucks.  That's like ONE Hollister sweater!!  ONE!  I got FOUR sweaters, and that's not all. 

Lookie, lookie!  I got all this!!  (Oh yeah, and sorry boys, but the clearance section for you royally sucked!!)

mama's old navy finds

The turquoise scarf wasn't on clearance, but everything else was.  Can you believe the cargo pants for $2???  And I love that striped sweater (pictured on me below.) I probably could've spent another hour there, but as it was, I was there until closing.  Chad thinks my fur-lined hoodie is "so Kim Kardashian," especially when I modeled it with the hood up.  Um, not sure about that, but I thought it was fun.  Now I just need to get on my Wii Fit so I look super hot in those Diva jeans!
lilah's old navy finds
Since Lilah's turning out to be the linebacker her brother is, sizes are easy to predict!
for the boys old navy
And here are a few items Lilah got for Christmas (what I could find online anyway.)
lilah's old navy xmas


On Saturday, we drove up to Seattle to have a little reunion with my brother, Colin.  Here are some pics of my shaggy-bearded older brother (from my mom's camera.)  I,unfortunately, left my camera card at her house.  Luckily, though, Aidan's second craniofacial appt. is tomorrow, so we'll be meeting up for the swap.  : )


It's good to have you back, brother.  : ) 

Friday, January 21, 2011


Lilah is starting to sleep through the night!  Well, my definition, anyway.  If Lilah is sleeping the entire time I'm sleeping, that's through the night.  That means NO wake ups for bottles and NO stuffing binkies back in.  Sleeping through the night means I don't have to get out of bed.  She can cry out for a second, but has to put herself back to sleep.  Lilah has done this a few nights this week, so hopefully it will continue.  Aidan was sleeping through at 6 months. 


Aidan pees in the potty every single time I ask him if he wants to (which is about once a day.)  We're going slow but steady here.


I'm going up to Seattle tomorrow to see my older brother, Colin.  Haven't seen him in 3 years.  In fact, he will get to meet his niece and nephew for the first time!  I can't wait.  : )


Not doing so great on my 10-pounds-by-my-birthday goal.  Lose a pound, gain it back.  Lose 2 pounds, gain 'em back.  I like setting goals.  Apparently I just don't like reaching them!!  But since the weather is starting to get nicer (sort of), I plan to do some jogging.  With kids in tow, of course.  Chad and I will trade, one running with Lilah in the BOB, and the other cycling with Aidan in the bike trailer.


Our backyard looks like that movie, Holes.  Yep.  It's awesome.  At least we're getting a new fence put up.  But our sinking foundation problem has not been resolved yet. 


I love making lists (especially when I get to cross things OFF), so when I saw a weekly chore chart on another blog, I had to copy the idea.  It has things like, "Vacuum upstairs" on Tuesdays, or "Clean kids' bathroom" on Fridays.  Things that would be quick if I just did them more.  I'll do a post when I get it framed.  Yes, I'm framing it and putting it on the wall in the laundry room, and then using a wipe-able marker to cross things off.  I'm actually excited to clean!! 


Like the folks over at Young House Love, I'm going gray.  Well, our bedroom is anyway.  After drooling over one of the display rooms at Ikea, I finally noticed a sign that had the room's paint color!  Fieldstone, by Benjamin Moore.  Since Home Depot can look up BM colors, I don't have to pay BM prices.  I've only painted a test swatch so far, and it seems a tad dark, though, so I'm debating.  We have vaulted ceilings in our bedroom, and I would love to paint the ceiling the same as the walls, so the angles disappear... but I don't want a dark color up there.  I'll keep you posted.  Pictures to come. 

If I could post as often as YHL, it'd be fun to show you day-by-day posts, with the progress.  But I just don't have the time!

Ok, time to get out my balance board and do some Wii Fit!! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a difference a bow makes

At week 35, Lilah had that oh-so-familiar finger stuck in a light socket hair.  Love it.

Lilah: 35 weeks old

At week 36, I tried something new -- a bow clip!!  I don't even recognize her!  Well, maybe it's due to the grainy, bad lighting photo I took.  Darn overcast Washington weather.  This is the smile she gives us when we're not staring her down with a camera (thank you, Daddy, for walking by during our little shoot.)   

Lilah: 36 weeks old

As you can see, the weekly onesie pictures have gone in a new direction.  Lilah has decided she's tired of laying on her back, so I've been taping the fabric to the wall and putting that white trim board in front.  No, we don't actually have white trim in our house... not yet, anyway. 

(Psst!  I've updated Lilah's weekly onesie link on my sidebar... just need to edit a picture for week 34 - it's missing!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet my new friends.

I've been shopping at "Dee-uh" lately... I mean, Ikea (that's how Aidan likes to say it.)  And I came away with a few new friends...

1. Meet HEMNES.  She's my sturdy, reliable, organized friend who is now hanging out in our dining room-converted-playroom.  Well, I guess I shouldn't describe her as sturdy.  I mean, I'd smack my friends around if they called ME sturdy!  "Oh, Heather, she's so sturdy."  Thanks.  You're not implying something about my thighs, are you?

1-10-11 1601-10-11 148

Ok, back to Hemnes.  We needed some more toy storage -- wait, MORE??? Yes, more. -- by the train table, and it's working out perfectly.  It's actually a sofa table, but I think of it as a bookshelf.  I have space for puzzles, books, small toys (in the baskets), and it even fits the ball popper.  And it goes nicely with Aidan's artwork frames too!

1-10-11 1501-10-11 147
 1-10-11 155    
1-10-11 1451-10-11 143

Aidan had a hoot during assembly too. He was doing hurdles over the shelves! Well, slow hurdles anyway. Not too pleased with Mama when she finally put Hemnes in her place, but he's over it now.
1-10-11 1401-10-11 1351-10-11 137

2. Meet PJÄS.  Normally, when I meet someone for the first time, I try to use their name so I won't forget it.  Unfortunately, I can't really pronounce this one.  Although, it makes me think of pajamas or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  Anyway, 2 of these baskets fit nicely in the new sofa table.  And at $15 a pop, they didn't completely break the bank.  I like the open-weave style. 

1-10-11 151 

3. Meet RENS.  Not as cheap as I wanted (YHL was talking about some for under $15, but they were much shaggier), but this fluffy guy is adding a lot of softness to our cold, leather recliner.  When my friend Starlet was here, she sat backwards in the chair (I was in the kitchen), and I spied her petting RENS on many occasions. 

1-10-11 1661-10-11 167

4. Meet HESSUM.  Hessum is a doormat.  You know, one of those friends you just walk all over.  Never says no.  Never speaks out.  Didn't add a whole lot of comfort to the front of my sink, but by simply adding a cushy rug pad, Hessum now is softer on my feet.  And the neutral pattern is easy on the eyes... as most of my friends are.   
1-10-11 170
5. Meet FÖRSIKTIG.  Who thinks the employees at Ikea can actually pronounce these names??  Not me!!  Glad this one was easy to find... I can't imagine asking someone, "Hi, I'm looking for For-sick-tig.  Can you show me where it is??"  : )  Anyway, this sweet little stool makes my potty-peeing son a little happier (right now, he's been balancing on a toy crate.  Not so easy!)  And the little non-skid dots help! 

1-10-11 177

6.  Meet KAJSA BLAD.  If you're looking for a cheap friend, this is it.  $14.99 for the duvet cover AND pillow covers.  Seriously???  Yep.  I liked some floral ones at first, but this one's contemporary pattern screamed out at me - and I couldn't beat the price.  Plus, I've been on this grey kick lately and have some big plans for that big, brown wall.

Not the best pictures... we have the worst lighting in our bedroom!

1-10-11 1751-10-11 1741-10-11 176 

7. And finally, meet LIDAN.  I saw these fun clutter baskets in a "before & after" post on YHL and thought they would be perfect for my big, boring wall in my laundry room.  Why do I care so much about my laundry room, you ask??  Because it's right on the way from the front door to the family room.  I feel like when people come over, their eyes are easily drawn into it (unless the door is shut.)  Plus, if the room looks cute, I'll be more apt to do some laundry!  Don't you work that way??

1-12-11 0121-10-11 1681-10-11 169

Anyway, I hung three in a row with little brushed-nickel hooks that match the coat hooks on opposite wall.  I could've hung them slightly closer, but too late.  The OCD in me wishes they all hung the same way - some stay more rounded than others.  And one is actually a different shade!  But they're fun for Lilah's shoes and hats & gloves.  I was able to get rid of the basket that sat on the bench in the entryway.

1-10-11 1731-10-11 1711-10-11 172

And speaking of the entryway, since the Lidan baskets come in a set of 2 (one Large, one small), I hung a small one on the coat rack and we're using it for our keys and cell phones. I love it!  I have a spot in mind for the other 2 small baskets... thinking above the toilet in the kids' bathroom would be perfect.


I could seriously hang out at Ikea all day long.  But never, I repeat NEVER, go on a Saturday.  You'll feel like a sheep in a very slow-moving herd.  Luckily, I was husband AND kid-less, so taking my time was kind of fun.

What have you bought from Ikea lately?  Or had your eye on?  Or are you like my husband, and think Ikea stuff is junk??  I used to think that, but I think they've improved over the years... at least if we're talking furniture.   

Friday, January 7, 2011

Aidan @ 2 1/2 years

While I'm on a blogging roll, I figured it was high time to mention that other kid in the house... you know, the one who's been walking for awhile, has all of his teeth, and sleeps through the night.  Oh yeah, that kid.  The Pod!! 


Dearest Mudgey-poo,

You turned 2 1/2 back in November, which means you're seriously close to 3.  In fact, your mom's been scheming about your 3rd birthday party since before your sis was born (ok, ok, so I've been scheming about your sister's 1st birthday party and just throwing yours in there.  But since you don't give a rip over parties or presents anyway, I figured you'll forgive me.)

12-23-10 00212-23-10 00312-23-10 00412-23-10 005

Your newest milestone?  You've gone pee in the big potty THREE times this week - standing up too, like a real man!  A little worried about how you'll transition to sitting for #2, but we'll figure it out this summer.  You don't really care about the fruit snack reward, but you seem really motivated to aim at these little guys...

(one of them looked sort of like Mickey Mouse ears, so as you were peeing, you said, "Mouh houh" (mouse house -- I guess we have so many books that have mouse and house rhyming, you now associate them together.)

You're talking a ton (well, compared to last year, or even last summer!), but we still have a ways to go.  Tracy (speech) and Barb (early intervention spec.) both come once a week now, and you're seeing Lora (OT) once a week too for some low tolerance/high frustration issues.  That's three days of appointments!  You're working hard on making these sounds: t, s, and k (at the beginning and end of words.)  I get really excited (and so do you) when I finally decode a mystery word, like...

"bow-way" - Thomas (who knew??)
"bow-way gaga" - Thomas + train
"bah-oh" - fast (took me a long time on that one)
"day-it" - chase me or chase it

12-23-10 01312-23-10 01512-23-10 016
12-23-10 01712-23-10 02212-23-10 026

You love saying "Ready, deh, go" now.  And when I'm driving, you love to point left (when I'm obviously turning right) and demand me to, "Go dah way."  Unfortunately, if I don't follow your directions correctly, you like to tell me what's up (a.k.a. meltdown!)

12-23-10 03412-23-10 03712-23-10 04012-23-10 041

When coming home from New Year's day at Nana's, you fell asleep in the car.  As Daddy was carrying you in, with eyes completely closed, you pointed upstairs and sleepily said, "Go dah way."  Daddy and I almost dropped you kids, laughing so hard.

12-23-10 04512-23-10 046

My favorite is when you want me to make your favorite peanut butter pumpkin oatmeal... you run to the table, sit yourself down, and start chanting, "Meal, meal."  And when you take a bite, you close your eyes, nod your head, and go, "Mmmm."  Stamp of Pod approval!

12-23-10 04712-23-10 04812-23-10 04912-23-10 050

You are a boy to the extreme.  When we're out and about, you run into the first puddle you see (even after I've just said, "No puddles!")  You are obsessed with trains and cars and anything that goes.  You think it's hilarious when you splash so hard in the tub that water goes pouring down the side.  You love wrestling with Daddy (or even with Mommy, but since I'm such a wuss, you get bored and move on.) 

12-23-10 05112-23-10 053

Eating is still a major task with you.  I think you'd be happy on a desert island with some pumpkin oatmeal and a lifetime supply of milk.  As long as you have the right sippy cup.  Heaven forbid you don't.  You don't like when your food spills and is "meh-hee" (messy.)  In fact, it really ticks you off if anything falls in your lap.  Or if you get a tiny bit of something on your fingers.  But then again, tonight at dinner, I witnessed you bring your foot all the way up to your mouth (didn't even know you still could) and lick oatmeal off your heel.  YUCK!

12-23-10 059

You love randomly saying, "Hi, Mama.  Hi, Mama," over and over.  Over New Year's, Corbin taught you a new word, and now you can say, "Hi, Mom-meeeeeee."  It's pretty dang cute.

You're wearing size 4T tops, 3T bottoms, and size 10 shoes.  Apparently, you're a little big for your age.  That's just what I hear.  : )

12-23-10 06312-23-10 064

You learned your first slang word... and I'm ashamed to say, I taught it to you.  I've never been one to say the technical term "breast," but wishing I would have.  No, I taught you "boobie" instead.  WHY???  The other day as we were playing, you stopped, stared at my chest, got a weird smile on your face, reached BOTH hands out, and said, "boobie" as you, um, showed me where they were.  Ugh!!!  Even tonight, as I was carrying you up the stairs, you accidentally hit my chest and said "boobie" again.  I said, "No, those are Mama's breasts" (hoping that'd be a word you couldn't master yet.  But you said, "breh" and laughed.  I guess the fascination starts early.  : )

12-23-10 066

You had a no-so-great hearing exam at your clinic appt. last week, but I really don't believe you have any hearing issues.  We're going to do sedated test just to be sure.  I hate watching you under sedation, and I hate making you not eat/drink beforehand.  But it will be much more accurate.  You see the surgeon in a couple weeks and I think he'll talk about plans for your lip revision. 

12-23-10 07112-23-10 07212-23-10 073
12-23-10 07412-23-10 07612-23-10 077

Somedays, you make me want to pull my hair out, like when I've spent time preparing your dinner plate and you quickly push it away.  Or when you cry and scream for "remoh dee-dee on" (remote TV on.)  Or when you're trying to suffocate Lilah with a pillow ("even if she's laughing, it doesn't mean it's polite!")  But then you sit on my lap and wrap my arm around you.  Or spend 10 minutes playing nicely with your sister.  Or run to the window at Julie's, shouting, "Hi Mama!!"  Makes up for every second of your timeouts, and then some.

12-23-10 075

I've heard 3 is worse, though, so I'm preparing myself for some major hair-ripping.  Might need to invest in a really good wig