Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A letter from camp...

Dear Mama and Daddy Pod,

Boot Camp is rough. Really rough. They have me doing all sorts of things, like marching through fields...


and up and down stairs.


Doing torturous exercises they call "burpees" (gets my diaper all in a bunch!)...

burpee2 burpee1 burpee2

and crawling through trenches and getting completely filthy. I don't like it.

army crawldirt

And when one of the other guys wouldn't eat his pureed peas, we all had to drop and do 20!!

drop drop1 drop2

Here I am, practicing my "sneak attack" (pretty sneaky, eh?)...


and the "surrender" (ya know, just in case someone wants my graham crackers).

hands up

Sometimes, they even give us free time. Since I left my mail cart at home, I figured I'd kick around a rock or two.

rock1 rock2 rock3

I may not be able to say "dada" yet, but I did learn a new word... "Hooah!!"


I guess the Army's not so bad. But just one question...


"Um, can I go home yet?"

: )


Aidan and I had a great time with Grandpa at the military museum... too bad I had to spend the entire time outside with an on-the-go Pod, while my Dad saw the inside (thus, no pictures of my Dad or the museum!!).

More posts to come of our super busy week (the zoo, children's museum, Capitol building, park, and a birthday party! OH MY!!!), but I have more teaching training days this week and school starts Tuesday! Ugh. Oh, and I have a new job share partner!! She was actually just interviewed and hired yesterday and I met her today... she's my age and totally fun and cute! It couldn't have worked out better. : )

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garden party

Sneaking in a post while Chad and my dad are doing internet support...

My mom's luau garden party was fabulous! Over the top with fun decor, food, friends, and of course... flowers! I [sort of] inherited my mom's green thumb... but hers is gleaming green.

Loved the little "travel" signs she tacked up to her beautiful pergola/fountain...



An obsessed Pod going back and forth on Nana's treacherous garden stairs. If you look close, you can make out a big goose egg on his noggin from his first fall.


Later that night, my nephews showed up and Corbin and I did a fruit photo shoot, which I'll post the next chance I get. He's now decided he wants a camera like Auntie's for Christmas. When I told him how much it cost, he shrugged his shoulders and said blankly, "So?"

Geez, kids these days!

But great party, Mom! I look forward to next year's... and yes, you know you'll do another. You love torturing yourself.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Full steam ahead

I probably won't be blogging too much this week... my Dad's here from Arizona and we're keeping busy! But I just had to share that Aidan's post-op went great!! Well, besides the part where Chad and Dr. B had to hold Pod's mouth open and he was screaming his head off.

Besides that.

Dr. B found NO fistulas. Woohoo!! Aidan was cleared for finger foods & cramming anything in his mouth (seriously, that's what the doc said!). We've been feeding him a carb & calorie smorgasbord since!! Graham crackers, grilled cheese, goldfish, Puffs, toast, waffles, cereal bars, zucchini (yes!), and more. Nothing like easing into it, eh?

Next appointment will be in 3 months, where we'll meet with the speech therapist again. It's still a little disheartening to be in public and hear kids Aidan's age talking up a storm. But I have to remember that not ALL 15-month-olds are talking (not even all 18-24 month olds are). It will happen soon enough, and I'll look back and try to remember a time when he wasn't talking.

We'll also decide whether to give Aidan another steroid injection into his scar. It's pretty much a mute point, as the doc decided to wait until he's 6 or 7 for the lip revision. We didn't notice as big a difference after the last shot as we did the first time around. The part that I think kids in school will notice the most is the extra tissue under his top lip that covers his teeth. Or maybe they won't care - who knows? Kids can be both cruel and oblivious.

We also saw Allison, Nick, and the girls and played outside Whale 5 for a bit (Rachel, you know the floor!). For two years in a row, we've managed to have cleft clinic appointments on the same day.

Reminds me I wish I lived closer to my girlfriends.


My mom's luau garden party was a hit!! I'll try to post pictures soon, but here's one from last week, with his oh-so-favorite toy (and some wild post-haircut/mohawk/naptime hair!)...

lens cap

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Random thoughts at midnight

Aidan's asleep. Chad's asleep. And I'm sitting here, wide awake, wanting to watch another episode of Alias (I'm on Season 4 already of my summer marathon!!). But I just cracked up reading Kameron's ramblings and had to join in... please forgive, as I'm not nearly as clever as the prego. : )


I'm LOVING my Wii Fit! I wish there were more things to unlock now besides just higher reps. Hoping they come out with additional DVDs. I bought Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum (Biggest Loser trainer) for the Wii and tried it just now (maybe that's why I'm not sleepy!!), and almost threw my controller at the TV. No, not because I'm klutzy... because I couldn't get the stinkin' thing to work!! If Chad had woken up, he would've thought I'd lost my mind - flailing my arms all around, trying to get my character to run or punch the stupid punching bag. She wouldn't freakin' budge. And my character's ugly to boot!! Not like my cute Mii on Wii Fit. Ugh. Worked up a sweat in frustration, though. Maybe that's the master plan...


The weather's been crazy here. Pod and I got caught in a torrential downpour at the park on Thursday night. We were there, oh, about two whole minutes when I felt the first drop. Put Aidan's hood up and thought we'd stick it out. About 30 seconds later, the downpour came. By the time I ran Aidan (in flip-flops) to the car, we were both soaked. Guess that dark and gloomy sky could've been a clue. Hmm. Why does Chad always say I'm not very aware of my surroundings??


Picked up our professional pictures yesterday. They turned out great! When I get them framed and hung, I'll take pics. : ) I got two digital proofs (wish I could've had more), but she put her logo on them really big. I wouldn't have minded a logo in the corner... grrr.


Interviews last week were interesting. And long. And kind of boring. I can't imagine asking MORE than three people the same questions over and over!! Out of three candidates, two showed promise (ok, truth be told, they're both MORE qualified than me!). My principal was going to check references and hire one of them this week. I'm dying to know who she hired!


We're heading north tomorrow for my mom's annual garden party. It's a luau theme! Oh yes. That means Chad gets to pull out his hideous, chest-hair showing Hawaiian shirt!! So HOT. He actually doesn't have much chest hair. Maybe that's worse... when a few straggly chest hairs are creeping out next to a brightly-colored palm tree. heehee (Um, good thing he's sleeping and won't read this until after we get home tomorrow. Love you, honey!! And your straggly, creepy chest hairs!).


Ooh, ooh! Aidan is saying his first word with meaning - "nana" (as in "banana"). He's been saying "mama" for a long time, but says it for everything, anytime. Never just at me. He copied "mow mow" the other day, when I said it looking at the cats. But yesterday, I gave him some banana pieces and turned my back. When I turned around again, I grabbed the banana to give him more and he looked at me, bright-eyed, and said "nana," clear as day. I wondered if it was a fluke, but today he said it FIVE times while eating his banana. Yes!! Too bad that's supposed to be my mom's name... "Nana." But hey, at least he can say it! Oh, I forgot... Aidan has said "Oma" a couple times for Chad's mom. Guess he DOES have some word association. Just not Mama or Dada. You know, the two people he lives with. : )


Ok, last thing, as it's officially 1am... I've decided to add a goal to my 101 in 1001 (see sidebar for my ultra-lame goals... heck, I don't even have 101!!!). Anyway, my new goal is to see how many days in a row I can go without eating anything after 9pm. Late-night snacking is my downfall. It's not always junk food, but I know I'm eating just because I'm up late - not because I'm actually hungry. I really should be on that diabetic diet again... I almost can't wait to be pregnant again, so it'll force me! (and no, I'm not pregnant. I swear anytime anyone mentions that word in the blogging world, commenters go wild!!! But we are thinking about #2. A lot. But I'll save all those thoughts for another random post... maybe next Thursday - or Friday at midnight). : )


Question: Now that school's almost here and summer's fading fast, what are you trying to cram in before Labor Day? Quick trips? Summer cleaning? Losing 10 pounds in two weeks?? Hopping in your time machine and going back to June, when summer was just beginning?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aidan @ 15 months (with video!)

Dear Pod (Podkins, Podling, Mudge, Mudgey, Curmudge, Buggy, Buggy Boo, Boogers, Bubby, Bubs, Dude, Doodles, Doodley Doo, Doodley Dookins, Peepers and Squeakers... just to name a few...),

You are 15 months old today. Really??? 'Cuz everyone says you look 2 1/2!

What new things you're saying:

  • Mow, mow (as in "Meow, meow") -- just yesterday, we were looking out the window at Sasha, and I said, "Meow, meow," and you went, "Mow, mow." It was awesome!!!
  • a few new sounds and babbles... but no "Dada" yet. We're waiting!!

What you're eating:

  • pureed everything... not by choice. You have one more week of it before you get back to real food. Graham crackers here we come!
  • you're finally drinking milk again... in your sippy cup!! Whew. But we're cheating and mixing in a bit of strawberry milk. Ugh. It's the only way!! Soon, though, you'll be back to the regular stuff.
  • you have TEN teeth to eat with now. I just found a molar on your cleft-affected side and it looks like it's in a perfect position!

plant stake1

plant stake2

What you're doing:

  • walking everywhere, minus the mail cart!
  • exploring hills and ramps and driveways. I'm working on uploading a video right now of your driveway adventures last night. You found the steepest driveway in the neighborhood, walked up to the top, yelled your new "yell" at us, then scooted down on your BUTT the whole way down. You would repeat this a few times, stop and go for a quick walk, turn around and do it all again. Your mama and daddy were hysterical!!
  • loving books
  • giving hugs, even on command!!
  • cuddling a lot more (think we're your new "binky")
  • snuggling with stuffed animals
  • still whacking plants with the plant stake. Why, oh WHY haven't I hidden that thing yet??? You find it everytime we're outside!!! Guess I could tell you NO, but it's pretty funny when you go whacking through the jungle. : )
  • finding a shoe, bringing it to us, and sticking your foot out for us to put it on! Then you'll go find the other shoe when we ask you, and you stick out the same foot! I have to wrestle you for the bare foot to put your second shoe on. You're a crack up!!
  • you're obsessed with trying to get in the laundry room to play with the cat dish and litter box. You smirk when we say, "Aidaaaannnn..." in that parent voice.
  • putting on the lids of your baby food jars... sometimes, I swear, you almost screw them on completely. Genius!!
  • showing or handing us objects, sharing.



What you've given up:

  • bottles
  • binkies
  • crawling (except the ocassional crawl up the stairs)

What we can't wait for:

  • talking!!!

What we CAN wait for:

  • talking!!! (well, the words NO and MINE anyway)
You're healing up nicely from your palate surgery last month, but we'll find out if you have any fistulas (openings) on the 17th. And that's the same day Papa Simon's coming into town!! You haven't seen him since you were 4 months old.

Ooh, ooh, I figured out the video!!! Finally. Thank goodness Mama still has that old little laptop without Vista. So here's you on our neighbor's driveway, having a good time. We did get some footage of Mama and Daddy too, but the video would be 10 minutes long if we showed all that. Ignore my running with the camera... and my heavy breathing... and my stupid, STUPID laughing... geez, Pod, your Mom's a complete dork!!!

We love you, baby boy!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stop the clocks!

Sorry. Just having a little panic attack here.

You see, as a kid, I always dreaded August. Or Sunday nights. 'Cuz both of them meant school was just around the corner. So then I take a job as a teacher and I'm stuck in the same rut! Well, it could have something to do with getting out of school on June 25th and starting up again Sept. 1st. Now I know you full-time non-teachers are shaking your head at me, saying, "At least you get summer vacation!" And all I can say to that is: small paycheck. And even smaller since I'm only half-time! : (

The next couple weeks are going to fly by. This coming week is free, but then my Dad's flying up from Arizona the week after (from the 17th-24th), and teacher training starts the 25th for three full days (and one evening). And then school is Sept. 1st. Ugh. My stomach is flipping as I type. Every year I build it up in my head, and every year, the first day goes off without a hitch. But I still get so nervous! And I even know most of the kids coming in, since I had them all last year! I'm such a dork.

And I'm doubly panicking because my little Pod is growing up way too fast. I'll be writing more about that on the 11th, when he's officially 15 months old. Eek.


Here are some pics of Aidan & Ryan on our playdate to the Children's Museum yesterday. Ryan is almost 11 months old and Brooke just found out she's pregnant!!! : ) Like Chad and I, it took her and her husband awhile to get pregnant the first time around, so she wanted to get things going for her second. Well, it didn't take as long as she thought! I told her she was gonna start a MckMama clan at that rate! heehee

We tried to get a pic of the two boys on a little bench, but they weren't having it... but the bus was fun! Thought it was cute Brooke wrote their names up on the "specials" board.

Of all the cool things at the museum, Pod liked the ramps the best. He walked back and forth, back and forth, up and down the ramps, carrying a plastic carrot and french bread loaf. Occasionally he'd stop to hand some passerby his toys, take them back, and then continue on... that is, when he wasn't stealing toys from the mouths of other babes. : )


Oh yeah, forgot to mention Aidan got his second haircut. No pictures at the salon. I went by myself and Aidan was NOT a happy camper. I had to shove applesauce in his mouth the whole time, while he batted at the girl's scissors and practically jumped out of the little racecar. It was dramatic, to say the least!

(the reason for the haircut...)

... after his cut (and fauhawk styling). And no, Nana, his hair isn't permanently cut like that. It's just styling gel!!! : )

Time to get on my Wii Fit before the Pod wakes up!