Friday, December 24, 2010

Busy? Um, yeah.

Besides the usual crazy-busy-Christmasy-stuff going on, we've been...

... taking down the old and installing the shiny & new!  (Yes, it was a just-for-looks replacement.  But at least I waited patiently for over a year!)

old microwavewhere's Aidan?peek-a-boota-da!love it, love itexcited, much?

... trading front loaders for front loaders.  (our current washer/dryer set is going over to our new rental house -- um, did I tell you we bought a rental?  Yep.  It's crrrraaaaazy!  So we bought ourselves a shiny new set, arriving this Sunday.  Woohoo!)

10-28-10 012whirlpool-duet

... digging trenches and destroying the patio.  (sniff, sniff. -- Did I tell you our house is sinking?  So much to share!  Apparently when the people before the previous owners added the 3rd car garage, they didn't do the proper drainage.  We've had water in our crawl space for years and our foundation is actually shifting.  And this is NOT the kind of remodeling you get any enjoyment out of... unless you value staying above ground, which I guess is good.  I always think of "The Secret of Nimh" when Chad says our home is sinking.  heehee)

buh-bye patio12-23-10 01512-23-10 01712-23-10 040

... buying a rental house, signing massive amounts of papers, and madly getting it ready for tenants on Monday.  Yes, two stinkin' days after Christmas.  What?  You mean contractors take off the holiday?  Nahhhhhh.  (Ugh.)

... crying over the death of my computer.  And kicking myself that I didn't finish addressing my Christmas cards before said incident.  Sending cards ASAP!

... staring at Lilah's hair and wondering if it will ever lay flat.  Or if she'll ever like hair bows.

like my hair??no, Mom, not a bow!happy againpucker face

... creating holiday DIY art.  Cut-out trees, digital scrapbook paper book covers, and framed paint swatches.

DIY treepaint swatch artChristmas mantle
12-23-10 161

... getting together with a long-time friend from NY and cooking a fabulous meal.  Too bad our Aero bed decided to have a ssssssssslow leak and Starlet and her boyfriend ended up on the couch at 4am.  By the way, Starlet is actually the matchmaker that brought Chad and I together! Well, she took me to the party where I met him anyway. Truth be told, Chad was more interested in my spunky redheaded friend at first, but I quickly won him over. : )


(menu: "seafood fra diavolo" - from the back of Ronzoni Gemelli noodles - used bay scallops instead of shrimp this time; "antipasto salad" - from Rachael Ray; fresh bread with oil & vinegar for dipping; wine; Kam's broiled asparagus; lemon & peach sorbet, berry gelato, and my addiction = Breyer's Special Edition Hot Cocoa ice cream. Not all mixed, of course.) Didn't get any dinner pictures, but these are the leftover shots.

yummy scallopsantipasto

... shopping here!  Came away with 2 big square frames that I hung above Aidan's train table, complete with his scribbly artwork inside, a $15 duvet cover (seriously??), a new set of curtains, more white DVD boxes, a faux sheepskin rug I threw on the back of the leather recliner, and a $15 easel for Aidan's big Santa gift.  I {heart} Ikea.  : )

... revelling in the fact that my winter musical is OVER.  And that we got a standing ovation at the evening show!  Jazz hands are the best, aren't they?  (thanks, Andrea, for the great pics!)

jazz hands upelves unitejazz hands out

... staying up way too late.

Happy Christmas Eve.  And Happy Birthday, Dad!!  And many, many thoughts and prayers, Uncle Jerry.  We love you!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lilah @ 7 months

Some little Santa baby...


... still has the sweetest demeanor, but is showing her feisty side more and more (like when Aidan tries to take her toys away.) 

... cut her 1st bottom tooth (Dec. 10th) and loves to feel it with her tongue 24/7.

... can curl her tongue like nobody's business (not sure if that's a milestone, but it's pretty entertaining!)

12-11-10 07412-11-10 075

... has rolls on her thighs that go on for days.  Ahhhhh.

... laughs deep under her breath.  Aidan had a high-pitched, outwardly laugh, but Lilah inherited her Mama's "manly" laugh (my college roomies used to tease me that when Chad and I were joking around, I sounded like the guy and Chad was the girl.  Oh, they also used to call us, "Cheather."


... has the craziest hair EVER. It just pushes up kinda weird with a headband. And hats are great, but hello static head!

santagirl00412-11-10 021

... detests bananas.

... has been dragging her carcass around army-crawling for awhile, but is finally getting her bum up and rocking.  Back to baby-proofing I go.

12-11-10 027

... is enamoured by the kitties and would pull tufts of fur from their pretty coats if given the chance.

... thinks her brother is one hilarious kid.  The feeling is mutal, most of the time.  Like when she's near his toys.  Even 6 feet away.  Pretty much, if she even glances at his train table, he starts hoarding them in the corner.    

12-11-10 054

... hardly sleeps at night. At least Aidan does, that's all I can say.

... forces me to snuggle her and smooch her and squeeze her all day long.  Just can't resist.


Love you, Lilah bean! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Will the real Santa please stand up?

lilah white backdrop

Despite my complete and total rage fest about not getting Aidan's picture taken with Santa 2 years ago (Chad protested standing in line), our 1st family Christmas was pretty low-key with a 7-month-old.  And Aidan's 2nd Christmas was equally unexciting, considering he didn't give a rip about the present-opening.

But this year will be so different.  Well, sort of.  Still not doing Santa pictures (I know, boo the Grinch -- not like Aidan would really wait in line and sit on some stranger's lap anyway!!)  But this year, I think Aidan will be ripping paper left and right.

The problem comes with that big guy... you know, the one with a bowl full of jelly, or something like that.  SANTA.  This is the first year Aidan could get something from Santa and be aware of it.  But how does this work?  And do I even want to start this Santa business?  I know, I'm such a grinch... but I just can't wrap my head around telling my kids this made-up story about a magic present-deliverer who somehow fits down chimneys, gets pulled around by flying reindeer, and has little elves working for him that wear funny shoes.  Sure, I tell Aidan the "TV's broken" or "we're all out of cookies" (when they're hiding in the cupboard.)  But I'm just no good with this Santa stuff. 

Part of the problem is I don't really remember believing in him.  What I do remember is sneaking out of my room on Christmas Eve, only to find my parents loading up the tree with the goods I had on my "Santa" wish list.  And I seem to remember how "Santa's" handwriting looked oddly similiar to my mom's.  And come to think of it, I don't even remember asking Santa for gifts.  When I sat on his lap, I was like, "Let's get this picture over with!"  I do remember asking for a white parasol one year.  My mom and I had looked at them.  But on Christmas morning, a kid-size parasol was under the tree.  I told Santa I wanted a BIG one.

So tell me... what do YOU do about the whole Santa subject?  How do you explain the plethora of Santas in each corner of the mall?  How many gifts will be under your tree with the big guy's signature?  And most importantly, will Santa ever let Artie walk again?  (sorry, just finished Glee.)   : )     

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick! I have the answers to the quiz!

Truth: I cheated once in school, during a test in my Honors English class in 8th grade.  And I felt so guilty I never did it again.  (Besides, I wasn't a good cheater - couldn't really see my notebook sitting all the way on the floor, so it didn't help me.  Still felt guilty for trying, though.)

Anyway, I loved seeing the answers to my little Christmas quiz and wanted to share them with you!!!  (15 people total)