Friday, October 30, 2009

Aidan and... Ashley??

We're lying in bed the other night, and after slathering my belly bump with cocoa butter, I leaned over and said to Chad, "So, honey, what do you really think?  Is it a boy or a girl?"

"I'll be able to tell you in a week."

"Huh?  Why a week?"

"That's when you'll be 12 weeks along.  And that's how far along you were last time when I knew it was a boy."

(O.K.... didn't know that from last time).  Then he says,

"Wait, maybe I can tell now."

He puts his hand on my belly, his head on his pillow, closes his eyes, and is very quiet.  After what felt like 10 minutes, I finally said, "Are you sleeping over there????"

"Shhhh!!!  I'm trying to concentrate!  I'm looking into the future!"

(Ok, I know my belly is growing, but it's not the size of a crystal ball yet!)

"Ok... yep, I got it.  It's a girl."


"Yep.  It's a girl."

"Does she have a name?"

"How could I see her name?"

"Hmmm... maybe on the wall in her bedroom???" 

He thinks for a minute... and then finally says,


(and here's where I proceed to smash, crush, and completely DESTROY Chad's adorable "vision" in one fell swoop)...

"ASHLEY???  Why Ashley??  Do you know how many Ashleys I've known?  Do you know how many Ashleys are at my school right now?  And my friend's baby is Ashlyn!  That's WAY too close to Ashley.  She can't be Ashley.  I can't have an Ashley!!  That's an 80s name.  That's a popular girl's name.  That's a popular CHEERLEADER'S name!  I just can't have an Ashley."


"Oh honey, I mean, that's the cutest thing ever!  But, um, do you possibly see any other names on that wall?  Can you, um, check again?"

(more silence).

: ( 


So the next morning, I called my friend Marie and told her about Chad's "vision."  She said, "Chad, Heather, Aidan, and Ashley.  I love it!  That's so cute - Aidan and Ashley." 


I talked to Andrea, the mom of Ashlyn.  Same thing.  "Aidan and Ashley - so cute!  And it's not the same as Ashlyn.  I wouldn't mind!" 


That night, I finally told Chad that I just didn't see myself with an Ashley.  To me, that's a cute cheerleader's name, like Jessica or Brittany or Kirsten.  And this is what he said...

"But you're HOT!"

Huh?  What's your point?

"Hot mamas should have hot names for their daughters.  And Ashley is HOT!" 

Ok, another reason why I DON'T want Ashley.  : )  But it was just too darn cute that he actually had an opinion about it, and such a strong one at that!  Made me wish I really did like that name!  And all of the Ashleys I've ever known were really sweet girls.  If I weren't the control-freak that I am, I could let Chad pick out the baby name.  But, um, I'm not.  No way.  No freakin' way. 


And I'm not sure about the whole same-letter thing.  I have a ton of friends with same-letter kids (Mina & Max, Avie & Amelia, Isabelle & Issac, Brea & Brody), and I love all of those combinations, but all the "A" girl names I like have been taken by my friends (Ava, Amelia, etc.).

SO... I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but it's never to early to start...

Throw out some baby names at me!!  Boys or girls (last name "Stoker"). 

If you know me at all, you'll probably know I'm not a huge different & original fan - after all, Aidan is now #1 on the charts.  But I did like it before it got popular!  I like names that can last generations and trends.  That sound good as babies AND as grown-ups.  I originally liked names that couldn't be mispelled, but we sure blew it with Aidan (Aiden, Ayden, Aaden, etc.).

Ok, gimme your lists!!  And if you've sent me some already, re-post yours so everyone can see them here!  Or tell me what names you liked that your spouse didn't (or vice versa)... and who won?  : ) 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's dust in the air

The recycle bin's full, the garbage can is overflowing, the broom and dustpan are put back in their place, baby clothes from NB-18 months are folded, boxed, and labeled... and for the first time since we moved in, we have TWO (yes, two!!) vehicles parked side-by-side in our garage.

It's a good feeling.

And Chad got his car working again, so the Taurus is parked happily in a semi-cleaned out third car garage.  No more cars in the driveway!  I do miss my luxurious extra space in the main garage, and in a few more months, it's gonna get harder to suck in my belly next to Chad's truck.  : ) 

(a few pics from my Mom's camera)
DSC03538DSC03540nana and pod

My mom was a HUGE help - she not only entertained Aidan, but she swept and cleaned while he napped.  And she cooked a great meal on Saturday night, a deliciously sugary apple tart on Sunday, and she babysat Sunday night so Chad and I could go out to dinner!  Thanks Nana Pod!! 


On Friday night, we drove up to Ande & John's for their annual Pumpkin Carving Party (check out her pictures here).  We showed up about 10 minutes before the party cleared out (we seem to have that affect!), but it gave us plenty of time to catch up.  John and Ande are expecting their third in February and they aren't finding out the sex (and it's driving me crazy not to know!!!  I'm so impatient!).

Of all the adorable costumes we had to chose from for Aidan (my neighbor Jennifer brought over a monkey, Peter Pan, a froggie, and my favorite... Yoda), we ended up going with the only costume that didn't require sticking something on Aidan's head - a traditional Japanese outfit.  Because, as you can see, unless Pod has his hands full, things don't stay on his head for long...


DSC_7544   DSC_7545   DSC_7546 

Of course, Jennifer told us the right way to wrap the yukata - left over right.  Right over left means they're DEAD.  Chad wrapped the yukata when we arrived... and sure enough, he did it the wrong way.  And wouldn't you know, there was a Japanese woman at the party whose parents OWN a Japanese clothing store.  She asked where we got the yukata and then pointed out our "dead" mistake.  Oops!!



Aidan & Max played together.  Max was Spiderman before we got there.  And Mina was a sassy Wonder Woman!!
DSC_7586   DSC_7588   DSC_7589

Don'tcha love their pug, who was also sporting Japanese attire??  He made a good vacuum cleaner.


The Mamas & our bellies...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm WHAT???

"You're dilated."


But, um, doctor?  I'm only 10 1/2 weeks pregnant.  Isn't that something you'd tell me when I'm... say... 36 weeks?? 

Yeah, that's about how the conversation went at the doctor's office today.

So apparently when they talk cervical dilation, they're usually talking about the inner opening.  Don't worry, my inner cervix is still closed.  But, my outer cervix is open... a little.  I don't even remember if he told me a measurement, because all I could think was, "Bed rest, bed rest, bed rest."  But he said it wasn't that uncommon for a 2nd pregnancy.  Whew.

What happens now?  Well, bed rest was NOT mentioned, thank goodness.  But since I went into labor at 36 1/2 weeks with Aidan (my water broke unexpectedly), my doctor is a little worried.  SO... they'll check my cervical length at my next ultrasound (more on that below), and if it measures too short (or even if it doesn't), I'll probably start progesterone shots once a week until week 35.  The shot helps prevent pre-term labor.  I'll have to go in the office, and get the "hefty" shot injected into my... no, not my arm... my butt. 

Seriously, everytime I go to the doctor, I leave saying, "It's always something."


Now, the good stuff... the ultrasound!!  I can't freakin' wait.  It's at 18 weeks, which is right before Christmas break.  I can't wait to tell the kids at school.  Hope it isn't too early to find out the sex, 'cuz I'm DYING to know!  Last time, I think I was 20 weeks or so.  Oh yeah, I heart the heartbeat today... it was in the 170s, so it MUST be a girl!  Because, of course, I believe all the old wives' tales.

For the ultrasound, they're referring me to the radiologist down the street, instead of getting one right in the office. 

*Pros - better equipment, better radiologists, better chance of seeing if little Pea #2 has a cleft, maybe better chance to tell the gender
*Cons - I LOVE the ultrasound tech at my office.  She's so sweet and I wanted HER to tell me "boy" or "girl."  The other place doesn't talk to you much during the ultrasound... so if they see any problems, they call you.  Great.  Like I want a phone call that says, "Your baby has a cleft."  Ugh.

But if they can see everything they need to on the ultrasound, we won't need to spend $ for a 3D/4D.  Yay!


Just a typical day outside for Pod... looking skeptical (as always) in his Cozy Coupe.


Realizing the slide is too slippery to walk up.  But he'll still try.

Pushing the nearest thing with wheels.  Today, it's Mama's "lawn buddy."

Getting really ticked while pushing the nearest thing with wheels (have I told you about Pod's low tolerance for toys that don't cooperate??) 

Mama trying to prevent a tantrum by saying, "Aidan, look - it's Peaches!!  Meow, meow!"

Aidan and I checked out the 4 little survivors of Mama's planted-too-late pumpkin patch.  No, they're not orange.  And yes, they're small.  The biggest is about the size of a small cantelope.  We had one twice that size, but when we looked close, it had been attacked by a sluggy.  Or two.  Yuck. 

Pretty autumn colors through a pretty awesome lens. 


Thanks for reading my Mental Notes Monday!  A few of you want to play along next week - go for it!!!  I can't say I'll be a weekly mental-noter, but I look forward to reading yours!


Aidan went to bed tonight at 7:30pm.  Earliest EVER!!  It was glorious.  The hour before 7:30, however, was not-so-glorious.  : )


Looking forward to this weekend... pumpkin carving party (and Pug costume contest!!) at Ande's on Friday... then my mom is coming down (despite a newly sprained ankle) and watching Aidan for a bit while we clean out the garage.  Plus, we're gonna do late dinner and a movie after he goes down.  Yahoo!  Any good movie recommendations?? 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mental note...

In an attempt to be clever (since being clever is always an attempt with me), I was going to write my first "Mental Notes Monday" yesterday.  Sort of my version of "Not Me! Monday," but in a different format (because the Not Me!s, ahem, get some of my readers thoroughly confused).  Here are my Mental Notes, my words of wisdom, my tips, hints, and advice... a day late...


Mental note: Don't put a crying toddler into the jogging stroller without checking to make sure the tires are pumped up first.  And don't attempt to pump up the tires with said "crying child" still buckled inside, especially if you don't know how to use the tire pump, which I apparently don't.


Mental note: When you buy Cool Whip "Free," it does not mean free of carbs.  Guess I can't have a ladle-full of Cool Whip 20 minutes before I check my blood sugar.  Hmmm, I'll have to remember that one. 


Mental note: Don't sign up for a 2-day music workshop that goes until 11:30 at night!!! (truth be told, I only stayed until 10:45.  After galloping, square dancing, line dancing, scarf dancing, dancing in circles, dancing in groups, and dancing in pairs, I just couldn't take one more minute of the Cuban Salsa!).


Mental note: Don't buy expensive maternity pants & jeans at the Gap if you still want Christmas gifts (which I'm now NOT getting from Chadly), unless they look super hot on you!  I LOVE my new Gap cords and jeans!  They fit perfectly, and unless my butt grows two sizes, I'll be able to wear them throughout my pregnancy.  And even after.  And I bought a size 10, which I haven't slid into in years!!!  Nothing like losing weight when you're pregnant, eh? 


Aidan's Mental note (as written by Momma Pod):

Your belly button isn't under your bib.  I know it's confusing when you normally find your belly button under your shirt, but when you lift up your bib instead, you just can't see a darn thing.


Chad's Mental notes (as written by Momma Pod):

Don't come home too early.  Pregnant wife will start demanding things, like cleaning the litter box.  And pregnant women have an incredible sense of smell.  In fact, it's borderline supernatural.

Mental note: Don't call Momma Pod's growing baby belly "pudge."  Apparently it's worse than... dare I say it?... FAT.  They just don't like that.


Mental note: Don't start writing a blog post when you know your child's nap is almost over.  And it's probably not nice to leave him crying in his crib while you finish your last sentence (which of course I'm not doing, because I'm the perfect mother.  No, seriously, he's not crying.  I was totally joking!).


Got any Mental Notes of your own???       

Friday, October 16, 2009

Random ramblings - on Friday!

I'm copying my friend Krissy here and doing my ramblings a la Brooke on Friday!


In less than an hour, I'm leaving for Seattle for a 2-day music workshop.  I need more clock hours and this fit the bill.  Unfortunately, I'm not terribly excited about it.  It goes from 6:30-11:30 tonight- 11:30pm!!!  The last class is Cuban dancing, which sounds fun, but not sure if my 10-week-pregnant butt can handle it!  I'm staying at my mom's for the night, and then have to return to SPU for an 8-4 class tomorrow.  Whoa.  I'm already missing my Chadly and Aidan Pod.  Chad's at work right now and Aidan's sleeping... and Oma is coming over before he wakes so I can leave.  I'm gonna miss my boys!   


But, to treat myself (because I've earned a treat, right??  Not sure for what, but just go with me!!), I'm swinging by the Gap tomorrow to see if I can find some maternity pants.  My pants from last time are a tad big (who would've thunk I'd be losing weight this time???) and my regular pants are getting oh-so-snug.  I remember hating this point in pregnancy.  Old Navy prices are better, but their S-M-L sizing doesn't work for me.  I'm a medium and a half!  Hmmm... I forgot about Target.  Might have to check there too.  : )   


I'm feeling pretty good these days!  No dry heaving - just waves of nausea every now and then.  Especially when I bend over a lot (like picking up Aidan's toys -- Chaaaadd, I have another job for you!).  Definitely not getting LOW blood sugar anymore.  Those days are long gone.  Dang.  I have my first OB appt. next week!!   


Aidan ate his first pb&j sandwich today!!!  I was pretty darn excited, after I had to cram the first bite down his throat.  I love the "Oh, this is kinda good" look.  "More, please!" 


Next weekend, my mom's coming down to watch the Pod for 2 days so Chad and I can clean out the garage.  The intent is to make room for the office furniture, which is sitting in Poppy Seed's room right now.  I originally thought we'd move the office to the dining room and move the table & buffet out to the garage.  We never use the darn thing anyway!!  But Chad nixed the idea.  Apparently he LOVES our dining room table - it was the first big purchase we made for our house 5 years ago.  Kind of a weird thing to be sentimental about, but whatever!  Someday, we're gonna put hardwood/laminate in the living/dining/piano room, so maybe we'll actually eat there! 


Ok, I'm off!!! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aidan @ 17 months

Oh Pod, are you seriously 17 months?? 

This is what Daddy says you've been up to lately (and I quote)...

* saying "ga ga"

* playing chase

* rough-housing, laughing, giggling more than ever

* loving Daddy Pod an awful lot, but only because Momma Pod's been dry-heaving over the toilet every night (thanks, honey).


Ok, now Mama's list... : )

* you're cracking us up with your Yoda squat pose.  I swear, you look like you're sitting, but your bum is literally 1cm above the ground!  How do you do it??

* you're very dramatic in your tantrum-throwing.  When you're mad, you either run over to the ottoman, throw yourself on it, flip over, and end up on the floor; OR you go over to the fireplace and slam your hands against the glass.  But then again, you do those same things when you're excited too.

* you've gotten really good at petting animals, especially Oma and Opa's doggie.  Only once did I see you grab a tuft of his hair... but luckily, he didn't mind. 

* you're a crazy dancer.  Sometimes you do a shoulder shimmy.  Sometimes it's the swimming arms.  Sometimes it's the butt squat bounce.  Sometimes you roll your hands like you're rollin' on a river.  Daddy and I just crack up!  Especially when you start dancing when there's no music. 

* you are still such a Daddy's boy.  I swear, if this next one pops out as a Daddy's boy (or Daddy's girl), I don't know what I'll do!!  Today, you stretched out your hands to him from your high chair and started opening and closing your hands frantically.  It looked like some kind of sign language for "Give me Daddy now!!!"  But when I see you both snuggling at the pumpkin patch, it makes me OK with it all.  Especially when my back gets a break from your 31-pound butt!  : ) 

* I got you a (manly, dressed in blue) baby doll and you aren't sure what to think of it.  You like the stroller, but the baby could go.  Um, we might have to work on that before May

Here we go, baby.  Just you and me, for a nice stroll outside.  I promise I'll take good care of you.

Hmm... wonder what would happen if we just go over this ledge a bit...

Ok, that's better.  You belong down here, baby.

I thought I told you to get OUT of my stroller!!! 

Why won't you leave??

Oooh, I have an idea - why don't we go look at Mama's pumpkin patch?? 

There.  That's better.

And now I shall lick the screen door, for all is good!

Love you, Podster.  We think you'll make a fine big brother.  Just a few things to work on... : )