Monday, May 31, 2010

Just like Mama

When Aidan was born, everyone said, "Oh, he looks just like Chad."  Really?  I didn't see it at all... that is, until I looked at Chad's baby pictures.

Remember Chad's photoshop magic from Pod's 1st Halloween?

Well, with the exception of a few, most people have said Lilah looks just like me.  Really?  Again, I didn't see it... until my mom brought out the baby albums yesterday.  Whaddya think?

(this is my favorite with my Dad - gotta love the 70's couch!)


Lilah met my Aunt Rita and Uncle Jerry yesterday... and auntie Lindsay and cousins Payton and Corbin.  I think they were all smitten.


Aidan signed boat, ball, train, apple, and car yesterday, without any prompting!!  For the general population, this is as cool as your child adding a new word to their vocabulary.  We couldn't be more thrilled!!


The four of us trekked off to the Children's Museum on Saturday.  While Pod and I were pretending to answer the telephone and help "sick" animals in the vet clinic, I heard Chad calling my name.  I looked and looked and couldn't find him.  Then I spotted this...

Yes, that's my little "puppet," complete with her "poo" face!!  Nothing like being dangled in front of the puppet theatre to prompt a #2!!  : )   


Got myself some new shoes today... my first pair of Clarks!  I'm obsessed with how comfortable they are (have I really gotten to the age where comfort comes first??  Yes.  Ok, but these are cute, too!) 

What are YOUR favorite shoes?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

sombrero boy

Aidan found my old sombrero in the garage the other day (I got it in 4th grade!!)... and Chad caught it on video.  I wasn't home and was shocked to hear he actually wanted it on his head - my boy who HATES hats.

Love how serious he is!!! 

Yes, I've been a blog posting freak lately.  It's mostly for friends and family to see pics of the new babe... and because she's still sleeping a lot and I have the time.  I'm sure that will change soon... : ) 

Friday, May 28, 2010

photo shoot!

Thanks Keren!  : )

Brotherly love

Everyone loves baby Lilah in this house... it's quite obvious.  What might not be so obvious is Mama's affection for her, since I'm always behind the camera (and when I'm not, I look awful!!  Seriously, I'm thrilled I actually got to shower today.)

But big brother Aidan is doing pretty well.  No more Thomas the Trains to Lilah's head, no more wild pushes in the swing, no more stealing her binkies... just lots of hugs & kisses.  I'm sure that will change once she's mobile (and stealing his toys), but for now, I'm loving Pod's brotherly affection.


Aidan's 2-year stats:

Height - 38 inches (100%)
Weight - 37 pounds (100%)

If you can't believe he's that big, just come over and lift him.  Trust me, he's a freight train.  And speaking of trains, he mastered "train" in sign language yesterday, requesting to watch more steam engine videos on YouTube.  Better than cartoons, at least!

I took him to an occupational therapist yesterday to have him evaluated for "sensory" issues and he didn't qualify.  Yay!  But he will be starting private speech therapy for the summer (since the school district takes the summer off.)  He still has a high-frustration level when things aren't going his way, particularly with toys - like when his trains become derailed on the train table.  I thought he was frustrated because of his lack of communication, but our speech therapist thinks it's his instant frustration that keeps him from learning how to communicate.  Vicious circle, either way.  So our goal this summer is to continue to add more sign language until his speech comes in. 

fingers... buttons... polka dots... kisses...


I hope to get our professional photos posted later today.  Our photographer sent the disc on Monday and it never arrived!  : (  My theory is my neighbor Jennifer snatched it out of our mailbox and is staring at Lilah pictures every night.  heehee  So Keren sent another disc and should be arriving today.


The "poo" face... seriously, she puckers like this everytime...

I guess pooing makes her tired.  It's hard work!

"Hmm... I wonder how many more outfits Mommy will put me into today?"

I call this her "Kate Winslet in Titanic" pose. heehee

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!!    

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pretty in polka dots

I've been dying to get Lilah into this hand-me-down BabyGap outfit... white polo, tulle skirt, pink polka dots... adorable. 



Like I said... adorable.