Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just had to share my latest purchases...

A few weeks ago, Chad and I stopped by the Childhood's End Gallery in downtown Olympia. They have an awesome collection of jewelry, vases, hand-blown glass, and more... many done by local artists.

I had my eye on a funky reversible enamel necklace and decided to go back this week to buy it. The cashier gave me the artist's card (told me he was cute too, not that that matters!). His name is Mark Poulin from Oakland, CA and he has a website and an Etsy site. I love his stuff... especially his "botanical" collection (I LOVE those brown/white floral earrings and the blue/brown necklaces). The astrological collection is cute too. Spendy, though... might have to ask Santa. : )

taking pictures of my reversible botanical necklace... love that stainless steel cord.

mark poulin necklacemark poulin necklace


I also splurged and bought myself a new diaper bag. I know, Brooke, don't scold me. : ) She was with me when I bought my super spendy ju-ju-be bag (in brown/robin) that I just had to have. I don't normally spend a fortune on stuff like that. Shoes, jeans, purses... seriously, I just don't fork out the $ for them. Well, after stuffing diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, and two changes of clothes into my ju-ju-be, I knew within a few weeks of bringing Aidan home that it just wasn't big enough. And the messenger-style flap turned out to be annoying.

After whining and moaning to Chad, he finally agreed I could get a new one when baby #2 came along. No, I'm not pregnant... I just bought it early!!! : ) Had my eye on a JJ Cole "Cocoa Tree" bag at Toys 'R Us and turns out I LOVE it!! It's bigger, the pockets are more usuable, and it's still super cute without being TOO girly for Chad. Not as plain as my ju-ju-be, but he said he doesn't mind. Whew!

Maybe Brooke, you could help me sell my old bag on Craigslist? : )


I've been on a Pod-picture-taking hiatus this week... we've just been playing and trying to keep him comfortable. Plus, I've been enjoying all the extra cuddling he's offering up!!! Oooh, and I had my first "I want Mama" moment! Well, he didn't use those exact words (or any at all), but he definitely wanted me over Chad.

I did snap these the other day. Here he was taking a break with his new Jellycat monkey.


And playing with his new Melissa & Doug jumbo knob puzzles...


Happy Pod face shot coming tomorrow!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Despite the crazy week we've all been having 'round here, there is one huge, giant, ENORMOUS bonus that's come from all of this...

I'm packing up ALL THIS STUFF. Yep. Away it goes (into the garage for now - hopefully never to be used again!!).

bottles & binkies

"Nah, nah, nah, nah. Nah, nah, nah, nah. Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!"

(from l-r: the notorious makeshift BINKY, 2 "pigeon" valve nipples w/Green to Grow bottles, the Haberman valve bottle that started the whole binky trend, and the first bottle we used - the Mead Johnson squeeze bottle - aka "arthritis maker").


Monday, July 27, 2009

Life as we know it...

Life as we know it has changed a bit since last week. Last Tuesday, to be exact.

Aidan's diet went from bottles of milk and finger foods of all sorts to yogurt and applesauce. Just yogurt and applesauce. We have a kitchen full of Jello, popsicles, and a wide variety of pureed foods that are going untouched.

His silent snoozing went to ruckus-making to the extreme. Even a chainsaw would be jealous.

Drinking has become a game of chase. We follow him around with a sippy cup of Pedialyte, hoping he'll decide to take a drink, and he runs away from us, usually flailing his arms wildly in the hopes to knock the cup across the room. And if he does drink, we immediately look away, pretending not to notice, because that's the only way he'll keep drinking. Oh boy.

Aidan's nighttime routine went from going down fairly easy and staying asleep 'til 7am, to blood-curdling screams every hour. On the hour. And I mean blood-curdling. It literally shoots us out of bed... well, that is if we actually make it to bed. See, Aidan only wants to sleep ON us. The second we lower him into his crib, the screaming begins. Somehow Chad got him to sleep tonight, but stupid me walked into our closet, creaked the floor, and woke him up. Ugh. Right now, I'm downstairs watching Season 1 of "Alias" on DVD, typing on my old, slow laptop, and Aidan's snoring on the couch next to me. Seems to be working. Hmmm...

Life as we know it has certainly changed.

But the good thing is, the Pod's playing again as usual. And laughing. And walking all over the place. Today I took him to Costco to play. Yes, that's right, to PLAY. It's over 90 degrees here and the parks are miserable, so I let him run around Costco. And three different times, someone made a comment about Aidan "just getting his sea legs." heehee


Aidan's still asleep - hooray!! Time to snuggle up next to him and let Chad get a peaceful night's sleep upstairs. Besides, it's 10 degrees cooler down here. : )

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bathtub evolution...

From sinks to tubs to sinks again...


Chad let Aidan play in the kitchen sink last night, so I took advantage of it and gave him his first bath since we've been home. He loved the faucet, the soap dispenser, and the bottle brush. Oh yeah, and he figured out how to unplug the drain! Lucky for him, his booty is SO Pod-licious, he just had to sit in the middle to keep the water from emptying. heehee

Things are better... he's still not interested in drinking, but eating is back to normal (for soft foods anyway). Sleeping, on the other hand, is NOT normal... do I have a 14-month-old at home or a newborn???


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home again, home again

It's 11:50pm and the Pod's still up, watching TV no less ("An American Tail"). I guess you get the royal treatment when you're recovering.

But things are finally looking hopeful. Aidan scarfed down TWO jars of baby food at dinner (sweet potatoes and banana oatmeal) and drank Pedialyte from a cup. He's still protesting his bottles (we got the Haberman to work for a bit)... but maybe it's a good thing. Hey, by the time 2 weeks is up, maybe he'll be done with bottles AND binkies!!

Oh, and remember how I was worried about my oral child? The one who needs binkies and puts everything in his mouth? And wondering if I would need restraints, thinking that maybe, just maybe, he'd follow suit of the other palate kids and realize it HURTS to put things in his mouth and not do it?

Well... guess who's in arm restraints? : (

Pod is a sneak! If it's not a toy, it's his fingers. It's easy for Chad and I to forget, because we're used to him being so oral. We've been taking the restraints off when we're watching him and putting them on in the crib. But we have to watch him like a hawk! I dug out all the soft infant toys I could find and they're keeping him pretty entertained. He enjoyed pushing his walker in the cul-de-sac tonight. But he's still not laughing and smiling and feeling 100% yet. The meds make him so quiet and spaced-out too. I can't wait for my screeching Pod to return.


I never knew how blessed we were last year (during lip surgery) to have a room to ourselves. Our new roommate was worse than the first... mostly because the mom hadn't discovered her "whisper voice" or the courtesy of stepping out to use her cell phone (especially just after Aidan fell asleep). Needless to say, it wasn't a tearful goodbye, as we ran with discharge papers in our hands.

Here are the last of the hospital pics, plus a few from last week's party for Chad's mom.


A medicated Pod watching the Backyardigans and snuggling his puppy. : (


out and about


Do I see a career in janitorial services ahead of him??? Or maybe just a member of the safety committee? : )


After I took this, I realized he had a big hunk of metal crib in his mouth. Um, maybe not so good after mouth surgery??? It's so easy to forget!


A sleeping view of his palate... just for you medical buffs interested in that sort of thing. Stitches down the center. black netting/packing around the sides (which will dissolve or he'll spit out). He looks so beat up! : (

palate stitches

At Oma's 60th party... Aidan was obsessed with these yard stakes, and carried one back and forth and back and forth on the path. Don'tcha love missing an entire party because you're watching your child carry a yard stake?? Yeah, that's the life of a parent of a toddler. : )


yard stake

Chad and I are going together to Aidan's music & movement class in the morning, if he's up to it. Might be a nice distraction.


Blog makeovers...

I totally forgot... check out Ande's blog!! I finished it awhile ago and have been meaning to announce it. I love her wild colors (just wait for them to load). And she's 12 weeks pregnant with #3 - yay!!!!! Stop by and leave her a comment. She's mama to Mina & Max, wife to John, and always throws in a ton of pics for your viewing pleasure. : ) Oh yeah, and like all of my other friends, she's super crafty!! Ande was one of my bridesmaids way back when and thankfully, we've kept in touch!


Heading to bed... both boys are asleep and I think I'm pulling the night shift.

Scratch that... both boys are up, I just gave Aidan Oxycodone, Chad's rocking him, and NOW I'm heading to bed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Professional proofs are up

Ok, I LOVE our pictures (not necessarily with my hair OR Aidan's, but that's another story...). : ) Now let's see if I can get them ordered in 5 days. Hmmm...

Check 'em out!

my rock

I have never been good with blood. Or maybe it's that metallic smell that's always on the breath of patients that have had tubes down their throat... or haven't been able to brush their teeth.

But Chad can handle it.

I have never been good with seeing Aidan in pain. Or crying uncontrollably. Or kicking and screaming when they poke and prod him or cram medicine down his throat.

But Chad is good with that.

I have never been good with holding my sick/recovering child in my arms without falling to pieces.

But Chad doesn't fall to pieces.

Chad let me sleep last night. The whole night. Not that I didn't wake up everytime Aidan cried out (or everytime the 3-month-old in our room cried out), but Chad got up with him. He held him. He talked to the nurses about morphine doses. And everytime I started to get up and was dizzy from lack of sleep, Chad told me to lay back down.

Luckily he managed to get some sleep in the waiting room during surgery yesterday, so he felt rested. He's sleeping now, as is Aidan. I have a Backyardigans DVD playing on mute. Our tray from our "healthy" breakfast is empty.

When Aidan wakes up again, they'll give him another dose of oxycodone orally, which will make him kick and scream. We've tried his bottle. We've tried a syringe of Pedialyte. We've tried yogurt. Nothing is appealing to him yet except sleep.

We knew with our late surgery yesterday that staying tonight was a possibility... I just thought my vigorous eater would shape up right away. Now that the tongue stitch is out, as well as his IV (he kicked it out himself, stinker!), he should be doing better soon.

For anyone who's stayed overnight in a hospital (if you've given birth, you know what I'm talking about!), it's a big ol' pain in the patootie. Between the hourly "checking vitals" routines, the nurse who kept leaving the door wide open and letting all the light in, the nurse who talked really loud, the baby in the next bed who was crying, which would make Aidan cry (and vice versa), the mom next door who kept sleeping through her baby's cries when he needed to breastfeed, the mom's creaky and squeaky pull-out bed, the sound of the blood pressure cuff going on and off, the whooshing of the oxygen tube, and the stupid, endless beeping of the monitors, it's no wonder we had a miserable night!!!

The baby and his mama have now left and we're here, in a finally quiet room.

Without Chad here with me, I definitely could NOT have done this on my own. He is my rock - that's without a doubt.

p.s. the nurse walked in and said we're getting another roommate. Here's to hoping they're quiet...

p.s.s. I hear screaming down the hallway, coming towards our room... and talking siblings voices too. Oh great.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


You must think I'm ignoring my poor child... but he's been asleep since they wheeled him in hours ago and there's not a whole lot we can do but just stare (and blog and sleep and watch "America's Got Talent"). : )


It's funny to read the comments about other kids' surgery experiences... Krissy & Joy both got to see their boys right away and instantly I was jealous. BUT, in Aidan's case, I'm sorta glad we didn't...

After we got to our room (which we're sharing with a 3-month-old boy and his mama), they told us that Aidan had been recovering quite peacefully, but then woke abruptly at 6pm, was shocked, and blood came gushing out his nose. His vitals dropped and they had to give him oxygen. So, while I would've liked to have been there to comfort him, part of me is glad I wasn't there. I'm a little bit of a blood-phobe.

Here's our hilarious nurse putting in ear drops. She was clowning on Chad for asking ridiculous questions she and I both had already explained to him. It was awesome having someone else on my side!!! heehee

He's been sleeping this whole time, but his blood pressure and heart rate remain elevated. He's snoring and gurgling and crying out every 5 minutes or so; his stitched-up tongue isn't helping matters (and looks creepy to boot!).

Just a moment ago, I checked him and he was burning up. His heart rate shot up past 200 (should be between 90-120). The nurse came in and checked his temp - sure enough, it was 101.5. Since they had recently given him Tylenol (rectally - yowsa!!), their solution was a cold washcloth. He woke up for a moment, looked at both of us, and cried some more, which made both of us tear up. : ( Chad scooped him up and started rocking him in the chair and he was doing a little better... but the nurse ultimately decided to give him some morphine. He's sleeping more soundly now, and still snoring away.


I just laid down to rest a bit, with this post half-written, and Chad asked, "Did you post your second recap yet?" I said no and he pouted. heehee He's so funny! So here I am, finishing up, on orders from Daddy Pod. I think he likes it when my blog posts come to his inbox. : ) And he loves reading the comments!!

Hopefully we'll get to give this kid a bottle at some point, if he ever sees the light of day! I guess it's been sort of nice, easing into his recovery. Wonder if he'll sleep all night too? Could we possibly get a good night's sleep the night after surgery??? Outlook? Doubtful. But we're thanking our lucky stars he's doing ok. : ) Heart rate is down to 120 now and he's sleeping soundly. Good ol' morphine.


p.s. the nurses were joking about his scratched up face, saying they had to make sure everyone knew he "came in that way." heehee


p.s.s. check out the other pic I took of Aidan and the doc. And no, Aidan wasn't on morphine at the time.

- Krissy, I actually was NOT one of those crazy picture-taking ladies (at least when there were other people in the room)!! I just thought it'd be cool to have a picture of the doc and he was excited to oblige! Too bad Pod wasn't as thrilled. : )

Shutting down the computer now. We'll see how the night goes. Love you all!

The waiting game (w/pre-op pics)

Just when I think we're getting closer to seeing our sweet Pod, we find ourselves sitting here, in the waiting room, waiting.

But waiting is ok when I know that Aidan is fine somewhere behind those doors.

Surgery went well - took 3 hours, as expected. He's in recovery still and we're waiting to get a room in the "Giraffe" wing (we're in Whale now) where he'll be wheeled to us in that horrible metal cage/crib, probably looking swollen and battered (well, partially because of his spill on the patio yesterday!).

Dr. P. put in his ear tubes and Dr. B. closed his palate. I had forgotten, but Aidan has an unusual palate... he had the cleft lip and cleft gumline, but then a piece of bone still intact in his hard palate before his cleft in his hard/soft palate. He said most kids who have clefted gumlines have a complete cleft palate, meaning a hole that goes all the way from the gum to the soft palate, not just a partial. Having that bone there will be helpful in his healing and growing.

If you were following my Tweets (heehee!), I wrote about my one big shock... the lip revision won't be until 6 or 7 years old... or, as Dr. B. put it, "when it's bothering him." His lip revision will be purely cosmetic. Technically, he doesn't need it revised at all, but someday soon, he'll notice it's not "normal." As much as I should be relieved to not have another surgery next year, I am a little disappointed. Dr. B. wants to wait until there's more tissue to work with, though. He did a steroid injection today to soften the tissue. I'm not sure how many more he'll do.

Here are some pre-op pics...

yesterday, playing with the new slide from our neighbor's... thanks!!

after the big crash on the patio. Truth be told, it was MY fault for not catching him. I knew he was falling... just didn't expect him to hit a stair on the way down. Poor kid... looks like Jacob Black got to him! (sorry, been reading New Moon again all week). : ) heehee

at the hospital... holding "Lambiepod," his stuffed animal choice of the day (wait 'til you see what Lambiepod got for the surgery!). : )

"Let's go, Pod. This way!"

fun with gears

the runner-ups to go into surgery... I swear, they even look sad! : (

Lambiepod won and had to get it's own ID tag!! Aidan thought it tasted Mmm, mmm, good!

trying to keep a newly sedated boy from escaping

the ridiculously huge socks we tried to keep on him

"No, Mama, please don't take away my binky. Nooooo!!"

Aidan & Dr. B.

Ok, it's 7pm. Time to go make sure they didn't just forget about us.