Friday, January 29, 2010

mama & painting

Now that I'm an old pro at posting videos, here's a quick one of Aidan saying "Mama" from the downstairs powder room.  And yes, he always says it just like this.  We love it!

And here's a 20-second video link of Aidan painting at his Toddler Speech group (the leader tapes him occasionally and e-mails me, since I can't be there... our sitter, Julie, takes him to the class once a week... but during mid-winter break, I'll actually get to go!!!) 

Aidan painting video - click here!

Love the little taste-test at the end!  heehee  Especially since she just said "Mommy will be so proud ---"

That's my boy! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

baby stuff

Just my random late-night pregnant thoughts...

So, I know we've picked the name Lilah, but lately, Chad keeps calling her "Claire."  Sometimes he notices, and other times he'll argue and say, "No I didn't - I said Lilah."  Noooo, you said Claire.  So I keep asking him if he just wants to name her Claire and he says, "No, her name's Lilah!"  Ok, honey, then quit calling her Claire!!  Sheesh.


She's moving more and more lately... and it's getting to that point where I have a hard time getting back to sleep (after my 4am bladder call.)  I love feeling her kick and thump, but a girl needs her beauty rest!!! 


Had an ultrasound on Monday and just as predicted, we couldn't get a good look into her mouth.  But they confirmed again that she doesn't have a cleft lip.  Hooray!  She weighs approximately 1 lbs. 9 ounces, which puts her in the 51st percentile.  I didn't even know they did percentiles in utero!!  Tomorrow morning is the echocardiogram, where they take a closer look at her heart.  Should be interesting!


Chad's almost done painting her room!!  And as much as I tried to convince myself that her "Manatee Grey" was different than Aidan's "Willow Wind," I'm thinking they're almost the same shade of sage green.  Hers might be a tad darker.  Guess I find what I like and stick with it!  Or, I'm just that boring... depending on how you look at it.  : )


My high school friend Lanette, who was on hospitalized bedrest for the last couple months, just had her baby boy 7 1/2 weeks early.  On Monday, Ian William was born at 5 pounds 11 ounces!!  She finally got to breathe some fresh air and she's going home to see her husband and daughter, while her baby boy rests up in the NICU.  Congrats Lanette!


My good friend Ande is due any day now with baby #3 (and doesn't know the sex, which is driving me bonkers!!) and she just posted her AMAZING maternity photos.  Check 'em out - there are some belly ones in her post that are gorgeous!  And love the laughing, floating Buddah belly.  heehee  Made me excited to get mine! 

Oh, and she also recovered her car seat... seriously, how did I get such crafty friends???  Or friends that cook???  Come on, people, share the talent!  Kam said she's done with my Bjorn cover -- woohoo!!!   

Ok, enough babble... time for bed.  Guess I could get that beauty sleep thing started before midnight.


This is definitely where the Podster wants to be right now... outside.  All the time.  Rain or shine.  Well, maybe not rain.  He's not actually a fan of the stuff. 

I loved reading your comments to the "best part of my day" post (which, by the way, I'm glad you're all so excited about seeing your kids, but I know, deep down, you secretly LOVE the minute after your kid goes down for their nap or bedtime!!! Come on, people, admit it!!).  : )  Anyway, I started thinking about the other little things I love about my days with Aidan.  And one has to be our daily walks.

I love it when you actually stay in our cul-de-sac to play... except when you steal hockey sticks right out of the neighbor's yard - look at him go, that little thief!!

I love it when you stop to smell the flowers... except when you decide to stomp on them.  But since you were already climbing out of our neighbor's heather patch, I decided to snap a photo instead of reprimand you.  : )

I love it when you're adventurous... except when that means you're climbing (and falling) up muddy little hills and refusing to hold Mama's hand.  Or when you're venturing into the street, refusing to hold Mama's hand.  Or when you're running like a wild banchee and my big pregnant butt can't keep up with your "adventurous" little self. 

I love it when you stop for the camera and give me a cute smirk... except when you're on yet another neighbor's sidewalk, going up and down their stairs, and swatting my hands away if I try to get near you to help you up and down.  You're SO independent these days!

I love it when you're happy just playing in the backyard for awhile... "riding" on your big wheel (you don't actually like to move yet) or pointing to the thermometer.  Oh yeah, and I love your new Gymboree pirate monkey overalls.  

I love it when I say, "Let's go check the mail," and you actually start walking towards the mailbox... except when you find EVERY GOSH DARN puddle on the way.  But I do love it when your little hands reach up to the mailbox and I can snap a quick artsy shot.  Thanks Pod!!  (Oh yeah, and sorry to whoever's mailbox he was opening!  It wasn't ours.)  

As much as I would rather be sitting on the couch these days, I do love our time together in the great outdoors.  Well, if a housing development is considered the "great outdoors."  But you think it's pretty great, even if Daddy thinks you need 5 acres of woods to have a happy childhood.  Something tells me you're pretty dang happy with your sidewalks and suburbia.  : )

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The best part of my day...

... is when I drive up to the sitter's house and see my little Pod, staring out the window, anticipating my arrival. 

Normally he's smiling and laughing and looks super excited, but I caught him off guard a little with my camera. 

And since I didn't come in right away (too busy clicking), he got mad and started yelling, "Mama!  Mama!"  I almost stayed out there a minute longer, just to enjoy it.  : )

What's the best part of YOUR day? 

Putting your feet up?  Getting Starbucks?  Coming home to dinner ready on the table for you (haha)? 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"L is for love, laughter, and Lilah"

By now, you've heard (if not, click HERE)... our baby girl will soon be named Lilah Claire.  I know some people wait until the baby's born to announce it, or to even decide.  But just like knowing if it's a boy or girl in there, I also like calling her by name. 

My little Lilah.

How'd we come up with it?  mrs. boo radley (a.k.a. Leah) suggested Dahlia once, and I misread it and thought of Delilah.  Chad LOVED Delilah, but I dropped the "De" (or DUH, as it sounds) and liked Lilah even better.  Besides, Delilah means "seductive, lovelorn."  Can't have that for my innocent girl!!

And it turns out Chad's mom was going to name his sister Lilah!!  She went with Selena instead, but at least we know she likes the name.  And my mom does too!

(by the way, I HATE watching myself on video!!  Could, um, someone, um, count how many times I said "um???"  And gotta love those nervous eyerolls!  It's kind of bizarre talking into the camera.  Oh, and I got the Kung Fu thing fixed, in case it bugged you as much as it bugged me.)


Darn diabetes - had my monthly OB appt. yesterday (23w3d) and it mostly went well.  I've gained 8 pounds so far, which made Dr. B (and me!) happy.  But because I've had diabetes from the beginning of this pregnancy, I have some new things coming up...

fetal echocardiogram - an ultrasound done by a pediatric cardiologist to specifically look at baby girl's heart.  I guess diabetes can cause some abnormalities.  It's just a precaution, he said.  But you know how at ease that makes me... I thought we were worried enough about clefting.  Now the heart???  Ugh.  I go in next week on the 28th.

* week 28 ultrasound - not only I am having a regular ultrasound next week (Jan. 25th) to catch a glimpse of the palate, but they'll do another u/s next month to check Lilah's size.  They don't want her too BIG, which is a diabetes concern.  I measured small yesterday, and always did with Aidan.

* non-stress tests - luckily, these won't start up until after week 32.  They're a pain to schedule, especially since they only do them in the mornings and that's all I work!  

But I avoided the progesterone shots (to prevent pre-term labor), so that's a bonus.  No glucose test for me (yes!!)  And little Lilah hasn't discovered my rib cage yet, so I'm feeling good!  Oh, and I just contacted a photographer to do some maternity photos in April!! 


Here's a multi-tasking Mama for you... 6 months pregnant, still in work clothes, vacuuming, AND holding a 32-pounder on her hip (because he cries until I pick him up.)

And aren't these overalls the cutest???

Monday, January 18, 2010

The BIG reveal!!

Updated: I just watched it, and around 2 minutes, the video & sound don't match anymore... it's like a Kung Fu movie!!! Sorry, but I don't know how to fix it. Kind of hilarious, though!)

Updated again: Ok, think I fixed it!  Had to chop out 3 seconds, but it worked. 


Ok, you antsy people, here it is!! Bad hair day yesterday - no video. Power went out last night (and stayed out) during windstorm - no video. But the power's finally back on and I made it!!

(p.s. how do you tell your toddler he CAN'T have waffles for breakfast because the toaster won't run on batteries???)

You'll have to watch the WHOLE video... you know how I LOVE to build up the anticipation! haha And in my next post, I'll tell you how we came up with the winning name. Forgot to mention it.

The winner will be receiving a $10 Target gift card. Woohoo!! Was going to do PBKids, but that wouldn't even cover the tax! So if you're the winner, send me your address (if I don't already have it.) : )

Ok, drumroll please................... the "L" name is:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bend it like Aidanpod!

Who knew a contest would bring so many followers out of the woodwork???  Geez, I've been blown away at the number of guesses on my baby girl post!  And I realize now there aren't a whole lot of "L" names to choose from.  I'll be revealing her name in a video later today or tomorrow... wait for it, wait for it... 


Just an update... my friend Vanessa, who lost a baby to Trisomy 18 last year, found out her new baby GIRL (due in July) is completely healthy!!  Whew!!!!  We had a great playdate with her & her 3-year-old daughter Samantha.  They had an Imaginarium train table & Aidan played for hours... thinking that might be his 2nd birthday present! 


Kameron is going full-steam on my Baby Bjorn cover... she's already made an adorable prototype & will work on my black/white/green version this weekend.  Yahoo!!  Kameron, you are seriously crafty!!  Have I told you how glad I am you and Chad are cousins???  : )  Yeah, I'm glad.   


Been having weird pregnancy dreams... I'm not a HUGE Robert Pattinson fan (Edward in Twilight), but he's been showing up in my dreams recently.  In last night's, he kept turning into David Bowie a la "Labyrinth," in tight spandex pants!!  Ewwwww.  I'm surprised I didn't wake up screaming.












Mental notes:

1. Don't bring a soccer ball on a walk with you and your toddler.  If it rolls into the street, he rolls on after it.  Not good.

2.  When you tell Aidan to jump, he jumps.  When you tell Aidan to dance, he dances.  When you tell Aidan to STOP running into the street, he runs fasterMust - work - on - that.

3. Aidan does NOT like getting his hands dirty, especially after a fall.  Bring travel wipes.

4. Aidan DOES like strange dogs, and will go to great lengths to get their attention.  He will also cry when the doggie has to leave.  Be prepared for embarassing outburst.

5. Make sure your neighbors aren't home when your child hangs out in their driveway or on their porch.  They could be glaring at you through the window.   

: )