Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching up on pictures...

Spring is a crazy time of year at school. My talent show is this Thursday (I just finished writing an "America's Got Talent" themed-script for my 5th grade hosts), I have a Marimba field trip on the 12th, then there's 5th grade graduation, last day of school performance, etc. Did I mention I don't get out until June 25th??? Um, yeah. That's what happens when you live in a state where it snows. : (

Anyway, I was uploading pictures of our weekend and realized I'm behind on some pictures! So here goes the most random picture post yet!!

some of my Marimba kids... don'tcha love the wood paneling in my classroom??? I painted the front wall white before they axed my plan.

our new bike trailer... with a serious Pod inside!

a funny pic from Aidan's birthday I never posted... my friends Melissa & Keith and their 1-year-old son Andrew. Gotta love 1-year-olds!!

Sophia's 1st birthday party, the week after Aidan's... check out her AMAZING Winnie the Pooh cake! Yes, folks, that's cake in there!! It was banana with yummy frosting/cream in between the layers. So good.

Birthday girl! My friend Brooke gave her the tutu - have I mentioned before that I need a girl???

My boy in overalls... I've been waiting all my life to put my child in little overalls!! Yes, it was worth the wait! heehee

Digging in his toy box. After his party, I had so many toys to organize... so I bought 3 boxes and rotate them so he has different toys to play with every couple days. I love it!

He can reach the keys... uh-oh!

heading up the stairs

sliding down

back to the piano for some "tinkling" on the keys - he also loves to Hulk Smash the keys sitting on my lap. : )

Noah's 2nd birthday at the Children's Museum. Lots of toddlers!!

last week at the gym. Chad stayed with Aidan while I worked out, and when I was done, I found my boys outside the car like this:

he's still using his "binky" - the nipple of an old cleft bottle. We've tried to wean him, but so far, no such luck. After surgery, we'll be a little more diligent.

another set of overalls, from Susan! Aidan's obsessed with our neighbor's cobblestone driveway.

Ok, the next pictures are from the wedding this weekend, but I'm just too tired to post. We got some good ones!! Chad and I actually matched!

p.s. I'm working on printing out my blog with Blurb. I uploads ("slurps") your blog straight to the site, and then you can play with the pictures, layout, erase/add text, etc. Only annoying thing was it uploaded my signature (and the little blue flower) as a picture on a page of it's own.... so my book (before I deleted them all) was over 400 pages!! Whoa! But I highly recommend checking it out. You never know what could happen to you online memories - print them out!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Good intentions...

Why is it that the short weeks always feel like the longest??

I only taught 4 days this week with Memorial Day, but I've never been more relieved it's Friday. Well, technically, it's Saturday... in about one minute. Ugh.


I just had the girls over for dinner... and believe it or not, I left my camera inside the house!! We ate a wonderful dinner outside on my patio... my spaghetti pie (my new favorite Deceptively Delicious recipe!), Michelle's Italian salad, Patrice's garlic bread, Deborah's wine, and Andrea's chocolate frosted bundt cake. Mmmmmm! 4 of the girls were missing, but we had an extra girl join us tonight... Ashlyn... Andrea's 1-month-old baby girl!! I know, I know, shame on me for not photographing the girly goodness. I must admit, though, it was nice not being attached to my Nikon!

And speaking of not being attached, the real reason I've been blog-slacking is our internet was down (off and on) all week! It's an amazing thing spending an entire evening without e-mail and blogging. Liberating, but annoying too!!


Lots of new things on the Pod front (taking steps!!!), but I'll save them for his 13 month update. I will share this: I took him in for a hearing test... as expected (with the amount of fluid behind his ears), he has a mild hearing loss. But the ear tubes in July should correct that.

The hearing test itself was an interesting experience. I had to sit in a tiny booth with an already-cranky Aidan on my lap. He had to listen for beeps in each corner of the room, and if he didn't look fast enough, a toy would light up and move in a plexiglass box (a creepy, blinking Gizmo doll in one and a monkey with a drum in another). Aidan did fairly well... the part he ignored the most was when the [weird, personality-lacking] doctor's voice came on the microphone, chanting [really fast], "Aidan, Aidan, look over here, Aidan, Aidan, over here!" Ahhhh - creepy again!!! No wonder the Pod ignored him! : )

And as if it wasn't weird enough, at the end of the test, I was leaning over, trying to pick Aidan up, put away a toy, and listen to the doctor at the same time. Remember, we're in a tiny booth with a chair right in the middle. Well, I completely lost my footing and fell over, landing Aidan right on the floor and me smack on my bum. The doc asked if Aidan was ok, and then if "Mom" was ok. Then he had the nerve to say, "Had a little too much morning highball?"

What??? Are you implying I'm drunk??

Um, yeah. I had a shot of Vodka and a Bloody Mary in the waiting room. What the heck? Of course I'm flustered and end up dropping things left and right out of the diaper bag. Probably did look drunk!


We have a wedding tomorrow and then on Sunday, I have a vegetable-puree-making date with my friend Marie. I know, it's ok to be jealous. Someday I'll invite you to dinner to sample my delicious broccoli puree-filled meatballs I made tonight! They really were yummy!


Oh, took Aidan to Costco with his walker - adorable!!!! I think he was trying to race each cart as they passed him. Anyway, one of those food sample ladies (am I the only one who usually passes them up??) handed me something,. I thought it was a sample of some sort, but I realized it was a napkin. She said, "You might need this to wipe his nose."

I thought, Oh, did he sneeze and I missed it? Did he spit up?

So I looked at his face. Nope, his nose wasn't runny at all. Lots of drool on his chin, but nothing under his nose. Then it dawned on me. So I told her, "That's just his scar."

Good intentions... but you know, cleft mommies, it's still slightly annoying.


Um, Mama, a little help here please?

And while you're at it, could you bring me my pants? Thanks, Mama.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Silhouette runner-up

Forgive me as I steal this idea from my friend Brooke at Dinkypops No More (who just told me she didn't have a good picture for silhouette week, and then comes up with a gorgeous blue sky, red-headed daughter flying in the air shot --- I KNEW you'd having something good, Brooke!!)...

Anyway, I wanted to post my runner-up silhouette picture. I let my blogging buddies vote on their favorite, and quite a few loved this picture of my boys on the beach. But I knew there'd be pictures like this, so I went with my "fireball" instead. Aidan was intrigued by the crashing waves, and Chad was just taking him in. I love it. And I love it even more because I know that exact feeling Chad was having, as he leaned in to Aidan's cheek for a quiet moment. Ahhhhh.

I ♥ Faces - Silhouettes

Usually, I am a procrastinator. Homework? Sunday night. Packing? The night before I leave for vacation. But this time, I started my I ♥ Faces assignment a week in advance. After reading Susan's tutorial, I packed my camera and my boys and set off to a nearby park at sunset last weekend. I was amazed at how EASY silhouettes were... well, at least the point and shoot part. Posing? Composition? That's another story.

Thought I ended up with a pretty good shot of my boys along the shoreline (to see it, click here)... but I knew there'd be numerous "quiet moment" beach pictures. I wanted something different.

So I dragged my boys back to the park on Friday, hoping to get a cool "Pod-in-the-air" shot. While the boys were taking a short digging break, I walked down the beach and found this awesome tree stump. I snapped a few of the stump alone, and then grabbed Chad for a photo. As he was hanging off the branches, his hand was so close to the sun... and I had an idea! With a little direction ("Up, no down, no move your hand to the left, that's it!!"), I managed to capture this shot I aptly named Fireball ---

(to critique myself, I wish Chad's shirt had been darker to get the full silhouette effect. But I still love my little X-Men superhero all the same!) : )

Check out the other amazing silhouettes at I ♥ Faces!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another trip to Burfoot... (cast your vote!!)

With silhouette week coming up fast, I begged Chad to take me & the Pod down to Burfoot Park at sunset again (took me 3 years to realize it wasn't Barefoot Park). : )

I can't decide which silhouette to enter (I didn't get a great one of the Pod in the air, but scroll down to see the choices). By the way, if you've been over to I ♥ Faces lately and seen the "favorites" collages, you'll notice that Pod's b&w face is NOT present. Well, maybe you didn't notice. But I did. I'm secretly hoping that means I'm one of the top 10 for the blurb book... a girl can always hope, right??


7:45pm at Burfoot... I LOVE summertime sunlight hours!!

Aidan's favorite toy lately is a spoon from our silverware drawer... turns out it made a good shovel!!

He was sporting a fauxhawk earlier... until naptime flattened it! Check out the new stylish duds I found on sale at BabyGap! Yay for birthday gift cards!!

trying the silhouette again... javelin throw - driftwood style

Chad was taking a picture of me and then discovered Aidan was chomping down on a rock. After we got home, we saw this pic - Chad didn't realize Aidan already had the rock in his mouth when he took it. Oops!

Lunging for the Pod as he toppled over in the gravel... I'm such a drama queen.

cool driftwood/tree stump

a possibility for silhouette week... whaddya think, would Chad be good on the next X-Men with his fireball hand??? : )

Chad's photography work... good job, honey!

Love that little Pod smirk

If I cared, I would photoshop out that lovely zit on my forehead. But, ya know, I don't really care. Here I am, in all my glory! : ) (by the way, you wouldn't believe how many kids at school talked about it or stared at it!! No matter how much makeup I used! Geez, what am I, a pre-teen??? Can I puleez have some clear skin??)


Which silhouette should I use? (I could do a little editing/cropping to both):

1) boys on the beach (there might be a lot of other entries like this)

2) fireball

3) beach (cropped & re-colored)... Chad didn't like this as well

daddy silhouette

Cast your vote quick so I can make my entry!!