Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas quiz!

With trees and cards and shopping on my mind, my holiday brain is on overload... especially since I'm also doing a holiday musical at school next Friday (rapping elves, tap-dancing reindeer, and "Thriller" dancing snowmen!)  Oh, ho ho.

But I always love hearing what my friends are doing this time of year.  So I decided to formulate some of my "what do YOU do" questions into a short survey!  Unfortunately, because I'm not about to pay the premium price at SurveyMonkey, you don't get to see the results (which is the funnest part about a survey.)  But I'll share the answers!


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Cards -- while slaving away at the computer creating too many options, I've been wondering what my other friends are whipping up. Every year, I go through the dilemma of whether to include a picture of me & Chad on our card, or keep it just kids. I always enjoy seeing my friends' faces, not just their kids... especially those friends I never see!  But even though I wasn't planning on being in a picture (and was sporting bad hair), you'll be seeing my mug and Chad's on our card this year.  You know, our big fat fake family photo.  : ) 
cards, cards

Tree - we went FAKE this year. I know. Yuck. But two years ago, we spent a lot of money on a nice fresh one from a local tree farm, and it ended up being infested with bugs. We had ornaments covered in sticky goo with dead bugs caked on. It was horrible. So we bought a fake one last year and decided when we didn't feel like getting a real one (like when we have 2 small kids at home who could care less), we could whip out some artificial goodness. And for the first time EVER, we got our tree up in November (two days after Thanksgiving.)

stars and dots

AND, to mix things up a bit, I pulled out only red or green ornaments from my tubs (leaving the blue, purple, pink, yellow, and silver ornaments for another year.)

frosty funpeppermint swirlglassy green
my baby boy

Shopping - I have officially checked ONE person off my list. Yep. I have a ton of shopping to do. I used to be a shop-in-August kind of girl... then I became a shop-on-Christmas Eve-with-the-men kind of girl. Now I'm somewhere in between. And only once (ONCE!) have I ever gone shopping on Black Friday.

(I may have a few presents for Chadly too, including a Husky-inspired creation, perfect for our upcoming butt-whoopin' the Dawgs are gonna do in the Apple Cup this weekend!!)

go dawgs

Take the quiz and leave me a comment with explanations, if you want!  Happy card-making, tree-decorating, and gift-shopping!  Oh, and migraine-relieving and feet-massaging.  : )

Thursday, November 25, 2010

a little thanksgiving music

Ignoring the Tom Green-like commentary (it was late and Chad was in a weird mood), the hiccuping baby, the amateur video (to his credit, Lilah was pretty squirmy), and my funny expressions (he told me he was only filming my hands - liar!), here's me, on the piano.  Many moons ago, I fell in love with a CD called, "December," by George Winston.


After spending years of my childhood trying to transcribe one song (ok, maybe just 2 hours), I gave up.  And George Winston never published his music... 

... until now!  Thank you Musicnotes.

Since my family never gets to see me play, I figured I'd post this little video for them.  I'm no Mozart... a little wrist surgery back in the day put a damper on my competitive playing.  And yes, I'm reading the music (like I have time to memorize -- or even practice!)  But it's a pretty tune and one of my current favorites (it's on itunes too.) 

Here's, "Thanksgiving," by George Winston.  Close your eyes, listen and enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

our big fat FAKE family picture

So, whatcha think of our great family picture we took at the Capitol building?  Look closely...

family morph1crop

A little confused?  Here are the originals...

11-14-10 12111-14-10 100

If we'd been thinking ahead, we could've actually done this right - stood in the same spot, held the camera at the same angle.  But splicing the two pics together was my brilliant (but late) afterthought.  And too bad I wasn't planning to be in any pictures, 'cuz I would've done something different with my hair!!  But I was pretty proud of my little fake photo anyway. 

Here are the rest of the good and, um, not-so-good pics we've taken this week.  At least there's a few good Christmas card contenders in the bunch.  (Hover over pictures for captions

Whoa, that's a big building.Run!Wheee!Wheee!My tool.Daredevil.
Get down, Aidan. Nuh-uh!Caaan yoooou hear me noww?I'll get this shirt on you!
knock, knockportrait of my little manum, Mom, this hat clasheslotsa dotsthis is as close as he gotChristmas card contenderlittle smirkcomfy, much?so un-ladylikelet's make you sexy, Daddy!uh-oh!go!a staircase made of marbleum, nice crop Chad
leaning Lilahlittle peepers
family morph

And here's the last of the backyard fiasco... garden hose, fuzzy hair, no one doing what they were suppose to, and all.  : )

Smiling, but wrong directionCloser, closerThanks for insisting the chairs go in front of the hose.I'll sit, but only for a second!haha!!fuzzy wuzzyfuzz to the wuzz