Thursday, December 31, 2009

Change is a-comin' in 2010

In the spirit of the New Year coming, my cell phone decided to take its last breath this morning.  Literally... it died.  Along with all of my phone numbers.  Perfect timing, considering we actually had plans to get a new phone TODAY.  So now I have the priviledge of e-mailing all my friends to ask for their digits.  Ugh.

But now I'm the proud owner of a slate blue LG enV3!!

Woohoo!! No, I did not get a Droid like my dear Chadly. I'm just not that cool. And besides, my stubby big toe-like thumbs couldn't type on his tiny keypad! The enV3 suits my stubbs just fine. : ) Now I just need to figure out facebook...
What's up with toddlers that eat one thing one day, and the next day, they hate it, shake their head furiously at the mere sight of it, and throw it on the floor???  What's up with that?  Is Aidan really going to eat nothing but waffles, PB&J, and dino nuggets forever???  

I've been having way too much fun browsing for decor the baby girl's room.  We're going to PBKids this weekend to check out this bedding... although I'm trying to convince myself that as much as I LOVE the quilt, I won't really use it or hang it on the wall. 

Since they sell the pieces separately, I can just buy the bumper and sheet (the skirt is a little fru-fru.)  But the owl pillows from the matching big girl bedding will soon be mine!!

Before 2009 closes, here are the best of the holidays, in pictures...


Playing in the "secret staircase" at Oma's house!  He went up and down about 10 times.  So that means I did too.  Whew!


And here's the reason why I won't need any new baby clothes.  Seriously.  These came from my friend Marie (and they've gone through 4 other little girls in the Williams family... so each mom added a "few" more items.  I literally have 6 full bags of size 6-12 months.  And cute stuff, too!!  Maybe I'll have a diaper shower???)


We don't have any grandiose plans for New Year's tonight... in fact, I'm babysitting for Marie so she and her husband can get a meal minus kids - Eilis and baby Thomas will be here soon!

Happy New Year's, everyone!!   

Monday, December 28, 2009

I Heart Faces - Hilarious Outtakes

My son rarely makes a goofy face for the camera (unless you count blinking.)  He never picks his nose when I push "click" (at least not yet.)  But there's drool, bug eyes, hair-pulling, and some priceless looks I've managed to capture on camera.  I ♥ Faces is allowing up to five hilarious outtakes, and here are my doozies...

Apparently Aidan decided to give Daddy a little extra drool in the kiss he stole.  Eww. 

2-01-09 047

My outtake for Week 9: Creative Crop.  I'm pretty sure Pod's whole face was supposed to be in that wagon handle.  Whoops.  Good view of his almost unibrow, though.  : )

3-15-09 596

Our friends Melissa, Keith, and their 1-year-old son Andrew at Aidan's 1st birthday.  Leave it to 1-year-olds for their knack of hair-pulling!

5-09-09 192

I dug deep in the archives for this one... we like to call it "Pod Sidious" (for you Star Wars fans.)  Aidan was a champ at flashing his bug eyes when the camera came out.
7-19-08 196

I knew he fell.  I knew he had dirt on his face.  I wanted to capture it on camera.  I said, "Hey Aidan!" And when he turned around, this is the face he gave me... 

9-12-09 113

For other nose-picking, goofy-faced pictures, check out I ♥ Faces Hilarious Outtakes week!!


I think we found Pod's favorite Christmas present.  He loves the cars.  He loves the track.  In fact, it goes with him to the lunch table now (thanks to Nana)...

... it's Thomas the Train!  And Percy too.  Although Percy usually gets biffed and bonked onto the floor.


Aidan wanted nothing to do with opening presents.  I think he pulled the tissue out of one box and decided he'd had enough.  To think the hours I spent wrapping his gifts!!  Oh well.  Maybe next year.


On Christmas Eve, we participated in the traditional Stoker family gift exchange.  I ended up with gardening gloves and was quite pleased!!  Compared to the teen/pre-teen cousins who were fighting over the candy and iTunes gift cards, I sure felt old.  And my dear Chadly was thrilled with a box knife.


On Christmas morning, Chadly and I unwrapped Aidan's gifts (toys, books, clothes galore!)  My big gift was our new digital videocamera (I got a month early) and Chad's was a new flat screen for our bedroom.  But we also exchanged a few smaller items (clothes & a CD for him, some Mark Poulin jewelry for me!!)


We made out like bandits at Chad's parents'.  I got a few maternity tops, a tee that says, "I ♥ My Geek," some fun cooking items, and cute little Pedipeds for the Poppy Seed!  Aidan got a ton of new cute clothes (2T!!!) and toys.

DSC_0081 DSC_0082

My dad sent up some gifts too, and I've already put one to work... a soft serve ice cream maker!!  Made a strawberry freeze this morning and just tried chocolate frozen yogurt (with no success.)  I'll keep trying!


We'll do another Christmas with my mom, nephews, sister-in-law, and auntie & uncle this Saturday.  Whew.  Almost done!! 


And speaking of almost done, Aidan just about lost it when I connected Mr. Caboose to the train.  Sheesh.


When I sort through the hundreds of Christmas pics, I'll post a few.  I'm off to my diabetes doc to make my snickerdoodles-fudge-pecan pralines-jello sherbert-mashed potatoes-homemade rolls confession.  Oh yeah, and that homemade ice cream I just made.  Oops.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aidan @ 19 months

You turned 19 months back on Dec. 11th, but this has been a busy month - especially for you!


* A few weeks ago, Daddy took you to a cleft clinic appt. at Children's Hospital in Seattle.  What a long day!  Dr. B, your plastic surgeon, said everything looked great with your palate!  And he decided no more steroid injections in your lip scar... you've only had 2 and your scar is a lot softer.  The plan remains to have a lip revision surgery when you're 4 or 5.

* You saw the orthodontist at Children's and she was pretty worried about your teeth.  Uh-oh.  She said you need to get in to see a dentist ASAP.  Even we can see the plaque build-up on your lower teeth, but it's not like you cooperate very well during brushing!!  It's a cry fest everytime.  So Mama made an appt. with a pediatric dentist down in Olympia for February.  Oh boy.  They asked if we give you milk before naps and we don't!!  Wonder why your teeth are so bad?  : (

* Speaking of teeth, the current count is 12.  Your right top cuspid finally came in.  The doc at Children's said you're definitely missing a tooth where your left lateral incisor should be (next to the front tooth), but you might get an adult tooth.

* If I say, "Show me your teeth," you jut out your jaw and show off your bottom teefers.  It's so cute!

* You had a hearing evaulation done on clinic day and it showed no progress from before surgery to after (with the placement of ear tubes.)  You still have a "mild hearing loss," focusing on high frequency pitches.  But you were also congested (and don't forget FUSSY!!), so I'm going to ask for a re-check down here. 

* You saw the speech therapist and they tried to do an evaluation on the tone quality of your voice (to check for a nasal sound), but unfortunately you're not talking enough for them to tell.  They were worried about some of your glottal sounds (made from the back of your throat, like when you try "Uh-oh") and how you still haven't said any "b" or "d" sounds.  It'll happen soon enough!  We go back in 3 months.

* Now you're attending a toddler speech group through the Early Intervention program in our local school district (our babysitter is actually taking him!!), and Mama just started a parent program called "It Takes Two to Talk" (see The Hanen Centre for more details.)  I'm going once a week for 8 weeks and learning strategies to help you become more verbal and take the lead in communication.  This is something provided through the district (for those of you who were interested, I would suggest asking your speech therapists if it's available in your area.)  They videotaped me reading to you - uh-oh!!  The other 7 parents all have kids around age 2.  After sharing how our children communicate, I realized you were a bit behind the others.  But like every other time someone says you're behind, you seem to catch up immediately.  Just this week, you started pointing at exactly what you want, shaking your head when we don't get it right, and physically moving us to what you want (sometimes taking us by the hand and then pointing, or pushing us in the right direction.)  I'm so impressed!!  And it makes things a whole lot easier.


* We're still doing home visits twice a month with Tracy for speech and with Barb for speech/feeding/playtime issues.  While we always take opinions with a grain of salt, they both believe that you're getting a little more frustrated than the average toddler, and that might be impeding your speech development.  Daddy and I both agree these mini-tantrums are pretty abundant & sometimes very random.  Tracy said she almost wishes your hearing test had shown a greater loss, because then we'd have a good reason for your frustrations/delays.  The SLP at Children's and Tracy both agree the palate is no longer the issue, since it's completely closed and healed.  You've just been slow to roll, slow to sit, slow to walk, and slow to talk... and SLOW is how I like adjusting to all this stuff anyway!!  Works for me, Pod.  : )     

* You ARE saying a new meaningful word -- "meow."  Well, it's more like "mow," without the "e" sound.  You say it in the cutest high-pitched voice to cats in books and cats (and dogs) in real life.  Yay!

* You're understanding so much more these days.  You can find your body parts now without a visual cue and can locate things in the house when we ask.

* Our newest game is "bonk," where we gently bonk heads.  You crack me up!  That started after seeing a "Thomas the Train" video where they biff and bonk. Now if we can just get you to stop tantruming when you find the remote (and we DON'T turn on the TV), we'll be happy.

in bed001
in bed002

* Eating is still a bit of a challenge.  Hoping as your speech progresses, so does your pickiness.  I didn't realize how intertwined they are.  You tried a jello sherbert dessert tonight at Christmas dinner and loved it!  Too bad you spit out the mashed potatoes and green beans.  You did, however, take big boy bites off a whole quesedilla the other day!  That's progress!


* You weigh 32 pounds.  What a heffalump!!  No wonder our backs hurt!  You're wearing 2T tops and 18-24 months bottoms.

* You love playing soccer!!  You can even stop the ball with your foot before you kick it.  You're getting the idea to stand back for our turn.  When we're playing in the house, you hate when the ball goes behind the ficus plant.  Mama always has to rescue it.  : )

* You've got rhythm!  We took you to a Christmas musical and you danced and danced during the opening choir numbers.  Wish I'd had the videocamera!  You would stomp, do the splits, point to the stage while squatting, go forward and back really fast, and spin around.  Whoa!  Everyone around us was enjoying it.   


* We had a great Christmas day with you, watching you try out your new Thomas the Train set and completely ignore the unwrapping portion.  I can't believe that next Christmas, you'll be tearing into everything and it'll be your baby sister who's oblivious!


Merry Christmas, Pod!!  We love you.