Saturday, February 27, 2010

the end of a looooonnnnng week...

Friday (a week ago) - Chad comes home with stomach flu.  Sick all night and into the next day.

Sunday - Aidan has "Exorcist" puking in the kitchen and continues for 3 more hours, every 10-20 minutes.  Poor thing.  Wanted nothing but hugs and snuggles from Mama, but of course I was trying to avoid getting the bug like the plague.  Nothing sadder than a sick baby who doesn't understand what's going on.  It was heartbreaking.  : (

Thursday - Put Aidan down for his nap... started feeling queasy.  Chad came home and before I knew it, my turn began.  Darn plague.  Couldn't keep anything down (water, Pedialyte - whoa, that stuff is syrupy!!)  Normally I'd be thrilled with an instant 5-pound weight loss, but not at 29 weeks pregnant! 

Saturday (today) - everyone in our house is finally back to normal!  Whew.  But Chad's mom & Julie (our caregiver) got it too.  Ugh.   


Our internet has been sporadically working all week, but we finally got a new router.  I was about to go crazy without blogging!!


Took Aidan for a "take TWO" haircut today... much better.  My mom freaked when I told her Pod got a "faux hawk" - she thought I meant a "mohawk," with the sides shaved and the top long.  I don't think he would ever sit still enough for that!  As it was, he screamed the entire time the clippers were out.  Just remember, Mom, it's only styling gel.

He always makes this scrunched-up face when he shuts the bathroom cabinets... hilarious!  Yes, I DID take this picture from the toilet.  But no, I was not using the toilet at the time.  : ) 

You're welcome for the explanation. 

Watching a little HGTV together (yes, we sometimes have the TV on.)  He points out all the ceiling fans in the different design shows, especially House Hunters.  heehee


Feeling very pregnant these days (am I really only 29 weeks??)  Baby girl is kicking up a storm, and always at the most inopportune times (like when I'm trying to sleep... or when I'm dying from the stomach flu.)  At my last OB appt., I measured 25cm (should've been 28), but my doctor decided against the 28-week ultrasound he originally planned.  Thinks I'm measuring fine and my blood sugars look great.  Whew.  My calendar is busting at the seams!!

Been decorating Lilah's room again (for other pics, click here and here)... can't wait to show off the completed room (when it's completed, that is!)  Oh yeah, and the Bjorn cover Kameron made me is here!!!  I absolutely love how it turned out.  She ordered the exact fabric of the one I was going to buy and figured it out herself.  What a talented girl!  But it looks like my "fluffy-not-fat" cat attacked it already.  Sorry Kam.  I'll lint roll it and get Chad to take a good picture with baby girl inside for your Punchkin Wear site!

My mom said if Lilah ever wants to run away from home, she'll be set with her little suitcases. haha 

hmmm... could that be a brightly-colored rug for baby Lilah to stretch out upon?

birdie pictures hung, leather rocker moved...

and the Baby Bjorn cover (plus a little cat hair!)


Rather than have my out-of-town friends drive down twice for a baby shower AND to meet the baby, I'm going to have a "come meet the baby" party after she's born, like my friend Ande did.  My school staff & Chad's female relatives are throwing me showers in April, so I did up a quick registry on Amazon for a few necessities.  Since I got all those hand-me-downs, I don't really need much.  Another monitor, a few girly crib sheets, maybe some cute Pedipeds, a few items that Aidan destroyed...

Those of you with two small children... did you get a double stroller?  I'm in love with my BOB jogging stroller, but the dualie is a fortune!  But most double strollers only hold up to 40 pounds per seat, and Aidan already weighs 34!!  At least the dualie is up to 50 lbs.  I don't think he'd do well with a Sit-n-Stand at this point.  I use the stroller to get to the park or to follow him on our neighborhood walks (since he usually doesn't want to go back home, I stick him in the stroller... I can't carry him kicking and screaming!)  And when I'm not pregnant, I do actually like to jog with it.  Hmmm...    


Ok, I think I better get to bed quick... feeling a late-night Rite Aid run for Cadbury Eggs coming on. 

But wait, I did lose those 5 pounds... I can afford a few extra calories, right???? 

Friday, February 19, 2010

new from head to toe!

Here's how a conversation between Pod and I went the other day (ya know, if he were talking in complete sentences and all)...

Pod: Hey Mama?

Me: Yes, Mudgey?

Pod: How come I sat really still at the hair salon, you said I was a "good boy," and all I got was this bowl cut???  I look kinda dorky.

Me: Sorry, Mudgey.  I told them "just a trim," and that's what happened.

Pod: Next time, I want a mohawk just like Max!  

Me: Ok, ok.

Pod: Hey Mama?

Me: Yes, Podling?

Pod: I was just thinking... are you gonna stuff my face with M&M's at the next haircut?

Me: Most likely.

Pod: Cool.  Hey Mama?  Could I have MORE of those fruit snacks?

Me: Sure, honey.  Since you signed it so nicely.

Pod: You know, Mama, I don't think that fruit-snack-bribe to get me to look at the camera is actually working.

Me: I see that.

Pod: Hey Mama?  Can I go splash in the puddle?

Me: Sure, honey.  Let's put your new boots on! 

Pod: Um, Mama, I don't know how to walk in these yet.  In fact, I can't move.  At all. 

Me: (Hmmm... this could work to my advantage...)

Me: Maybe Bethany can show you how it's done!  Look how she's splashing!! 

Pod: Um, Mama, I don't get it.

Pod: Ok, wait... think I'm starting to figure it out.

Pod: Yes, yes, WE HAVE SPLASHING!!!

Me: (heehee)

Monday, February 15, 2010

our cheap Valentine's Day

Mama's banana-cinnamon french toast with syrup, sprinkles, & a shake of powdered sugar... free (items already on hand.)

Chadly serenading Mama Pod on his guitar, making up silly lyrics about big pregnant bellies and swollen feet... free.

Aidan sporting his favorite beads, some awesome bed-head, and a milk soul patch... free.

Tickles at lunchtime... free.

Pink buttercream frosted cupcakes w/sprinkles and dinner on Valentine's Day with close friends... free (Chef Heather provided a bag of salad and the frosting... Marie brought everything else!)

Snapping a picture of Aidan Pod saying, "Meow" at the kitties (again, with bed-head and beads)... free.

Heart-shaped mylar balloon, purchased at the store on Valentine's Day, to distract a starting-to-get-grumpy Aidan... $1 (and 7 cents, technically.)

And boy, it was worth it... that balloon has accompanied him to every meal since.


We did break down and get Aidan's hair cut tonight.  Couldn't handle that feathered look over his ears!  And he surprisingly did well!!  Ok, it was no surprise.  I was shoving m&m's in his mouth every few minutes.  A mom's gotta do what it takes!!  I'll take pictures tomorrow.


Aidan's speech happenings (gotta write 'em down while I'm thinking of them)...

Just this weekend, he:

... is signing "more" more and more!!  Woohoo!  He found an empty bag of fruit snacks upstairs and without prompting, he handed me the bag and signed "more."  Chad and I felt awful that not only was the bag empty, but we were all out.  : (  I wanted to reward his great signing!

... is signing "light."  He's obsessed with the fans in his room and Lilah's and signs light when he wants them on.

... is imitating a lot.  Chad said, "Mama" - he said "Mama."  Chad said, "Ow" - he said "Ow."  Chad said, "Dada" - he said "gaga."  I guess we know what gaga means now!  And he repeated "go" in the car tonight.  Go, Pod, go!

... looked at baby Thomas (9 months), who was touching his Leap Frog music table, and said, "Ah, ah" (in a parent-like voice) and pushed his hand away.  Whoa!   

Can't wait for more!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet Magnus!!

My good friend Ande (whose maternity pictures I posted here) had a beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago (she thought FOR SURE she was having a girl)... and named him Magnus Blaise.  Only a Gaitan child could rock a name like Magnus!!  It was her "come meet the baby" shower today and I got a few pictures of sweet Magneto!  And some of big sis Mina too.  3-year-old Max was hangin' at home with Daddy.

Love those baby expressions!!! 


Congrats Ande!!  It was great seeing you and Magnus today!  And your pretty Bee in her pretty bow.  : )

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aidan @ 21 months

This sweet, shaggy-haired, brown-eyed boy...


... is going to be two in a few short months.  Ok, not until May.  But I still can't believe it. 


... might be a year or so late, but is really babbling and vocalizing a lot.  He says mama and baba loud and soft (even in a whisper!) and is saying his sweet "mow" again at the kitties, which he'd apparently forgotten.  Up, bonk, uh-oh, dada, and more are on the he-almost-has-'em list.  Oh, and speaking of more, he's officially signing it the real way (with both hands, fingers closed to thumbs.)

... is a heavyweight at 34 1/2 pounds & 36 inches (98% for both.)  Dr. M said he's in the 50th percentile for 3-year-olds.  heehee  She's also quite impressed with his motor skills and isn't too worried about speech.  Woohoo!!  Now if he'd only use those motor skills for good... like raking up the yard!!  No, Pod, the leaves are behind you. 


... is still a picky eater, but is showing us glimmers of hope.  The other day, he chowed down on grilled yellow squash (ok, 2 small pieces) and even tried zucchini!  He still won't touch meat (unless it's in the shape of a breaded dinosaur -- maybe I should try it on the bone, Kam??) and noodles are off and on.


... loves his new beaded necklaces from Party City and has worn them with pride for four days straight now.  All of them.


... isn't quite aware he's going to be a big brother soon.  In fact, something tells me he doesn't care at all.  The other day, our neighbor Jennifer passed on a I'm a Big Brother book, and he threw it on the ground and stomped on it.  Hmmm.  Tell us what you really think!


... wags his finger at the clock when he wants us to sing, "Hickory Dickory," like they do in KinderGym.  We finally just figured this out.  And he's mastering other things he can do with his fingers... : )


... is obsessed with his big early birthday gift... a train table!!  And, much to our surprise, he's great at sharing it with friends!  Ok, not completely willing, but he didn't throw a tantrum when Eilis joined him.  Ok, and on most days, he loves it... just not when Percy becomes even slightly derailed.


... lives for the outdoors.  And whole wheat Ritz crackers.  Outside and crackers???  Now there's a happy boy!


... could guzzle milk all day long.  Milk or water?  It's always milk, milk, milk.  Definitely the drink of choice.

... is finally able to drink out of a hard plastic sippy cup.  He's making suction!! 


... has recovered from his traumatic dentist experience, and is sort of tolerating the Mommy-Daddy team brushing he gets every night.  Well, as long as I don't stop wiggling his legs and singing my "Brush, brush, brush your teeth," song.  And his final two bottom teeth are showing.  Up next - 2-year molars??? 

... took his first minor tumble on the stairs... down 5 steps and right into my arms.  Luckily I was sitting at the bottom.  After a frantic complete check of his vitals, we determined he was just fine.  But I still keep my eye on him a little more while he's cruising up and down so independently.


... has been offering up free kisses lately!!  Closed-mouth and non-drooly.  The best kind!  : )

... makes it his daily goal to harass the cats.  Lucky for them, they can still outrun his still pudgy legs.  And speaking of cats, he correctly identified a "meow" on our walk around lake (after seeing a million doggies.) I thought for sure it was another dog heading our way, but low and behold, a bobcat on a leash! Whoa.


... is officially without TV (yes, that means no more Backyardigans -- it was his only show anyway.) Well, maybe we let him watch an episode or two a week, but we've definitely cut way back. He started this horrible habit of crying if he found the remote when the TV wasn't on, so we just went cold turkey. And now that he has his train table, he can entertain himself while I'm cooking. Um, because I cook every night. Right.

.. will be hanging with Mama all next week.  It's mid-winter break for my district and I can't wait to take him to Toddler Group for the first time!!

Happy 21, Doodle Bug!!