Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh come on, you knew there'd be pictures!!

For those of you who are new to my blog, "Hi. My name is Heather. I am addicted to taking pictures of my baby boy. I can never post just one. I usually write a lot. Sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it doesn't make any sense. But I promise you one thing: when you finally see my little Pod (a.k.a. Aidan) smile in these pictures, you'll be glad you stopped by. : )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanksgiving is over and BOY do I feel skinny! I mean, seriously, could my pants be any looser?? Time to start eating, I think! (please note the heavy sarcasm). : ) Actually, I didn't really pig out. Isn't that amazing?? Something about having to feed my baby during dinnertime and having to reheat my plate made me not go for seconds. Boo.

On the way to my Mom's, we decided Aidan needed a car break. We took a random exit, looked on the GPS, and found a park nearby. Well... it turned out to be the perfect location for an impromptu photo shoot!! Ignoring the fact that Aidan was STILL sick, that we had to get up to my Mom's, and that we were not in our "outdoor Christmas photo shoot" clothes, I think we got some great pics with our *manual lens, and maybe even one for our Christmas card!

*that means we had to focus every picture ourselves. Do you know how hard that is???

If you're a MckMama follower, I am always amazed by her picture-posting restraint. You know she has 100 incredible pictures to share, but only picks 1 or 2. I do not have said restraint. I will post until my limit overflows, which in turn will force me to delete some older posts. Grrrr.

Without further adieu...
Who invited baby Shrek to our photo shoot?
I should probably wear makeup and do my hair once in awhile... but not today!
I was trying to get Chad to step closer to my camera, so I said, "One foot ahead, one foot ahead!" He wasn't budging and I couldn't understand why. As I kept repeating it, he stayed put. Ugh!!! Finally, I looked down and saw his left foot going forward and back... and then it hit me: he was putting one foot ahead! My response to this realization? "Do I look like I'm taking pictures of your feet???" So I did. : )

Thanksgiving dinner was sweet and simple... lots of snacking, smiles, and sleeping (Aidan napped through the snacks and salad and woke up just when I filled my dinner plate!); lots of slimy carrots everywhere (Aidan's dinner!), and lots of stretched-out stomachs. It was superb! And true to form, my nephew Corbin was in the kitchen, pounding and rolling out dough, and my nephew Payton enjoyed some video game action.

The carrot dippers I made!! I saw them in a Family Fun magazine at the doctor's office (click on link for article). They used hummus, though, which would've been better than my ranch dressing... my poor little carrots sank!! And I had to make one pea pot for my pea pod!
Below is the current state of Aidan's pulled-up lip and thick, raised scar (click on picture for enlarged view). Brooke at Dinkypops No More! was asking about his surgeries, so I thought I'd make a short list of cleft-related posts here (and maybe later I'll put them on my sidebar): discovering Aidan's cleft at birth, LOTS of pictures of the first two months, cleft lip - surgery day, recovering, stitches out, nose stents out here and here.

The gorgeous sunset from my mom's patio! (courtesy of Daddypod!)
Aidan's on the wall!!!!
And how much did I buy on this busy shopping day, you ask? Nothing, except for a movie ticket. My mom and I went to see "Twilight" and I was in heaven (mostly because we had the enormous theater almost to ourselves!!). It was good; not sure about the casting of all the characters, but good enough for entertainment purposes. The giggly teens behind me liked it anyway. : )

And that, my friends, concludes my Thanksgiving post (are you tired of scrolling yet??). Oh, and thanks to those of you who played my Thanksgiving countdown! Click to read theirs! Christy and Joy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Countdown to Thanksgiving... come play!

Ok, I'm probably too late, since everyone's writing their own pre-Thanksgiving posts, but I'm making up my first tag (and if you read this after turkey day, you can still play, in past tense!).

5 - List FIVE things you're thankful for this Thanksgiving.
4 - List FOUR things you can't wait to stuff your face with from your Thanksgiving table.
3 - List THREE people that will be joining your Thanksgiving feast (which is WHERE?).
2 - Post TWO pictures from last Thanksgiving (or from around this time last year).
1 - Write the ONE thing you're looking forward to doing the day after Thanksgiving!

You can be as short or descriptive as you'd like. Just copy and paste the five questions into your own blog and have at it! No tagging neccessary. Just leave me a comment if you did your own post so I can be sure to read it!! (by the way, if you've done a "I'm thankful" post already, just link to it for the first item).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here's mine:

5 - things I'm thankful for:
1. my healthy Aidanpod (minus a cold or two!), who is growing way too fast
2. my dear husband, who stayed up until after midnight last night because he just couldn't sleep until I was there!
3. supportive family and friends, in real life and in my little blogging world!
4. beautiful, sunny weather on a crisp, fall day
5. belts that have enough extra holes for my expanded waistline after dinner : )

4 - (speaking of dinner)... I can't wait to eat:
1. apple pie a la mode, please!! (I'll pass on the pumpkin)
2. stuffing! YUM!!!
3. veggies with dip (I'm making a cute little carrot thing... I'll post pics after)
4. leftovers at 7pm (second dinner - mmmm)

3 - Three people at my Mom's house:
1. my nephew Payton, who is a video game-addicted 7th grader who loves making his cousin Aidan laugh
2. my nephew Corbin, a 5th grader who loves being in the kitchen, helping his Nana, and making faces at Aidan's stinky diapees
3. my Mom, who loves to cover Pod's head with kisses any chance she gets!! : )

2 - last year, I was 3 months pregnant (standing on Chad's parents' patio, overlooking the Puget Sound... isn't their view gorgeous??)

1 - what I'm looking forward to on Friday:

seeing "Twilight" with my mom - FINALLY!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok, I'm off to the gym for a little pre-"stuffing-my-face" workout! Gotta RUN!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ahh... ahh... ahhhhhhchoooooo!

It's official... Aidan has his first cold. A runny noses, snot-flying sneezes, watery eyeballs, full diapers, coughing Podkins kind of cold. : (

It's official... Aidan will most likely have a lip revision next summer, while he's out for his palate surgery. And the plastic surgeon is officially disappointed (with himself) about the current state of Aidan's scar.

Cold weather is upon us and I officially froze my tush off this weekend! Brrrrrrr!!

Portrait studios officially suck (sorry, I tell my kids at school they can't use that word, but I couldn't think of another that fit quite right). Our portrait session was ok, despite the outrageous prices (which I somehow failed to look up prior), the horrible choices of backdrops, the "rushed madness" I felt, and... did I mention the prices??? I told Chad all I want for my birthday next year are professional (outdoor!) photos, which ironically cost about the same as the studio.

----- But check out the super cute handmade onesies Kameron put together for the boys!! Too bad we BOTH couldn't afford to buy one of the portraits of them, so we set up this photo shoot ourselves. Good enough!
"Natey, show us where Aidan's cheeks are. Good! No, no, not so hard!!!!"

Aidan is officially sucking his thumb again... but it's his left hand this time!

It's official... my house is not babyproofed. Nathan (Kameron's 17-mo-old) proved that in, oh, about 2 seconds. : ) I have wine glasses in the buffet? Who knew?!

It's official... Aidan does NOT like peas. Blech.

Aidan is officially a "calm baby." Everywhere we went this weekend, that's what people were saying. At Chad's friend Gabe's 30th b-day, we were the only ones there with a kid... and Aidan was the center of attention!! Someone said, "I didn't even know there was a baby here! He hasn't made a peep!" So true. How did we get so lucky?? Yes, I know I'm jinxing myself for some terrible two's. : ) (Gabe got a cute pic of Aidan in a party hat... hope to get that soon.)

It's official... Aidan can hold his own bink (binky, paci, mouth shutter-upper - whatever you call it) and put it back in his mouth. He fell asleep with it in his hand and Chad and I witnessed him wake up, realize he still had ahold of it, slowly bring it to his mouth, and fall back asleep. What a big boy!

We've officially switched back to the pigeon nipple. The Habermans were driving me bonkers, so I tried the once-too-fast pigeons and Aidan ate it up! Hooray!!

It's official... we have one month left until Christmas. Sorry for breaking the news. And I have officially not started my shopping.

It's official... Heidi and Spencer eloped. Yuck. (if you don't know who they are, count yourself lucky! I won't dignify them with a link.)

And finally...

It's official... I love this time of year (and so does Chadly). Dark, cold evenings, empty wallets, and merry tunes stuck in your head for weeks aside... it's a great time of year to cuddle with your boys on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and watch your Alma Mater (UW Huskies) lose again to the Cougs in the Apple Cup (actually, we couldn't even bear to watch it... they haven't won all season!).

Ohhh, I hear Aidan coughing and sneezing in his crib. This is gonna be a looong night - poor thing. : (

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Fryday, it's Fryday!!

Me (to Allison): "Yeah, I think I'm gonna take a break from blogging this weekend. I've been so addicted lately!"

Me (to Daddypod): "We're gonna be so busy this weekend, I probably won't have any time to blog!"

Me (to myself): "I'm such a sucker for contests."

Here I am, posting AGAIN!!! And it's all MckMama's fault!! She decided to run a Fryday contest (Small Fry is her third child, Little Miss M, for those of you who have been hiding under a rock) and I hate to admit that I'm selfishly entering it for one reason only. It's not to win the new header she's offering... I'm pretty happy with the one I made! And it's not to win the camera goodies, because I have a nice Nikon D60 with lenses and filters galore. So why I am entering the contest? I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with her visiting my blog... because that would be a silly reason to play along. : )

Here's the inspiration for all the hype... (how could I, as a music teacher, not love this picture??? I'm sure that's a high C!)

(and, by the way, when I was on my final shopping spree at The Gap (before Chadly cut me off!), I saw this colorful number and immediately thought of MckMama and Small Fry. And I was admittedly quite surprised to see it on her, as I know MckMama despises shopping and paying full price! But since she seems to run into blog fans everywhere, perhaps a clerk who recognized the blond locks of her MSC cut her a deal.) : )

If you haven't been over there yet, check out the Fryday contest - it's easy as pie to play! All you have to do is blog, and I know you're good at that!! Besides fabulous gifts, she's also trying to raise money/ideas/awareness for String of Pearls, whose mission is to support families who have lost their little miracles.

Now that Fryday is officially over, I better post this quick!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

And there were two little boys, sitting on chairs.

Aidan: "Hey Ryan, wanna come hang out with me and my Mama today?"

Ryan: "Mm hmm."

Aidan: "First, we'll go to the mall, and our Mamas will shop and shop and SHOP!! I think you should have a huge blowout, with poo going all the way up to your neck, just to be funny. K?"

Ryan: "Mm hmm."

Aidan: "And then we'll go back to my pad and our crazy Mamas will take a ton of pictures. Don't worry. You'll get used to it."

Ryan: "Mm hmm."

Aidan: "Look, kid, this 'Mm hmm' stuff is gonna get old real fast. Don'tcha got anything else to say??"

Ryan: "Mm hmm! (translation: Listen 'kid', I'm only 9 weeks old! Cut me some slack!)"

Aidan: "Ugh. This is gonna be a long day." : )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Aidan: "Hey Ryan, let's show our Mamas we can both put our knuckles in the air! No, no, like this!!! Good. You got it, kid." Aidan: "Yeah, I'm not sure why my mom has two of these dumb chairs either. But hey, if you cry a little, your Mama will turn that switch on and then it'll vibrate your buns!! Cool, huh??"

Ryan: "Mm hmm!!!!" : )

Ryan: ("Hey Mama, is Aidan's Mama done yet? I'm ready for a weeeee bit more milk action!") Aidan: "Hey Mama, are you done yet? I'm ready for our inside portrait session. I know a great place where you can pose us (and then I can steamroll this kid and have my house to myself again!!! Moowhahaha!!!). Um, you didn't hear that last part, did you?"
Aidan: "Um, Mama, I still see you over there. I've got my eye on you, lady. Now let's go inside so I can smoosh this newbie!"
Ryan: ("Mama, I think that kid's planning something over there. He looks awfully suspicious.") Aidan: "Yes!!! Time to steamroll this kid and get him outta here!

"One... two... three!!!"

Aidan: "Yep, this is MY chair. And MY house. And just so you don't forget, I'll pull up my pant legs and show you who's master of my domain!! Hey Mama, where are those cute new See Kai Run shoes you bought me? You WHAT?!?!? You returned them? What's buyer's remorse?"

"That's OK, Mama. I'm not a huge fan of piggie covers anyway. This is much better."

"Hey Daddy!! Look what Mama bought me today!! It's a cool new beanie hat from Gymboree. I guess she really likes that store. No, no, she exchanged a shirt she bought the other day for this hat. So it's like she got this for free! I think it's my favoritest hat of all!! Do ya like my big boy clothes? Yep. Me too! Hey Daddy, whatcha think I should wear for my pictures on Saturday? Um, why are you rolling your eyes, Daddy? I'm sure Mama hasn't asked you that a million times today. She's not that obsessed with our outfits."

"Ok, peace out everyone! My Mama says she really needs to go to bed. Something about being addicted to this blogging thing. I don't really get it. Doesn't everyone want to see pictures of me every day? See, I knew it!!! You DO love pictures of me! Oh. It's the rambling you're tired of? I see. I'll have some words with my Mama in the morning... ... after I fill my diaper, that is. Moowhahaha!!!" : )

(narrated by: Aidan & Ryan, certified cutie patooties)