Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"Popular, it's all about pop-u-U-lar!"

I'm so excited about my girl's night out, I have to blog about it!!!  My best friend Marie, my mom and I are going to see "Wicked" in Seattle tonight!  No kids!!!!!  Oh yeah, and no husbands!!  We're stoked.  Marie and I were giggling about how we actually get to carry purses tonight instead of diaper bags.  heehee  It's the little things.

Show starts at 7:30pm and doesn't get out 'til 10:15pm, and then fighting the theatre traffic out of Seattle, we'll probably get home around midnight.  I'm gonna be dead tired at school tomorrow!  And Chad's not even home - he's at a 3-day conference in Eastern Washington, so my incredibly wonderful (and no, I'm not just sucking up!) neighbors will be watching the Podkins.  Aidan loves their kids, so I'm sure he'll have a blast.  And so will I.  : )


I forgot that when you're pregnant, everyone asks how you're feeling.  It's the one time in your life everyone is really concerned about you!! haha  I'm doing great for the most part - no morning sickness (didn't have any the first time).  But I'm on different medications that have icky side effects.  And my diabetic diet is KILLING me.  Was gonna post about it now, but I need to use Aidan's naptime to do some dishes (blech!). 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 Mamas, 2 boys, 2 bellies, 1 birthday

I didn't go to Chad's 10-year-reunion expecting to come away with a great friend.  That's how I met Brooke

We were both trying to get pregnant [for awhile] with our firsts. 

A month later, I shared the news with her that I was pregnant and due in June 2008.  Three months later, she told me she was due in September.

(3 bellies - Brooke, me, & Susan - at my baby shower)

(me & Brooke at her baby shower)

In August, she shared the news she's due with baby #2 in April 2010.  In September, I told her my baby #2 is due in May.  : )

Of course we didn't even get a picture together at Ryan's party... that's what happens when you're chasing after boys!!  And of course we're both thinking PINK for our bellies.  And ruffles.  And hair bows.  And little Mary Janes.  Ahhhhh. 

Aidan discovered his love for the Cozy Coupe, which we quickly purchased the next day!  Spoiled kid.  : )

He spent almost half of the party in the car.  Climbing in through the fixed-door side (Dukes of Hazzard-style), pushing backwards, making "vroom" sounds and beeping the horn.  Oh yeah, and getting stuck.  A lot. 

Happy 1st Birthday, Ryan!

Back for more...

This has to be my favorite pic of the day.  I'm not sure who's more excited... baby or Mama???

Dig in, dude!

Yum.  : )

Friday, September 25, 2009

say what?

Sept. 5th, 6:10am - wake up having to pee, take temperature (as all infertile-and-obsessed-with-making-a-baby people do), temperature is oddly high, still no period, decide to sneak downstairs and take a cheap pregnancy test.

6:13am - Test is negative.  I waited the full 3 minutes this time (I'm a pee stick-aholic and took one 2 days prior, and threw it away before 3 minutes was up -- figured if I were pregnant, it would've showed up). 

6:13am & 10 seconds - faint line appears.  Say what???

6:20am - change clothes, put on shoes, leave the house without waking either of the boys.  Drive to store with a big grin plastered on my face and buy a digital test.  I need to see the word or I won't believe it.

I snapped this at 6:42am.


Say what???

As I threw away the test packaging, I saw the test I had taken 2 days prior... and low and behold, it was positive too. 


Unlike when I told Chad I was pregnant with Aidan, I did NOT head upstairs with a video camera, wake him up from his sleep, and scare him to death as I start crying because I have some "good news."  Instead, I let him sleep in.  I got Aidan when he woke and fed him breakfast.  Acutally, he was the first to know...

"Hey Aidan!"


"Mommy has some good news."


"You're going to be a big brother!"

"Say what???"

I'm sure, deep down, he was really excited.  I mean, a baby brother or sister has to be more exciting than waffles.  Especially waffles with flax seed. 


When Daddy woke up, Aidan greeted him in his usual fashion.


Chad did not think twice to the camera in my hand.  It's always in my hand when Pod's around. 

I told Chad I took some funny pictures at breakfast... handed him the camera and he started scrolling through Pod's waffle-cramming session.  Then, he stopped.  It was the picture from 6:42am.  The picture that said pregnant. 

"Say what???"

Apparently, he was confused.  Thought it was a picture from two years ago... but then why was it still on the video card?  It didn't sink in until I looked at him with tears in my eyes, and said, "Can you believe it?  I'm pregnant!"

"Say what???"

Ok, so he probably said something sweeter, like, "That's incredible, honey," or "Really??  I love you so much!" or "How on earth can we handle TWO kids???"

But as we cried a little, rubbed my belly a little, and played with Pod a little, we realized that it didn't matter if we had no clue what we were getting into.  We were becoming a family of four.  Four Tauruses.  And our fertility issues were obviously over.  A few months was all it took this time (compared to 18 months of doctor visits and disappointment, a diagnosis of PCOS and endometriosis, 3 rounds of Clomid, and one out-of-pocket surgery).

As several of you asked, we didn't plan on another May baby!  I guess it's our month.  : )  Well, remember Aidan was actually due in June.  He decided that, like Daddy, May was his month too and came early.  If little Poppy Seed comes early, we'll still be getting ourselves a Taurus.  Could be another Mother's Day baby!  Or maybe this one will be born the day after my birthday.

I'm gonna go put my feet up now and take advantage of my "But I'm pregnant" excuse for the next eight months. 

"Chaaaadd, I think the litter box needs scooping!!  And could you mow the lawn?  Thanks."   : )

Thursday, September 24, 2009

one stubborn family

Heather Dawn - born April 28th, 1977 - Taurus

Chad Warren - born May 10th, 1979 - Taurus

Aidan William - born May 11th, 2008 - Taurus

Poppy Seed - due May 14th, 2010 - Taurus

Now that's one stubborn family. : )

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday - yummy edition

Chocolate chips, pumpkin, yellow squash puree = healthy GOODNESS!

p.s. I am IN LOVE with photographing food. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

being martha... sort of

Tonight, as I was home alone while Chad was away at a meeting, I managed to...

* steam yellow squash, puree, package for freezer
* roast sweet potatoes, puree, package for freezer
* make homemade potato soup
* make chocolate chip pumpkin & squash cupcakes w/cream cheese & maple syrup frosting
* feed myself
* feed Aidan
* feed cats
* put Aidan to bed
* clean up... sort of.

I also...

* spilled 1/2 cup of pumpkin on the floor (and some on my pants)
* forgot to peel the potatoes (luckily, they were small yukons... but who wants peel in their soup??)
* lost count of how many cups of flour I added to the cupcakes (think I got it right - they tasted YUMMY)
* forgot to wear my apron until I was almost done (and my clothes were a mess)
* held a crying Pod on my hip while I added butternut squash and cauliflower purees to my soup (without spilling, miraculously)
* let Aidan watch, ahem, a few episodes of the Backyardigans (what, you thought he sat and played quietly without bugging me in the kitchen?  Ha!)

And when my husband walked through the door at 8:45pm, I greeted him in my apron (no, not just my apron - come on, people!), handed him a pumpkin cupcake with fresh maple syrup frosting, and served him up a bowl of potato soup topped with cheese and tortilla strips. 

Being Martha feels good

But I'm freakin' exhausted!!


Do you know how many times now I've gone back and forth between 69 and 70 followers?  Lose one, gain one... it's a never-ending cycle.  And while I do feel sad when my number goes down, I can't really say I have no idea why they're leaving.  I just don't get around to other peoples' blogs like I'd like.  And why would you stick around following (and commenting) on someone's blog when they never visit you?  I think I've hit my max number of blogs I can keep up with.  So, if you're new around here, I'm sorry if I'm not stopping by.  And if you drop me like my cell in a dead zone, I'll understand.  : )


And now, back to our regular scheduled programming... the Pod.

Stare, vroom... 
aidan tonka

Vroom, vroom... 
9-22-09 017

Munch, munch...
9-22-09 019

Munch, vroom...
9-22-09 020

Vroom, vroom...
9-22-09 021

Vroom, stare.
9-22-09 024

(p.s. So I used flickr again for the pics.  Anyone else having problems with the new blogger editor making pictures blurry when you make them "large"?  These weren't the clearest pictures anyway, but they looked awful!  Arghhh.  And I know you're all bummed about spellcheck - me too, me too!!).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blogs I love

I've decided to stick all of the bloggy buttons I love in one spot!  (mostly because my scrolling button widget was wigging out!!).

Click and visit!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Just caught up on a couple blogs, including Kameron's, who was talking about how she's making more things from scratch, using fresh ingredients.  I don't know how she does it.  Full-time working and pregnant mom of a crazy 2-year-old, and she has time to make spaghetti sauce from scratch??  I'm proud of myself if I can open the jar without asking for Chad's help!  haha  But I am trying to find my inner Martha Stewart.  She's there, somewhere.

Check out the fresh Roma and cherry tomatoes from our garden...

Chad ate the ENTIRE bowl himself, in one sitting.  Maybe that's why I'm not making my own marinara.  I had nothing left!!

And speaking of fresh, there's nothing like a freshly-cut lawn at the end of summer...

... especially when the only way to keep your child from crying at the mower is to mow with himGood job, Daddy!   

... and nice flip-flops.  I enjoyed your "Shrek" toes all day.  : )