Saturday, March 27, 2010

from one belly to another...

It's either Pod pictures or belly pictures... and I can't get enough of either!!!  Hope you don't mind.  : ) 

Ventured out to Brooke's baby shower today - she's exactly one month ahead of me, due on April 16th with a little girl.  Our boys are 4 months apart and our girls will be 1 month apart.  Talk about close!

Too bad Aidan had other plans for the shower... rather than sitting quietly while Mama played shower games, ate a nice relaxing lunch, and watched the gift-opening, Aidan decided to fuss until I took him outside... and then proceeded to circle the hostess' house on her deck about 20 times (while my blood sugar dropped lower and lower.) I did manage to get some delicious food in my belly, but took my cranky child home before the gift-opening. Luckily it was a beautiful day and the hostess had a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier (which I failed to capture.) I did follow Pod around with my camera for a bit, however. : )

(Ok, in all fairness, Aidan played nicely for quite awhile... and even hammed it up in front of the ladies!)

And a few shots from this morning, before we left.  I asked Aidan to give the baby a hug (after he gave me a tight squeeze), and he started his cute sighing and leaned into my belly.  I'm thrilled Chad was right there to capture it!  Nice job, honey!


Aidan @ 33 weeks                                            Baby girl @ 33 weeks

April, 2008... Brooke (pregnant w/Ryan), me (33 weeks w/Aidan), Susan (pregnant w/Sophia.)  It's fun to look back!!  Feel like I'm carrying a bit higher this time... is the wive's tale true? 

Which wive's tales did you believe before (or after) you knew the sex of your baby? 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aidan @ 22 months

My little Pod...

... is "talking" up a storm!!  Words he can say on his own: mama, whoa, meow, main (haven't figured out that one - mine?  train?), baba, gaga.  Words he repeats: go, Dada (more like "uh, uh"), all done ("uh, uh," but gets the vocal inflection), and today he said hi for the first time!  Signs he can do on his own: more, milk, help, open, all done, dog.  Signs he can imitate: please, up, cracker, train, yogurt (well, he tries yogurt.  It's hard!!)

... is drinking through a straw!!!!  This might seem like a normal thing, but for a cleft kid, this is HUGE. 

... likes trying on Mama and Daddy's shoes, including my flip-flops.  Especially mismatched flip flops.

... has discovered a love for dirt, specifically mole hills.

... has discovered a love for rocks, specifically dirty rocks.  Yep, I have a BOY on my hands.  : ) 

(my first pictures downloaded from my camera phone.  Not bad!)

... can hold onto the swinging bars at the park - and swing!  Do I see Olympic Gold in his future??

... still has a really short fuse for things that don't work the way he wants them to.  I know, I know, he's almost two.

... is getting attached to blankies (and sometimes changing pad covers) and makes the sweetest sigh when he holds them.  Funny enough, he makes the same sound when he holds a rock next to his face.  Not sure 'bout that one.

... doesn't like when Mama sings along to CDs in the car.  He shakes his head "no" and says "uh-uh."  Gee, thanks.

... is LOVING strawberries lately.

... has a new tooth on his cleft side!  It's the canine tooth, right before his 1st molar.  Yay!!  That makes 14 total.  He's still missing the incisor, but it might come eventually.

... has this crazy obsession with holding onto whole pieces of food - crackers, chips, waffles, etc. He'll eat another broken-up piece, while keeping a death grip onto the whole one... even if it's Daddy's waffle that he ruthlessly stole at breakfast.


.... is growing up way too fast and it's finally starting to sink in that he won't be the baby anymore.

(Speaking of "sinks," here's a few pics from February I never posted and couldn't resist sharing...)


Saturday, March 20, 2010


No, those aren't my measurements.  They're actually the number of weeks of these 3 big ol' bellies...

Kristen - 37 weeks with baby boy/girl??, Michelle - 34 weeks with baby boy Broderick (at her baby shower), me- 32 weeks with baby girl Lilah

And yes, we all teach at the same school (want some of our water????)  You should see us all waddling into the staff room... it's quite a sight.  : )

(as you can see, my pregnancy style is pretty casual, to say the least!  Lots of layering, lots of pulled-back hairdo's... gonna have to spice things up for my maternity shoot!!)


So... what's happening in that big belly of mine at 32 weeks?

... baby girl is measuring right on lately.  Whew!

... the 2nd (and last) echocardiogram went perfectly!  In fact, the doctor said Lilah's heart was "textbook perfect" and the tech was "taking her time" capturing extra pictures.  Thanks - I did actually have to get to work on time.

... had my first non-stress test (NST) this morning at the hospital and passed with flying colors.  Did them last time around too (due to diabetes).  Kind of weird being over at the hospital again.  I saw the exam room where I first went that morning my water broke.  Made me nervous!!  

... going to the diabetes center next week to get an iPro.  It monitors my blood sugar every 5 minutes for 3 days (hope it doesn't hurt!!)  My endocrinologist wants to get a better look at why I'm still getting some semi-extreme highs and lows.

... weight is still looking good!  I'm hoping to stick to that "1 pound a week" thing until the end.  Yeah, we'll see about that.  : )  Despite the fact that I am definitely looking bigger this time around, I'm still about 5 pounds shy of my weight gain with Aidanpod at this time.    

Tried to find some 32-week comparison pictures, but no luck.  There's some at 33 weeks though... next post!  : )

Monday, March 15, 2010

spring is everywhere

Yes, I know... it looks like spring just threw up on my blog!!  Ok, not literally.  But if you need to turn down the brightness on your screen to view this post, I'll understand.  : )  Thought I'd go for something a little more fun!  And notice I left a little spot for my darling better-not-be-14-pounds Poppy Seed (she's also making her first appearance on my sidebar!)

Can't wait until April when we get new pictures taken.  Been working on outfits for awhile now.  Why is the idea of professional pictures so good, but the actual planning, preparing, washing, combing, coordinating, hairspraying, and makeup-ing of it all such a pain???  Ahhh, what us girls torture ourselves with.  : )

(And no, my dear Chadly, this does NOT mean I want to cancel said pictures.  We're still doing them, like it or not.  Now go charge your razor, get your hair clippers ready, and you better put on a smiley face!!)