Monday, April 26, 2010

still pregnant...

I feel like the boy who cried wolf.  Thought for sure I'd be having this girl early, and now I betcha I'm gonna go right up to my due date!  A few of the April guesses on the baby poll have already passed... but Lilah has until Friday to be a diamond-baby like her Mama (my birthday is Wednesday -- eek! -- 33!!)


Speaking of Wednesday, we're gearing up for Aidan's early 2nd birthday.  His "train" cake is nearly complete, minus the actual cupcakes (they'll sit on top of the tracks.)  I made my own cupcake toppers using the same digital kit from his invite.  Is it sad to say I'm hoping for rain so I don't have to clean off the patio furniture??  : )



Took Chad & Aidan with me to the hospital to visit Michelle and baby Broderick (see this post for the belly pics!)  Thought it'd be great to give Aidan a practice run at going to a hospital, seeing a newborn, etc.  And even though he spent most of the time running the hallways, dragging Chad behind him, he did go in the room.  And boy, he did not like it when Chad had Broderick in his arms!  Uh-oh.  We might be in for it when Lilah arrives.


Some pics from yesterday at my in-laws'... Chad's sister Selena and her daughter Maya are home from Germany!  Aidan had a grand ol' time playing fetch with Gabe... he was even teasing Gabe, pretending to throw the ball and giggling.  What a stinker!      


Chad (30), Selena (33), Alex (22) - all over 6-feet!

Go, Pod, go!!  Climb that last stair!

Hmmm... does my belly make that mountain look small or what??  : )

Friday, April 23, 2010

More pics from the photo shoot!

Had to show off more pictures Keren took at our maternity/family shoot!!  Here's where you have to use your imagination and pretend that my son was always smiling and that my legs weren't so white (seriously, I make Casper look tan!)  Of course you've already seen some of the best ones (see this post)...

For those of you who love "While You Were Sleeping" as much as I do, I call this one leaning.  heehee

Aidan and all his agitated, scowly-eyebrows glory... (don'tcha love his fauxhawk, though???  I was quite proud of myself!  Well, except for that one chunk above his ear that is kind of matted down... not that I'm picky or anything)

I am obsessed with this pair of maternity jeans... wish I could find some just like them for post-baby! 

More attempts of getting Aidan to pose on the tracks... he loved it there!!  Well, until the train came ripping through.  But that didn't stop him from wanting to stay there... forever!

Love the vintage editing... 

By the way, if you follow Chad's cousin Kameron's blog, you'll notice I copied the brown top from her maternity photos.  I loved her in it and when I was purusing the racks at Ross, I found a similar top.  Nothing wrong with copying!!   

Aidan happily played with this wheel in someone's yard while we posed and giggled... 

Aidan's first interest in dandelions!

And my favorite... there was this vintage-looking gas station/garage with awesome red doors... the perfect backdrop for a picture (especially for my boy who is obsessed with the movie, "Cars.")  Well, what does my child decide to do???  Lick the window.  The nasty, dirt & grease-covered window.  Yuck.  So there I am, being a typical mommy, glaring at my BOY.  : )  Love it.  Thanks, Keren, for capturing that moment!! 


37 weeks today - full-term!!  Had my OB appt.... still 2cm dilated.  But like I said on facebook, she'll come when she's ready.  I guess I can stop worrying about it!  Maybe she'll arrive in May after all!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I don't like to cook...

... and apparently neither do my babies

Yes, I'm still pregnant... at least for the moment.  36 weeks 4 days, to be exact.  But things are happening... labor-ish things... and little Lilah might be making her grand appearance sooner than later (better go move up those May guesses to April!!!)  Aidan came on 36 weeks 5 days and the chances of having another preterm birth are good, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's here by the end of the week (or the night!)

It's the curse of the family baby shower.  Had it on May 10th last time, and Aidan came the next day.  Well, the family baby shower was Saturday...

Keep on cookin', Lilahkins!!


I must say, though, I wouldn't mind meeting her soon.  And getting back to my normal body.  I love being pregnant and how clothes fit (as evident by the shear number of pregnancy photos I've posted!), but I'm not loving the swollen feet.  Although they're nothing like the bricks I had attached to my "cankles" last pregnancy.  I also wouldn't mind tossing my insulin pens and devouring a few mud pie blizzards.  : )    

My goal was to match my last pregnancy weight gain (23 pounds) and I'm at 21 pounds right now (with 3 1/2 weeks to go.)  Now if I could only watch my carb intake as easily when I'm NOT pregnant!!


Looks like we'll raise more for Operation Smile than I thought!  Kameron offered to put the donation through her work... and they'll match the total!  We've raised $91 so far (thanks to some generous donations!!), so that makes $182 through Kam's work.  $240 pays for a child's surgery, so we're almost there!!!  And remember, the winner gets a 1/3 of the pot to take home.  To play along, click here.   


Staff baby shower...

Family baby shower...

me & my Mama, wearing pink in honor of my girl!!


My real-life friend Brooke had her baby girl last week... I can't wait to meet her!!  Had a 3-hour labor (can you believe it??) and baby Ashlyn was born at home.  I admire these strong friends of mine!!  If my contractions are anything like last time, I'll be requesting that epidural again.  : )  heehee  No shame, right???


I missed "Glee" tonight... thought I rearranged my series priority on my DVR, but "Lost" taped intsead.  Now I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it online!  Sad.  : (  At least I made my concert... it's over!


My little boy signed "ball" after opening his early birthday present from his Nana.  While we can't wait for his speech to come in, every new sign is exciting too!! 


Ok, time for bed (and my four pillows.)  Can't wait to sleep on my back again!!