Friday, July 30, 2010

When life gives you lemons...

1. Photoshopping out wrinkles in fabric is way too complicated on a Thursday night. 
2. Ironing is pretty easy... why didn't I think of that?
3. Finding good lighting in your house, getting baby into white onesie and photographing before she spits up, making sure big brother is otherwise occupied, and standing on your head to get baby to do something other than look grumpy is turning out to be WAY more work than it's worth.  But I started it now and we have 40 more weeks of pictures to go.  Aye.

Go ahead... pinch her thighs.  You know you want to.  There, feel better?  : )     

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The stolen onesies project

As I mentioned in my last post, I've become rather addicted to a blog lately called younghouselove.  Stolen a few ideas already (breezy white Ikea curtains & bamboo shades, which are now hung in my family room... a shadowbox of keys... accents of white and green), but the best idea is one they do weekly with their l0-week-old, Clara.  Each week, they take a picture of their baby wearing a "weekly onesie" on a different piece of fun fabric.  Here's a few...

But I wondered... did they really buy all those onesies?  How expensive was that??  Turns out the "logo" is just photoshopped onto a plain ol' white onesie.  Genius!!  I can do that.  I went straight to the store and picked up a few different fabrics, one yard each.  Pretty cheap.  And I'm even using the first one to make a pillow.  Well, I'll ask my mom to make the pillow.  As if I sew.  Ha!  (Um, Mom, can you make me a pillow please??)   

Only problem is, Lilah's already 11 weeks old.  I've missed 10 weeks of photos!  Since I don't regularly dress her in plain white onesies, it was tricky to photoshop the logo.  But here's what I came up with (which was actually a lot of fun).  And for the most part, I found pictures taken on the correct days (since I bust out the camera pretty much everyday.)

"just hatched"


silly word art

Went simple for 3 weeks...

... 'cuz I spent half the night making this one!  Chad's first tat, in honor of his 4-week-old baby girl.  haha!

Can you hear me now?

"6 weeks and branded"

A homemade hat and custom ribbon to match (yes, I almost put "7 weeks" on her tongue)...

The one day she wore white.  Don't worry, it was before Labor Day. 

my little sunshine

Daddy's logo tee

And here's the start of my project - week 11 (I couldn't decide which one, so you're getting all 4.)

My plan is to do this each week until next May and then compile the pictures in a photo book.  But what about Aidan, you say?  Um, something tells me when he's all grown up, he won't care.  Yeah, I can hear it now... "But Mom, you took pictures every week of Lilah on cute fabrics and you didn't do it with me!  No fair!!" 

And my answer will be... "I would have, but you spent the first 2 years of your life in timeout."     

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

T is for...

... tantrum.  Aidan seems to be doing that a whole heckofalot lately.  I'm not sure if it's an inbility to communicate, an addiction to TV, the fact that Mama's busy with Lilah, or just that he's two.  Any way you look at it, though, it sucks.  I count down the minutes until Chad arrives in the evening.  I don't know how anyone survives two.  Or more than two.  Seriously.

(my status from Facebook today... "Dear Stork: Aidan was fun for awhile... but he's two now and I'd like a refund.  An in-store credit would do.")   

... totally addicted.  To a blog, that is.  If you haven't heard of it, check out younghouselove.  It's a young couple named John & Sherry, who have a baby Lilah's age named Clara.  They have remodeled and decorated their house from top to bottom in a cool Pottery Barn style and blog about every DIY project.  I've already copied a few ideas, and am starting weekly photos of Lilah like they do with their baby girl (I'm a little late, but that's ok.)  I get lost in their blog, clicking on link after link.  I also love one of their friend's blogs, called Bower Power.  They have a ton of DIY projects too.

... tools.  Speaking of DIY projects, Chad just came home with a truckload of new tools for his "man shop."  No excuse now, Chadly!!!  Laundry room makeover pics coming soon!

... three coats of paint in the laundry room, before I decided to just paint it white again.  It's a room with no windows or natural light.  Even my lightest beige made it look like a cave.  Turns out a crisp new coat of white is all it needed!  

... tape.  Aidan thought it was great fun walking around with some painter's tape stuck on his back.  And then he stuck a book to it.  Then he insisted on wearing Chad's fleece.  Toddlers are so weird.


... two.  Despite how tall he is, Aidan is really only two.  Not a 3-year-old that can't talk yet.  Or a 4-year-old still in diapers.  He's only two. 

... two and a half months.  My little Lilah bean is growing fast and chunking out!!  Look for my new weekly onesie project on Thursday, when she turns 11 weeks.

... twins.  Kameron came for a visit last week for Chad's brother Alex's wedding.  And the talented Miss K made shirts for the boys and outfits for the girls.  Seriously, Kam, you outdo yourself with every new project!!!  She also bought Aidan those cute orange & white shorts from Mini Boden.  Love them!!!  I had a great time catching up with Kam (in real life) and meeting her 7 1/2 month old, Arielle.  Oh my gosh, I've never seen a baby smile as much as that girl.  Adorable.  And I was kind of glad to see another toddler as hyper and crazy as mine (although Natey was a much better eater and didn't tantrum quite so much.)   

... and speaking of Alex & Becca's wedding...

... train.  Thomas the Train.
Lesson #1: Never skip Aidan's afternoon nap. 
Lesson #2: No, he WON'T just sleep in the car. 
Lesson #3: Don't force a grumpy kid who hasn't napped to wait in a line. 
Lesson #4: 2-year-olds don't realize they're "riding Thomas" when they can't see the engine. 
Lesson #5: Don't let your hands-on toddler near the miniature steam engine display. 
Lesson #6: If you think an activity will be fun for your 2-year-old, it probably won't be.  They enjoy simple things, like flushing a toilet 5 times in a row, or climbing up and down the stepladder.  Save your money.

... toilet training.  Speaking of flushing the toilet, we're in the beginnings of potty training around here (hence the tantrums!)  Aidan isn't fond of even sitting on the potty chair or the regular toilet, so that's been the first step.  When I take off his diaper, I'll try to excitedly run to the bathroom to see if he'll sit on the potty chair.  If he sits (it's usually for 1 second), he gets a gummy bear.  He hasn't ever gone in the potty yet, but I'm hoping someday soon.  He's definitely aware of when he has to go #2, but after he's done his deed, he doesn't always care to get his diaper changed.  Slow but sure.      

... to each his own.  When your toddler picks out red boots to wear on a hot day instead of sandals, you just gotta say, "To each his own."  Chad's mom's cousin asked me if we lived in a muddy place.  haha!  Um, no.

... tradition.  Ever since we've lived in Olympia, we go to the Lakefair carnival.  We like to people watch and talk about riding on rides but never go on them.  And then there's our traditional strawberry shortcake, which we both missed out on this year.  Sad!  But it was fun watching Aidan check things out. 

flashbacks!!!  Lakefair  - 2009

Lakefair - 2008

... teamwork.  Boys vs. girls.  Divide and conquer.  Chad and Aidan, me and Lilah.  Seems to be the way of things lately, and it works for us.  Now we just need a little more Chad and Heather time.  Ok, a lot more.  This parenting two small children thing is tough on a relationship, eh??  But we celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 12th, so I think we're doing ok.  I surprised Chad with a Kenneth Cole watch... actually, he already owned it, but it broke about 4 years ago and he never got it fixed.  So I sent it to NY and $13 later, it was fixed!  So easy, a caveman could do it.  And Chadly bought me a Lisa Leonard necklace, which should be in the mail (I had to return it for a little adjusting.) 

... time, which I'm desperately lacking.  No time for cleaning, no time for blogging.  Someday I'll catch up.

... toddler bowling.  My friend Melissa bought me a book called The Toddler's Busy Book.  It's awesome.  Aidan didn't quite get the point of toddler bowling, but he still had fun knocking over the paper towel rolls.

... tootsie pop.  Yum.  : )

... the longest blog post ever!!!  Me blogging is like a squirrel storing up for winter... I gotta throw every last picture in while I can, 'cuz you never know when the next chance will be.  Chadly told me to break up my post into smaller ones, but that's too many titles to think of.  I'm lazy, remember?  All-in-one is good.  Except for shampoo.  That's just gross.  Well, for my hair anyway.  (No offense to you all-in-one shampooers.)