Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I had him at "G-string"

Did I get your attention??? I did?

Well, it worked on my future husband too (and you thought I was so G-rated, didn't cha?!). I leaned over to Starlet and whispered, "I bet I could get his attention if I said something racy... like 'g-string.'" We both laughed, she took the bet, and I went for it. Poor Chad had to spend the next week in the chiropractor's office for whipping his head around so fast! : ) heehee Not really.

And the winner who correctly guessed my G-rated word was Mrs. Boo Radley!! Your Starbucks card is ready to be mailed... as are the other giveaway packages. Now I just need to get to the post office.

Other great guesses...

Google - from Alicia W. Makes perfect sense to me!!!

Rachel had about 30 GREAT G-words!! You little overachiever. : ) I believe Chad would've turned his head at ANY of these:

Goomba (he's constantly calling himself that!! Although if I had used it, we might not be married. Wait, I just asked him and he laughed hysterically and said he would've asked me to marry him right then and there!!! So there ya go.)
Goldilocks (hilarious!!!)
Gigabyte (ooh, I really could've impressed him!!)

Grape nuts - by Katie. Yep, food ALWAYS catches his attention, especially his favorite breakfast cereal!

Gorgeous - by Doreen. heehee I just asked Chad about that one and he says he would've thought I was talking about someone else!! So bashful.


Did ya hear, did ya hear??? Kameron's having a GIRL!!!! Yes indeedy, pink is in her future! Stop by her blog and tell her congrats!


Thanks to my blog makeover buddies who are patiently waiting for picture updates. I finally had time to work on my friend Ande's blog last night... it's almost ready for the big reveal. Quick, go see the "before" version! And check out her millions and trillions of Disney photos! : )


Just got back from shoe shopping with Aidan and I'm exhausted. Despite the brightly-colored fish tank, the stuffed animal seahorse from the salesgirl, and the cool textured carpeting in the Kid's Shoe department at Nordstrom, Aidan only had eyes for ONE THING... the purse cabinet across the aisle. Or maybe it was the tile floor leading up to the purse cabinet. Either way, I became that crazy Mom running after her crawling, fit-throwing baby! Good thing I got him to sit still enough to try on some shoes (apparently we had him in shoes completely too SMALL for his chunky little feet!). Pedipeds were great until he started crawling outside... he wore 'em out and his big toes popped right through the stitching! So I special ordered a pair of Stride Rite walkers (poor kid has to wear WIDE sizes) and took home a pair of sporty Saucony tennies - he looks like he's ready to run a marathon!

Or at least terrorize a department store.

I did manage to get myself a pair of wide-cuffed jean capris. We're giving crappy Yuen Lui another chance and this weekend we have an OUTDOOR photo session on the beach by Pt. Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma. I'm planning for white tees, rolled-up jeans/capris, and barefeet for the 3 of us. Hopefully they'll redeem themselves (since Chadly nixed the real professional pictures idea until baby #2 comes along).


32. That's how many steps I counted when Aidan was walking towards Daddy yesterday, with no help! Still prefers crawling, but he's getting braver.


In case you didn't notice, I'm addicted to...


: )




Wow (usually reserved for comments)


--- Pretty much anything that makes me sound super energetic (!!!!) or happy : ) or anything that allows me to get away with incomplete sentences. I already heard from some of you, but what are your writing addictions/bad habits?


Picture post coming next... : )

Monday, June 29, 2009

I (Heart) Faces - Wedding Bells

I scoured through my pictures, looking back at all of the weddings I've been to in the last year (since I've owned my Nikon). And I've come to one conclusion: I need to take more pictures of the actual bride and groom! Plenty of artsy centerpiece shots and cakes... and a million of my child. But nothing that really said, "Wedding Bells."


At the most recent wedding, we stood outside, ready to attack the newlyweds in a cloud of bubbles. However, the wedding photographer pretty much hogged the perfect picture-taking position (you'd think he was getting paid or something!). So I looked around for something picture-worthy, and spotted this bridesmaid playfully blowing bubbles at her boyfriend.


For pictures of actual brides and grooms, check out I ♥ Faces. : )

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I (Heart) Faces - Just for Fun!

This week's theme at I ♥ Faces is "Wedding Bells," but they decided to add a "Just for Fun" category for all the people [like me] who don't have wedding pictures (although I'm going to scour my albums just in case!). : ) It's an opportunity to share a picture that might not otherwise fit into a category. And unless "lazy boys on logs" is an upcoming theme, I thought I'd share this one:


While playing at the park the other day, Aidan decided to "take a break." Little did I know my little baby, my little one-year-old boy, could lounge like a full-grown man on a couch... er, log.

log potato

Just one question... "Where's the remote?"

For more pictures of our day at the park, see this post. And check out the I ♥ Faces fun!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Work in progress...

I'm currently updating my blog, so things may keep changing as I play around. Once I get approval of the Daddy Pod, I'll let you know!! (he says it's not his favorite YET. It's my mission to change that!) heehee


Porch pictures of Pod soon to be posted!


This is officially my FIRST day of summer break!! Pod's still in his PJs, we just got back from the spa where I got some waxing done (woohoo!), and now we're off to workout at the gym with Daddy. Yippeeeeeee!!! Going shopping later for my giveaway packages, so they'll probably hit the mail on Monday. And hopefully I'll find some time to comment on your blogs tonight!! I've been a total comment slacker.

(oh yeah, and I've never said this before, but sorry I'm such an obsessed exclamation point user!! Kam pointed it out the other day and I laughed hysterically. I think if I don't add an exclamation point (or two... or four!), then you'll think I'm speaking in monotone. So yeah, I like my exclamations. heehee)

Off to the gym!!!!!!

(can ya tell I'm excited?? I am, actually!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just following orders...

So I just sat down on the couch after a long 5th grade graduation day (yes, people, my last day is TOMORROW - seriously??? It's almost July!)... and I turned on my DVR to watch "So You Think You Can Dance," which is still currently recording. Ahhhh, I {heart} DVR.


Chad looks over and says to me, "What? No laptop? Get to blogging, woman!! You have pictures to post! Things to talk about!" He proceeded to tell me which pictures to post and what to blog about.

So here ya have it folks - a blog demanded by my dear Chadly.

(As if he had to twist my arm.) : )


Besides the fact that my summer is almost here, there's something more newsworthy to blog about... Aidan's walking!!!! Our little Pod took eight steps in a row tonight! He has taken 2-3 steps here and there, but tonight we sat on the floor, with Aidan between us. At first, he either didn't want to stand up at all, or he would get down and crawl. But at one point, Chad stood Aidan up and he walked towards me, stopped and stood in place, and walked again! It was like watching a caveman build the first fire!! And we got it on video! (p.s. is there anyone out there who uses Vista and can get miniDV videos to download? I still can't!!).


So, you ask, what else has been keeping me so busy??? When I haven't been teaching or doing performances, I've been behind my camera... at school! We had an AR celebration and our school rented the biggest "bouncy castle" thingy I've seen!! There was a huge slide and an inflatable obstacle course, where my teacher friend Michelle and I raced. The kids were cheering me on, "Sto-ker, Sto-ker!!" Too bad we really felt our age, stumbling, bumbling, and falling all over each other on our way to the big slide finish. It was like a Biggest Loser challenge! Dunking the principal in the dunk tank was a major highlight too, as was the face painting. I got a purple/gold heart in true Huskies spirit! : )


I've also been busy making more purees and new Deceptively Delicious meals... wish I could just post the recipes here!! But really, the cookbook is pretty darn cheap.

newest recipes...

  • Applesauce muffins (applesauce, obviously, and butternut squash) - YUM!!!
  • Lemon ice cream graham cracker sandwiches (no veggies, but lowfat) - DOUBLE YUM!!!
  • Sloppy joes (squash and sweet potato) - Aidan ate it too!
  • Chicken salad (cauliflower) - just for me
  • Chocolate pudding (with avocado - I know, ewwww!!! I'm going to redo it and let you know - I messed up measurements. But you couldn't taste the avocado AT ALL.)
  • Couscous (yellow squash and carrot)


And despite how busy he's been, Chad let me get in a lot of gardening time!! I just love watching plants grow and bloom. I've been watching a Japanese Willow fill out since we bought our house, and just last week I was going to snap a picture to show a before and after of my gorgeous shrub.

Um, too bad Chad decided to get out pruners [for the first time] and hacked the lower half of my willow to smithereens!! After I actually cried over the phone, he apologized and realized he may have gone a little crazy. Men. Put tools in their hands and they're outta control. : )


The kids went crazy today with my little bit of mascara (which you can't see) and semi-straightened hair. They're so funny! And I've worn this midnight blue dress before (my "potato sack", as Chad calls it), but I got so many compliments! Woohoo!!!


Since today was the last day Julie babysat Aidan (until September!), I wanted to post some pics I took last week. Julie has worked out wonderfully!! I swear, she's a better mother than I am sometimes! And the real blessing is her house is about 10 houses down. Love how Pod drooled all over her!!

(the 3-year-old she watches on Fridays and Julie's two kids... the girls both have the same name, which is a name I almost named our baby, if it had been a girl -- good thing I didn't!!)


pulling out all the wipes & diapers... thanks, Pod. : )

I'm taking Aidan with me to school tomorrow - wish me luck!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two First Dates

On June 21st, 2001, I met up with my friend after work... to go to a "college party." I didn't go to many parties... ok, not ANY. Partly because I didn't have a huge circle of partying friends, but mostly because I didn't drink much (if at all - and only because I really don't like the taste). But one night, I told my spunky, red-haired friend Starlet, "YES, I'll meet you there."

And I'm sure glad I went... 'cuz I met my dear Chadly at that party and we were pretty much inseparable from then on. Don'tcha love how people always say that?? "We were inseparable," as if we were magically fused together. I wonder how big our butt would be???

I digress...

So I'd love to say I wasn't looking for a relationship at that time, but I kinda was. Or at least a fun guy to date. You see, I'd been with the SAME GUY since high school... Junior year (1993-94) through the millennium. Finally, I'd been single for a little bit and was ready. And when you're with the wrong guy for that long, you start to figure out who the right guy is. Someone funny, someone a little romantic, someone honest & faithful (ahem!), and maybe someone a tad bit taller?? Oh yeah, and it'd be awesome if they were musical too!! Ok, ok, and maybe... yes, HOT!!!

When I met Chad, he was in the start of Cheer season at UW, buff as can be. But under all that muscle, was a complete and total computer nerd/goofball. And the night we met, he told me he played the piano. Did the heavens part? Maybe.

There were no pick-up lines... only a simple, "Can I have your e-mail address?" He wanted to invite me to a Band/Cheer party (since I was joining marching band in the fall). I watched in awe as he typed it into his cell phone (I didn't own one yet!). Then he grabbed his leather jacket and headed out the door to leave.

I remember walking back towards Starlet to gush about my new-found love, and looked out the window of the tall, brick house, only to find Chad at his truck, gazing back up at me. Yes, like in the movies. Ahhhhh.

2:30am was the time I got home... and 2:25am was the time he had sent his very first e-mail. Yep, it was true love.


Here we are, in our {8 years younger} glory, in front of my mom's house, before our first official "dinner" date (we had gone to lunch a few times that first week too). Of course my Mom had to take a picture... but secretly, I was SO glad she did!

And at that Band/Cheer party a few weeks later... lucky for Chad, he had a great personality (and super hot BOD), 'cuz those ears, man, I tell ya... they almost turned me away. heehee

And here we are on Saturday, {8 years older, wiser, wrinklier, double-chin-er, and same white legs-er}, in front of my mom's house, before our first official "dinner" date after the birth of our son Aidan. Yes, people, it's been over a year since we've had a date night!!!


When I was pregnant, my friend John surprised his wife Ande with a 30th birthday party at this amazing Italian restaurant called Maggiano's. With diabetes, I couldn't eat a darn thing... and have literally been craving it since then. FINALLY I got to have that pesto/alfredo ravioli and those deep-fried zucchini spears everyone was raving about! And they matched my dreams!!

After dinner, I dragged Chad kicking and screaming to an estrogen-filled theater for our first movie out - the chick-flick "The Proposal," with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds. Ok, move over Bradley Cooper, I have a new man!!! Oh Ryan. What a cutie! Chad was laughing through the movie too - it was entertaining! A bit predictable at times, but that's a romantic comedy for ya. And, if you must know (because I must tell you), it was Chad's suggestion. Probably thinking he owed me for, um, missing my birthday or something. : )

Aidan did great with my mom and my nephews... and we did great without him! There was a couple at the restaurant with a 2-year-old at the table and all we could think was, "I'm so glad we're not trying to feed Aidan HERE."


I could go on and on about first meeting Chad and falling in love... let me just say this: it really was like falling in love in the movies. The flirting, the late-night phone calls, the butterflies... something I never experienced before and never thought I would. But it did take a little coaxing to get him to look my way that first night (he was more interested in Starlet and his friend was more interested in me!!). So I made a little bet with Starlet that he'd look my direction if I just said ONE word... so I said it.


And he looked. INSTANTLY.

Any guesses???

First one to guess correctly will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card!! I don't drink coffee and people are ALWAYS giving me gift cards. So it's yours if you guess correctly! (And to my giveaway winners, packages will be sent out Friday... the end of the year is crazy - I don't know what I was thinking doing it now!).

If you have no guesses, just tell me about how you and YOUR man met and fell in love! Was it a blind date? Friends first? Online? At a party like me and Chadly? I'd love to know!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

park etiquette

There are a few unwritten rules when playing at your neighborhood park.

1) Moms: Always bring snacks with you to the park in case your child gets hungry. You wouldn't want the other parents to think you starve your child.

How does that taste, Pod?
scuffed shoes

Mmmm, mmmm, good.
ring in mouth

2) Kids: Always use the handrail when walking up the stairs. It's just good safety, people.

hands on stairs

3) Moms: Never let your child put their mouth on the germ-covered playground equipment. And if they do, always tell them no, make a big fuss about how gross that is, and immediately get a wipe to clean off their lips. You wouldn't want people thinking you don't really care because you believe a few germs won't kill anybody.

aidan hiding bar2

4) Moms: Never take pictures of other people's kids... unless they're not looking. Then snap away!

grandma with girl

5) Kids: Always take turns on the slide. Never hog the slide. And never, I repeat NEVER, throw a crying and kicking tantrum when your mother has to remove you from the slide to give another child a turn. Not that MY child would ever do that.

troll1 troll2

My little slide troll
troll of the slide slide

6) Moms: Always keep your child hydrated at the park. In fact, ask them many times if they're thirsty. This will show that you are a caring and conscientious parent. Because you wouldn't want to have the only kid at the park without their sippy cup during the "water break" (like I did last week).

drink1 drink2 drink3 drink4

(check out the scrunchy nose - he loves to cram it against his face!)

7) Kids: Always ride in complete synchronization when travelling in pairs on scooters.
Moms: Always capture photos of kids on scooters when they're riding in complete synchronization (in the hopes that your blog readers will be impressed).


8) Moms: Always make polite conversation with other mommies at the park. Unless it's that one Dad that always moves his 18-month old daughter out of the way anytime your son comes near, as if he's going to attack like a wild grizzly bear.

(no pictures of Dad & daughter mentioned above... see rule #4...)

9) Kids: Always impress other park-goers with your amazing singing talents. They'll surely forgive you for being a slide troll.

Aidan singing2 Aidan singing1
Aidan singing3 Aidan singing4

10) Kids: And finally, when you're done at the park, always smile at your Mama and tell her thank you for the good time.

pod at the park
log potato

OR just sit on a log like a couch potato 'cuz you're exhausted from your slide troll ways.