Sunday, October 31, 2010

DIY fall art!

As I was changing up my mantle for fall, I decided to get creative and make my OWN fall art.  Did a little Google search, found some inspiration, and voila!  All set for fall... for FREE!!!

Spooky owl silhouette

Supplies needed:
* black & white construction paper
* scissors and a steady hand
* frame

10-23-10 075

I found an image online and just sketched mine out freehand.  I didn't know I could sketch anything out freehand.  My only construction paper was scrapbook size (12x12), so I have two pieces overlapping.  But since it's dark, you can't tell.  Most of the owls had pointy ears, but I knew I'd mess that one up with scissors... so I did the earless version.  : )   

Fancy pumpkin in a box

Supplies needed:
* online clipart image
* editing software
* digital scrapbook paper
* shadowbox (mine's from Ikea)
I Googled "pumpkin line drawing" and found one I liked.  Picked a subtle damask scrapbook paper from one of my digital kits (from Scrapbook Graphics) and made it the size of the frame opening. 

Pumpkin_(PSF)BGD-HCTS-Paper_Damaskpumpkin sample

Unfortunately, the pumpkin had a white background... so when I placed it in front of my scrapbook paper in Fireworks (similiar to Photoshop), the white blocked the paper from showing through.  So I clicked on the "magic wand" and selected the white areas, and erased them.  This took quite some time, and I ended up leaving some sections white.  But for the most part, now the background paper shows through the pumpkin. 

10-23-10 074

Printed it out on my computer and stuck it in the frame!  I also tried it with a bright orange background too, but I like the softness of the damask.  And it doesn't feel so "Halloweeny."

Change up what you have!

If you follow my blog, you'll remember I just recently changed my mantle decor.  So I wasn't ready to scrap it all for fall!  But a few simple changes, and it's ready for the season.

9-19-10 0169-3-10 043

in process... and final!
10-23-10 07810-28-10 001

Replaced fatty green mossy bird with fatty creamy yellow ceramic bird.  For another level of interest, I stuck some books under fatty yellow bird. My grandfather, Leo Walmsley, wrote both of those books... so they're pretty special.

9-3-10 04610-23-10 08110-28-10 008

Changed up the art and candles and added "vase filler" from Target (little dried pumpkin shapes! Perfect.)

9-3-10 04410-28-10 00210-28-10 003

And here's what I did to my front entry table and shelf.  Brought out my spooky tree and Chad and I wrote little memorable quotes, favorite trips, etc. on tags (corny idea, but I'm trying to make things more personal around here!)  So now when I walk by, I laugh when I read one of Chad's tags... "Meats."  (Someone asked Chad once if he liked "beets" and he thought they said, "meats..." so he said, "Yeah, I like meats.")

10-28-10 01010-28-10 076
10-28-10 07810-28-10 081

Our little family pumpkins!  Aidan can name them all... "Dada," "Mama," "Yi-yah," and "me."  : )

10-23-10 129

What do you do for fall decorating?  Do you go all out - orange pumpkins, creepy cobwebs, scary skeletons, and spiders coming out from every corner?  Or do you keep it simple?  Is there anything you just tweak a little for the seasons?     

I've been following this blog recently and loved this DIY Halloween art... "Keep calm and scary on."  And the Thanksgiving version... "Keep calm and gobble on."  Love it!


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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Bundles - better than apple pie!

...or so my dear Chadly said!  And they're a heckofa lot easier to make, so I'll be sticking with these, thank you!  But dieter's beware.  These shoot straight to your hips so fast, you can almost feel it.  Sorry.  My hips are sorry too.

(p.s. this is a Pampered Chef recipe.) 

Apple Bundles
2 lg. or 3 med. firm apples (says to use Granny Smith, but I never do... too tart.  I used Fugi.  Yum!)
1 8-oz. tube crescent roll dough (I get the Reduced Fat - c'mon, you gotta cut down somewhere!)
3 T. melted butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon

(it also calls for orange zest, but I skipped this step and it tasted great.  Up to you.)

Preheat oven to 375.  See?  Like this.  (Wow, my oven is super dirty!  Gross.)

10-23-10 030

Peel and slice apples.  Pop open crescent roll tube (Chadly had never done that before!), separate into 8 triangles and then cut each triangle in half (they don't really end up even, which will mess with you OCD folks.)  I put the main roll in the fridge while I'm working with a section... they start to get too warm and stick to everything. 

10-23-10 020

Wrap 3 apple slices in each triangle and place in a baking dish.  Mine seems to be the perfect size for 16 bundles. Mix sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle over bundles (you'll end up with a ton in the bottom of the pan... seems wrong, but trust me, it all gets soaked in.) 

10-23-10 02310-23-10 027

Drizzle butter over bundles and bake for 25-30 minutes until deep golden brown. 

10-23-10 032

(The first time, I baked these perfectly... but when I did this batch, I cooked them for 25 minutes and the dough was a bit gooey.  Must've done 30 minutes the first time.  Would be great if I remembered.  But trust me, my first batch was incredible!)

Serve warm, plain or with whipped or ice cream.

10-23-10 035

Chad and I ate an entire batch ourselves.  Yes, that's 8 bundles each.  Wanna see the little bundles I call love handles?  Guess I can't call it baby fat anymore, can I?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Face plant!

If you guessed from this picture that Lilah went falling forward to her doom... you were right.  If you expected to see a picture of my poor baby girl, face down in wet grass, I'm appalled!!!  Shocked, even!  How dare you think I would watch her take a nose dive and photograph the event!

(ok, ok, truth be told, it did cross my mind... but only for a split second.)

Luckily, she was FINE.  Not a tear was shed.  Just a few blades of grass stuck to her noggin' that I wiped away, before accidentally photographing the evidence of my dumb mommy move.

It all started with the first photo shoot below...
lilah in chair
10-20-10 015  10-20-10 016  10-20-10 017
10-20-10 023
10-20-10 044  10-20-10 047  10-20-10 050
10-20-10 02910-20-10 030
10-20-10 051

... and I realized afterwards, I wanted a pic of her feet dangling off the edge - you know, so I could capture the cuteness that is her SHOES. Ahhh. Baby shoes make me dizzy. Especially girly baby shoes. With little bows. Or flowers. Or buckles. Or polka dots! Anyway, the next day I brought out her PBK pillow. So her feet could dangle off. Not smart, Mama.

10-20-10 05210-20-10 05310-20-10 05510-20-10 05610-20-10 05710-20-10 058

---- Kersplat!!!! ---- 

Let's just put that pillow away, shall we?
10-20-10 063
10-20-10 09710-20-10 099
10-20-10 107  10-20-10 108  10-20-10 109
lilah in chair1
10-20-10 08110-20-10 132
lilah in chair2
Why is the sky blue?
lilah in chair3
All wrapped upChillin' in the bumbo

Hmmm... maybe sitting her in the bumbo on a bench wasn't too smart either.  Oops.  Luckily, she stayed put this time.  : ) 


(* Lilac crocheted "Cute & Cuddly" hat made by Melissa.  Check out her work at Chugamugs Baby Wear on facebook... and my mom made the brown fabric headband, following these instructions from BowerPower.  I think we'll try some other fabrics!) 

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