Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Professional pictures... finally

Remember when Kameron was here and we got our pictures taken? How could you forget?! We BOTH griped endlessly about it on our blogs for weeks, I even went back to get retakes, and we are still bitter. Well, I just got a comment from one of my favorite bloggy friends, Krissy (who has the cutest red-head boy EVER!! Maybe TemTem and Drew should hook up?!), and realized I never posted the pictures. My sneaky Chad figured out a way to copy the pictures off the website, but of course they have their logo across it. No Amanda May (our maternity/newborn photographer who sadly decided to leave her business), but they'll do.

By the way, if you like the initials onesies Kameron made for our boys, check out her Etsy site!! She made some cute matching initials for my friend's kids and Kam's husband helped her make a "tie" onesie for her son that was WAY ADORABLE for the holidays. She works fast, charges great rates, and the quality is awesome. I've washed mine 3-4 times now and you wouldn't know it! Great for gifts, for your kids' photo shoots or birthday parties. If you have a boy, please check out the tie onesies/shirts and "order yours today!" : ) Ok, I'm done with my infommercial now.

the best from the retakes...

the original photos... I was really happy with our family portrait - just not the stupid striped backdrop of Aidan's ONE pose.

(Mike Myers): "Look at the size of that boy's heed!" "HEAD! MOVE!" I swear Aidan's heed is bigger than his 1-year-old friends'! Yikes.

Kameron's cutie pie, Nathan. He actually sat still long enough for the photographer to snap this picture. Too bad he did a million other cute poses and she missed them... since she only snapped the camera FOUR times. There's something to say for spending money on real professionals!

So, I haven't asked a question in a long time...

Where's YOUR favorite photo studio? Have you had professional pictures taken (i.e. NOT a studio, but with a photographer on location, etc.)? How often have you had pictures taken? And do you think they're worth it?

I'm seriously running out of wall space and wonder what I'll do with any more. Most of the pictures we take are great (even better!), but I still would like someone to take candid family shots. My friend Susan had pictures taken of her 7-month-old Sophia (born a week after Aidan) and they were adorable... Christmas outfits, naked bums, the works! She just started a blog, so maybe she'll post them there (hint, hint Susan!!).

A look back at my favorites from our maternity/newborn sessions...

I love this one. Here's Aidan's name before and now (my PB letters came in after the photo shoot & I spruced it up a bit).

Aidan is here! And slept through the whole thing!

... just before Aidan peed all over Daddy. Way to go, baby boy!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi, my name is Aidan. I'd like your vote...

... for class president. : )

I'm honest and reliable. Come on, look at these eyes!! Don't they scream trustworthy??

I'm quite intelligent... lots of room in this big noggin'.

I'm very responsible. Here I am, finding leftover candy canes in the couch (where Mom and Dad tried to hide them from me), and getting rid of them so no small children could get hurt (or a sugar rush).

I care for the environment and would never pull leaves off innocent ficus plants... especially not when my Mama has her camera out.

I never overindulge [at my Nana's house], especially not on my own fingers. I will be the perfect example of health and fitness for our school!

Here I am, doing Pilate's, just to prove it! "One, two, three, suck those abs in!"

I live a very simple life, without many material possessions. ("Oh ficus tree, oh ficus tree!" - my mom decided not to get a tree this year)

(aren't Nanas and Omas the best??? Check out the loot!)

Genetically, I am quite the specimen. After all, look at my family tree!

I promise to raise money and awareness to prevent the extinction of polar bears... especially those wearing stripey-fleece scarves.

Ok, the world will never notice if we're short one polar bear!

I will always make time to sit down with my fellow giraffe... roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty, and just play. I'd be that kind of president.

And I will never get carried away with my radical beliefs and... wait a minute! MOM!!!! You weren't supposed to post these pictures!! (-- what happens when you refuse to let go of a moving toy train... he was sitting up just before it took off.) : )

I will never fall asleep on the job or let my guard down.

I've always got a watchful eye out for my people. Especially my Nana.

I will always look professional, wearing the finest threads Baby Gap and Gymboree have to offer... and will always have my hair combed and styled.

Wait a minute... Mom!!!!! But I'm in my PJ's!! (the "fauxhawk" strikes again, this time in shadow form!!)

If elected class president, I promise I will fight for the rights of babies, ficus trees, and stuffed polar bears everywhere; love my Mama, Dada, my Nanas & my Omas wholeheartedly; stay fit and look my best; and stay true to the platforms I believe in (toys, being held, that sort of stuff).

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out today. Before I go, I will leave you with these last words...

"Free candy canes for EVERYONE!!"

Beep, beep, beep, beep deep... "This just in... after a mob attacked one of the candidate's cribs last night, supposedly looking for free candy canes, the election has been called off. There will be NO president of the nursery this year. Stay tuned for your local programming."

(can you tell Aidan's taking a nap and I'm savoring my last week at home??? The roads are clear and I'm taking my boy shopping as soon as he peeps!)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas: brought to you by the letter S

Dec. 23rd... S is for:

Remember how I decided to venture out on Dec. 23rd, to hopefully get last minute shopping done? Well, I braved it. How'd I do? If you're on facebook, you'll know... I went slippin' and slidin' and got stuck. Yep. Made it out of my treacherous neighborhood, down the horribly rutty main road, and all the way to the freeway to get to Costco. And where did I get stuck? In the Costco parking lot! As I was LEAVING. : ( But three strong men (wise men!) came to my rescue, quickly I might add, and pushed me to freedom. Thank you helpful strangers! Did I leave again? Um, no. Did I feel like a complete moron when I realized I had my foot on the brake as the men pushed my car? Maybe. Ok - completely!!

Ya know how they always say, "Keep plastic bag away from small children?" Well, I guess I learned my lesson the hard way. Since our Pod has learned to roll, BOTH ways, he's now getting into things. And how he managed to get himself INTO this sack is beyond me!! But before you call CPS, I was actually in the same room, watching him. : ) And he was having a grand ol' time kicking his legs.


Dec. 24th... S is for:

Soft carpet at Oma's and snuggling with Daddy

Aidan's spikey hair - I seriously don't do this on purpose! No gel, no mousse, no nothin'!

Mmmm, socks - nothin' like a thumb and a sock to soothe ya. Don'tcha just love the way he sucks his thumb open-handed? And thanks, Aunt Polly, for the vibrating, singing, mooing cow! It had Aidan perplexed (and often times scared) all afternoon. : )

Surprise in the mail - my Amazon order arrived just in the nick of time! Woohoo UPS!!!!


Dec. 25th - S is for:

Sleepy parents and stripey Pod - I begged Chad to let me change out of my bathrobe, but he said it's "tradition." So where's his embarrassing pink bathrobe, huh??

Gifts from Santa - Aidan was pretty fun on the gift-opening front. Sucking on the paper, stretching out the ribbon. Can't wait for next year!

It's official: Aidan had his first taste of the sweet stuff. Chad unwrapped a striped sweet stick (aka - candy cane) and no sooner had he peeled away the long end, Aidan swiped it right out of his hand! He's sneaky, that Pod! A second later, I looked over and Aidan had the unwrapped end in his mouth!!! Aghhhh!! Hope he enjoyed it, because Mama bird swooped in and snatched it right out of his grubby little hands!

Did ya know there's Christmas Karaoke on On Demand?? We're gonna rock it with some singing at my Mom's house tomorrow!!! (And Aidan seemed really interested in his new CD from his Papa)

Um, Frosty? Is that you? Or your evil twin?? (don't worry, I "rearranged" a few things on Chad's snowman and made him look happier today. But as his face is melting off in the rain, he's looking sadder and sadder!

Good Samaritan - This is why I love my husband. And this is why we weren't driving my car.

With Christmas, comes sweater vests! Happy boy with his great-grandparents.

Um, you ok there Aidan? Quite possibly Aidan's WORST picture!

That's better! --- And this was actually the smallest tree my in-laws have had in awhile - 10 1/2 feet.

We were all spoiled this year! Chad's parents bought us a Britax Marathon carseat - woohoo!!! Thank you!! And Chad's mom & his step-grandmother found the most stylin' outifts at the Gap and Old Navy for Aidanpod. I'll post pics later - rugby shirts, cargo jeans, plaids, stripes, double sleeve tees, and argyle!! And he scored toys and books and sippy cups too! Weeeeeeee!

Oh, in case you were wondering (which you probably weren't, but I'm gonna tell you anyway), Chad and I went simple this year for our gifts to each other. Ok, not really by choice. We're both last-minute shoppers, and were punished greatly by the weather. So this is what we got... (and amazingly enough, Chad went to Safeway to look for this DVD for me and FOUND it! What are the odds??? Yes, I AM a child of the 80s. I loved the Labyrinth as a kid, even the dorky David Bowie soundtrack!!! But could his pants be any tighter? Yuck!)

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Thanks, as always, for following our little family (bloggers and anonymous readers out there!).