Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arts and crafts, turning the sink orange, and more surveys!

Ok, Chad makes a good point... I only posted 14 times in September, and I'm already up to 27 for October. My reasoning? I'll be going back to work in January and my blogging will most certainly slow down. Or at least it should, if I'm doing my job right, being a good mommy, AND getting enough sleep. : ) We'll see...


Halloween costumes! Thanks to Kameron for the idea, I went to Michael's and bought supplies to make a Tomato and Carrot outfit for Chad and myself. Did you know they sell solid color tees for really cheap there? Yippee!! But I got burned (no pun intended) on the iron-on letters... count the T's and the O's in tomato and carrot... just enough that I had to buy TWO packets. Grrr. And can I just say our Michael's is Ghetto with a capital G?? The store itself is nice, but come on people - invest in some shopping carts that don't screech and squeal down every aisle!! I, of course, was pushing a SLEEPING baby in his oh-so-smooth ride (a Bob jogging stroller - love it!!), and decided it was everyone's fault who was using a squeaky cart and glared at them (behind their backs, of course).

Here's what I bought...

...and here's how it turned out! (the carrot shirt and orange hat actually match perfectly in real life)

I might play with my "vines" a bit... they look kind of chintzy right now. But I love my iron-ons! First time using them and they're so brainless!!! Just for me. Not finished with Chad's hat (I'll use the foam to cut out some carrot leaves), but I'm so proud of myself for actually dying something!! Took a ton of Comet to get the sink from looking orange, but it eventually came clean. (Ande, I really did consider going the Veggietales route, but Chad nixed it!). : )


You all were so creative with your Halloween candy answers, it made me want to ask you more! (and if you haven't answered yet, you still can!) So, today I went to my favorite Dairy Queen and actually ordered fries with my meal (normally I NEVER get the fries, but I was just craving some hot, salty tater sticks!). When I ordered, I asked for ketchup (in case I forgot at the window). The server was all confused, so I repeated it. She repeated it. Thought we were good. Even at the window, she repeated it.

Did I end up with ketchup in my bag?


Normally they screw up my burger and add cheese, even though I say "hamburger" or "no cheese."


So here's my question for the day:

1) Are you the type of person to go back in and get your order corrected? Or do you just drive away grumpy and eat/don't eat your messed up meal?

If I'm IN a fast food place and get the wrong order, I'll return it. But if I'm driving away, I always just deal with it (using a lot of words I don't usually say).

2) What about sit-down restaurants? Have you ever returned a meal because is was too hot/cold? It tasted bad? It wasn't cooked? If you don't, does your husband?

I've NEVER returned food at a sit-down restaurant. I just gripe and complain through the whole meal. Pleasant, huh?

3) And my favorite question: What are your absolute favorite fast-food restaurants? (unless you're some kind of freak and NEVER go to fast food, which, if that's the case, I might not be able to be blog friends with you anymore. Just kidding. Sort of.)

Our favorites? We have many... Dairy Queen, Arby's, McDonald's (although I try very hard to avoid this one... I just love their plain ol' hamburgers!), Taco Time, Taco Bell (me - Chad's not a fan), Subway, and Quizno's. Geez. A Carl's Jr. just came into town, but I've heard so much about their uber-fattening burgers that I just can't go (like the other places I visit are low-fat, right??).


The Old Navy outfit I bought Aidan... love those shoes!

Playing in the jumperoo, looking towards the TV (which I promptly turned off, realizing he was glued to it!)

18. Try a new recipe once a month - banana bread on Saturday, "ravioli casserole" on Sunday, and "tomato artichoke chicken" tonight. Yes, I've NEVER made banana bread... at least, not for Chad. So it didn't count before. It was yum-my! Except for the bugs that followed... grrrr. The casserole was like a cheater's lasagna - ravioli instead of lasagna noodles, jar spaghetti sauce. Chad loved it. Not enough flavor for me. And the artichoke chicken I made tonight was incredible!! Or at least I thought so. Chad hated it! I guess he's not a marinated artichoke kind of guy - it was too vinegary for him. But I thought it was delish! I added roasted red pepper strips to the sauce (according to the recipe). Yum! I poured it over leftover plain ravioli.

And can you believe I've flossed EVERY DAY since I started this 101 thing? Something about having to write it down. And I bought a Crest whitener kit yesterday... it's a 10-day one, 2x a day for 30 minutes. Figure I have the time now. Use it while I got it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Candy quiz!! Gimme your answers!

Ok, now the post I've been thinking of all day (since it's 10:43pm and my dear husband still isn't home - he has a big million-dollar work request due tomorrow)...

Halloween Candy Quiz!!!

1) What's the one candy you could pass out that you WOULDN'T eat if you had leftovers? (Allison and I both agreed it would be Almond Joy/Mounds. Who ever ate those as a kid?? Well, turns out Chad did! He gained 5 pounds last Halloween!! haha)

2) If your kids are of the trick-or-treating age, what's the first candy you'll steal from their treat bags? If not, what's your favorite Halloween treat? (mine would have to be Bottlecaps... and then Reese's Cups. Chad's is candy corn.)

3) What's your kids' favorite Halloween candy? Just curious. Aidan's not quite there yet.

4) And finally, what kind of candy/junk food will YOU be passing out this year? (I might try bags of chips, which is what my mom does. That way the kids get a BIG item instead of a dinky Hershey's minature. I always feel bad and end up giving out handfuls, and then I'm out in 20 minutes and have to turn off my lights!!).

5) Ooh wait, one more... what will you be for Halloween? Ok, if you're not dressing up, but your kids are, you can tell me that too. But I want to know if any adults are!! I still don't have anything for Chad and myself. Aidan is a pea pod, so I still think Chad should be a carrot and I should be a tomato. Can he just wear orange and I'll wear red? Sure.

Not Me! Monday

It's been awhile since I had something so worthy of a Not Me! Monday post... but oh lordy, do I have one tonight (yes, it's still Monday where I live). MckMama is the creative lady who started this fad - if you click here or on the icon below, you can pop over to her blog and check out her last Not Me! as a pregnant mama, since she'll probably be having her little Stellan this week!

I'm really NOT going to write my whole Not Me! Monday post about fruit flies. That would be weird and gross and I would do neither of those things. Ever. (Nor would I ever admit to having fruit flies in my immaculate house).

After eating corn on the cob last week, I did not leave the eaten corn cobs in a plastic bag on the counter. Of course I immediately took them to the yard waste bin and disposed of them like the good Samaritan I am.

... and those formentioned corn cobs did NOT get shoved into the laundry room, because they looked like a random plastic sack, and begin to rot and attract fruit flies. We run a tidy ship around here and nothing like that would get past us!

... and the fruit flies did NOT start hovering in the kitchen sink, landing on all of Aidan's bottles and nipples, which did NOT force me to start washing them a million times a day, while trying to swat away the flies.

... and I especially did NOT bake banana bread the other day and leave the bowl I used to mash the bananas in the sink - overnight. With the fruit fly problem we'd be having, that would be an idiotic idea, and I'm no idiot.

... So, I of course did not spend 3 hours tonight emptying garbage cans, vacuuming, scrubbing countertops, washing dish towels, and running the dishwasher, with a bottle of Windex in my hand spraying my enemies to their death. And I didn't discover all of those techniques on the internet, with a Google search for "How to get rid of fruit flies." That would really be admitting I have a problem.

... I also did NOT put my baby in front of the TV with Baby Einstein (on repeat, I might add) while I was battling the fruit fly army. And I did not call Chad, who was NOT working late (he never does!), to update him every hour on the fruit fly situation. He's much too busy for that nonsense.

... And finally, I did NOT set a "booby trap" of balsamic vinegar in a bowl with saran wrap pulled tightly on top, with tiny holes that I made with a nail, and stakeout in my kitchen and wait for unsuspecting fruit flies to be fooled by my mischievousness, only to discover they weren't going into the holes after all, thus foiling my plans, and thus forcing me to resort to the bottle of Windex, which happened to spray all over Aidan's bottles and nipples (although I had JUST sanitized them earlier), forcing me to AGAIN sanitize them... (big breath)... THEN giving me the brilliant idea to also sanitize the bottle rack (which is plastic, like the bottles), which proceeded to warp and bend in the boiling pot of water. I have not gone nuts. I have not lost my mind over fruit flies. And I most certainly did not abstain from making my "Tomato Artichoke Chicken" tonight because I couldn't get the image of a swarm of fruit flies making a bee-line for my dinner plate out of my head.



On a lighter note, I did NOT go to Old Navy today and come out empty-handed. That's just wrong!! And I probably won't take a million pictures of him in the outfit I did not buy, because that would be showing off my son's good looks and I never do that.

My dear son Aidan did NOT scream and cry when he saw his mom with weird Crest white strips in her mouth, because it didn't make her smile look kind of crazy. He's not a sissy boy, my strapping son!! And of course I didn't look crazy! Wearing plastic on your teeth and foaming at the mouth because you can't really swallow is completely normal behavior.

And finally, I did not go to Rite Aid for just a prescription, and come out with a box of Red Vines and an 8-pack of mini Junior Mints boxes. I have way more self-control than that. And No! Of course I didn't eat them all before I got home! Geez!!! I finished the last 3 Red Vines as I walked in the door and still have 4 boxes of Junior Mints left. Ok, maybe three.

Ok, I did NOT just get disappointed because I was finally going to add my Not Me! Monday link to MckMama's site, only to find out it was closed. And I did not drop my mouth open, realizing if I could've added mine, I would've been the 263rd person on the list!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

So much for willpower...

After my ranting and raving about avoiding "Twilight" previews, I ended up watching one tonight during "Desperate Housewives." And with the help of On Demand, I rewound it and watched it again! I'm terrible. Why does the main girl remind me of those twins from "America's Next Top Model"? (don't ask me which season)


Seems like Aidan is doing more and more these days, and I just have to report!

* he rubs his right eye when he's tired - it's so cute!!

* he ferociously squeezes the nipple of his bottle while he's eating. Sometimes it's helpful, when the nipple isn't refilling correctly!

* he LOVES being around people! He was in such a good mood at that wedding yesterday, and he spent the entire day today crying (hanging out with his lame old mom) : )

* he's HUGE. Everywhere I go, people ask how old he is and they're always shocked to hear "He's only 5 months. Yep, I know he's big." Today, I saw a baby girl at the grocery store and asked the mom how old she was. She said "10 months," and as she looked at my son, who was exactly the same size, I said, "He's only 5." Her eyes got so big! He doesn't seem that big to me, but I know he's solid.

* he likes nose kisses!! With his stents out, I'm finally able to rub his little nose. He closes his eyes slowly and smiles.

* he's finally doing the typical baby thing of putting EVERYTHING to his mouth.

* he's sleeping from 9pm to 8am. Jealous? Don't worry. I'm fully aware of how joyous this is and realize it could change any second.


Ok, everyone, now tell me... what would you call this eye color??? (you can click on the picture to enlarge it if necessary.) I know they must be going brown, but what do I call them now?

Don't you just want to pinch that elbow pudge??? Baby dimples ANYWHERE are the cutest!!

By the way, anyone experiencing problems posting pictures? When I do a bunch at a time, they're posting in the reverse order. It's annoying! And why is it that when I add a picture, the spacing ALWAYS changes in my text, so I have to go back and fix it. Ugh! And then it sometimes still looks different when I post it. If I weren't so stubborn and anal, I could let it go. I swear I'm not a typical Taurus! (haha)

A wedding reunion!

We had a great time yesterday at Christina and Brian's wedding... not because they are the sweetest couple EVER to get married, not because they sang/played piano/played guitar in their own wedding ceremony (how brave is that??), and not because they had the BEST wedding cake we've ever tasted (pumpkin spice - YUM!!)...

... but mostly because I hadn't seen Christina and her family since 1999 and it was the best reunion!

When I knew the family in England, I was 21, young, and completely in awe of a mother and her husband who managed SEVEN kids in their household; including an autistic child. I started teaching 4 of them piano lessons, the oldest being Christina. She was 14 at the time and was just the sweetest girl you'd ever meet... definitely a second Mama of the house. Laurie and her husband went on to have THREE more children (yes, that makes 10 total!) and they are all the cutest, nicest kids.

In 2000, I came back home to Washington. They moved around with the military, but somehow managed to end up in Washington, about 30 minutes from where we are in Olympia. They've been here for 2 years and I hadn't seen them until yesterday! Lame, I know, but at least we finally reunited.

Aidanpod thought he'd drive us there... of course a second before I snapped this, he was actually looking at the steering wheel!

The piano teacher and her students! Christina, the beautiful bride, on the left (24!) and Jenna, another student I had, on the right (21!). Geez, do they HAVE to grow up??? Last time I saw them, Christina had glasses and Jenna was a complete tomboy with a baseball hat.
Nothing says "elegant bride" more than a greasy piece of fried chicken!

This is the youngest sibling, who was an adorable flowergirl. I kept telling Chad to take a picture of her, but when he finally did, she had already changed out of her dress. AND she was shy!! Don't you love the juxtaposition between her floral curls and those skater shoes and jean shorts?

Christina laughed through the ceremony, laughed through the reception, and laughed through their first dance. What a goof ball!! But it made her the most relaxed bride I've seen. And I was so envious of those gorgeous sleeves on her strapless Maggie Sottero dress!

I guess we looked pretty cute dancing with the pod! : )
Hilarious Haberman moment - for those of you cleft mommies using the Haberman bottle, you know that if your little one gets a grip on the nipple and squeezes, a geyser of milk comes shooting out. Well... that's not exactly what you want to have happen when the bride is holding your child!! Yes, Christina was holding Aidan just before feeding time... so Chad made a bottle and put it in Aidan's mouth, before Christina had handed him over. Chad was trying to take the bottle out to take Aidan, but of course HE wasn't ready to let go (right??)! Out comes the bottle, Aidan's little curmudgeon hand is squeezing tight on the nipple, and a huge stream of milk comes shooting out - all over the bride, her groom, Chad, and me (and Aidan!). We shout in shock, which makes Aidan cry, which makes him squeeze the nipple tighter, which makes the milk shoot out more!!! It was like a fire hose, spraying in different directions. I wish I had it on tape!!! But Christina and Brian were as cool as could be and thought it was hilarious. I, on the other hand, would've been horrified to have milk sprayed on my wedding dress!

Other favorite moments:

During the vows, the bride laughed, the groom cried. So sweet.

At the reception, Christina's dress had come unbustled. And I swear I'm not making this up - the groom actually got on the floor behind her, and said, "Do you want me to re-bustle your dress?" What??? And yes, he actually knew how to re-bustle it. Crazy!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag before bed...

I forgot I wanted to do this tonight (tomorrow, I'm devoting some time for commenting - I've been slacking!)... my cleft mommy friend tagged me with a little About Me survey, so I'm playing. Here's the link to hers (it'll be hard to compete with hers - they were interesting!!).

1. In elementary school, my mom entered me in a beauty pageant in Tacoma, WA (Miss Jr. America). The previous winner was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (from the old "90210" and "Saved by the Bell"). I did NOT, though it may come as quite a shocker, win. I did not place in the top 10. Or 20. Or 100 for that matter. I was a boyish-looking girly girly, if that makes sense. Not a tomboy, but not that cute. : )

2. I lived in England for almost 4 years after community college. Long story. : ) That's where I taught piano lessons to the Hager family, and tomorrow I'm attending their oldest daughter's wedding! They moved to Washington, coincidentally, and we're only 30 minutes apart! Small world. I haven't seen them in person for over 9 years!

3. I hate all things that fly... airplanes, primarily. But also flying creatures, like butterflies, dragonflies, bees, even birds. I know, weird. My airplane fear is the whole claustrophobic-can't breathe-without-fresh-air-and-might-crash-in-the-ocean thing, but the other is that flying animals are too unpredictable! I don't need something dive bombing my head!

4. I'm left-handed. Normally, I wouldn't think that was weird, but I forget I AM a minority. And I'm probably the ONLY lefty that doesn't write all crazy and hook their arm and drag their hand in the ink. I'm normal! My brother and Dad are also left-handed, but alas, Aidan appears to have right-handed tendencies already.

5. I lived on Lake Goodwin in high school and tried my hand at wake boarding. And one summer, when I actually looked good in a bikini, I had a wardrobe malfunction... who knew bikinis stretched out when they got wet?? First my bottoms went down, and then as I was reaching to pull them up in utter humiliation, my triangle bikini top slid over. Not good when you're already a completely self-conscious teenager.

6. I'm a picky eater. No mushrooms, green olives, or anything "weird" in my food, please. And getting me to try ethnic food? Yeah right! Vegetables? Only if I don't have to cook them! Pumpkin pie and cheesecake? No thanks!! I wish I weren't and hope to raise Aidan with a better perspective.

7. I'm afraid of the dark. Still. I know I'm an adult now. I can't help it! I have a nightlight in our bedroom and I have to shut the closet door (which faces our bed) because I just can't tell if someone's in there! And I look behind me when I walk up the stairs in the dark. Chad stays in the doghouse for weeks if he tries to sneak up on me.

Ok, so there's my 7 things... and now I have to pick only 7 friends? Well, let's see if I can find some that Janeen didn't already pick (and ones that might get around to this). I'll leave comments on your blogs later.








Trying my patience...

When I told Chad just now I thought of another post for my blog, he said:

"Will it have more pictures of the Pod?"


"Isn't the blog called, 'Adventures of Aidanpod?'"


"So isn't it supposed to be about him?"

"YES! Can't I write something about myself??"

Like I said before, I use this as a Pod journal AND an online diary. So this post will have nothing to do with my son. Ok, Chad? (by the way - don't you all love how he writes comments on my blog?? It's really our only form of communication. heehee)


Ok, so back to my title: trying my patience... if you've been paying any attention, you've seen I'm obviously obsessed right now with the book series called "Twilight." It's the first book since Harry Potter that I've really been into, and I'm madly trying to finish all four books before the movie comes out on Nov. 22nd. More to the point, I'm trying to avoid seeing the actors who are playing in the movie.

Twilight sighting #1 - I already wrote about accidentally seeing the actors' names online, but luckily I didn't know who there were.

#2 - I went to Barnes N' Noble with my mom on Monday to buy "Eclipse," and I saw they have already come out with a version of "Twilight" with the movie actors on the cover. Luckily, the book was upsidedown from where I was standing, so I easily avoided it.

#3 - Tonight, I went to Borders to buy a card for a wedding we're attending tomorrow. I KNEW I had to keep my blinders on, for Borders was bound to have a display of "Twilight" books by the front. I headed straight for the cards.

Nooo! I see out of the corner of my eye a Halloween display and catch the word "vampire!" Luckily, no "Twilight" books were to be seen. Phew.

I get my card and some wrapping paper and head to the checkout.

I'm in line and looking around at the "you-don't-need-this-random-junk" items at the counter and am so relieved I made it.


I look up at the cashier, and wouldn't you know it? Right behind his head, hanging on the wall, is a t-shirt with a picture of a sinister looking teenager, and below his picture, it says, "Edward" (the main character in "Twilight," of course). Darn!!! But luckily, once I saw the name, I quickly turned away before I could really study the picture. I'm still safe!


#4 - I turn left and notice a teenage girl behind me in line. Harmless, right? But wait, what's that she's holding in her hand? A Twilight calendar??? Ugh! I was surrounded! But again, I only saw the title and turned my head. I swear, I felt like I needed to put my hands to my cheeks to protect me from the spoilers!!

I don't know why I care so much, but with the Harry Potter series, as soon as I saw the movie, I only ever pictured Daniel Radcliffe as Harry. No longer could I use my own imagination.

Hmm... "Harry Potter" is about witches and wizards. "Twilight" centers around vampires and werewolves. What's wrong with me??

(And come to think of it, what CD do I have playing in my car right now? The soundtrack to "Wicked!" But come on, it's a Broadway musical! And it's great music!!!)

Geez. But seriously, what else will I find in the 4.9 reading level?? I'm certainly not reading Judy Blume again!! haha


On a different topic, (ooh, this DOES have the Pod in it!), when I got home from Borders, Aidan was super grumpy. So Chad and I bundled him up and we went for a quick walk down the street (in the dark, in the cold, with only the street lights to lead the way). But Aidan LOVED it.

So we're almost home, and I bend down to get a rock out of my shoe, and suddenly this animal goes whizzzzzing by me! All I could hear was a stampede of feet and all I could see was a blur of white and brown fluff! It scared me to death!! So I look up to see what it was, and it was my cat!! Peaches had obviously followed us on our walk and I guess she was just catching up. She stayed 50 feet behind us the rest of the way home (I know because I kept checking), and eventually came to the back door to be let in. : )


Ok, time for bed (aka - staying up late reading time).

We're moving!

(I believe I just gave our mothers simultaneous heart attacks.)

Ok, ok, we're not really moving... Chad and Aidan just decided they'd rather live in a box for a day...

"Here's my new playground! It's a box. A big giant box that used to hold a big giant computer monitor my Daddy just had to have. He says he used the 'company account,' but Mom seems a little suspicious..."
"Mmmmm, fiber."
"Mommy decided it wasn't enough that I was in the box. So Daddy climbed in with me. I guess that's ok."

"Hmmm... I'm starting to think my photo shoot is turning into Daddy's photo shoot! I better do something funny quick!"
"Blech!! That's what I think of your photo shoot, Daddypod!"
"Ok, ok, I'm sorry. I'll behave."
"Hey Dad! I have an idea!! Let's hang out in this box all afternoon! Wouldn't that be the-"
"-wait a minute... is that a kitty I see?" (so easily distracted at this age)
Hanging out in the jumperoo... wearing shortalls despite the 40-degree weather outside. Hey, I have to put Aidan in every outfit at least once!

Trying to get a good pic without making his face look bulbous, like a hippo. (Is that better, Chadly?)
Here's a close-up of his "new" nose (ignore the boogies - I can't clean his nose for a week!). You can see how lopsided his nostrils are, but as you can see in the above picture, his nose looks great from front on! That blister on his lip fell off and hasn't come back, so hopefully we're done with it.
This picture really shows how long is hair is getting! And you can see how thick and red his scar is. I LOVE him in blue! I LOVE him in stripes! Blue stripes? Genius!! I'd spend all day standing on my head, shaking rattles, and making faces just for one second of these smiley eyes. Ahhh, they melt me everytime!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No more nose ring! Come see, come see!

We had an appt. at Children's yesterday and our doctor decided to cut Aidan's nose stents out. Had I known how traumatizing this would be, I would've had a bottle already made! : ( I think the worst part for Aidan was getting his head held down. He was ticked! But with one snip and two tugs, out came the tubes that have been a pain in the patootie for 2 months (not that I'm really complaining - it could've been worse, like Reid's!). They were long, too! And completely snot-filled. : ) I was excited to finally see Aidan's nose and scar.

Saturday night, still with nose stents (eating the remote)

After!! He still has some crusty stuff I need to wash off, but at least I can see it! I'm going to try to take a close up shot tonight.


1) no more stents - easier breathing, easier booger-swabbing, easier on the eyes for strangers!
2) we can finally get to that scar and do some serious massaging/taping


1) Aidan's scar is a lot harder and tighter than the doctor would've liked (and worse than a lot of cleft kiddos he sees). : ( His upper lip is being pulled up towards his nose more than it should be, and the scar tissue is pulling the center of his nose over. Darn.

2) His nostrils aren't exactly the same size, but was I really expecting them to be? Actually, they look pretty darn good considering.

3) if he screamed through getting his head held down, how am I going to massage his lip?

Well, in answer to the last one, I've already learned the secret - massage it when he's sleeping!! I've done it twice today (only for about 30 seconds at time - or less) and he's barely twitched! Yes!! I'm using cocoa butter lotion with Vitamin E. It's what I had in the house. The doc wants me to use the silicone again and try another tape that I need to go pick up. But I'll start with the massaging.

Smiles for Nana : ) (I seem to write that a lot - he smiles for his Nana and Oma with great ease!)
I'm so glad to have the stents out. I can't wait to give him nose kisses and not worry if it's going to hurt! The bad part was the doc thinks his constant chapped lip is due to me using his bottle nipple as a pacifier. He thinks the nipple is rubbing against it. But I've been paying attention and it doesn't even hit that spot. It rubs his bottom lip much more. But it made me feel guilty for using a pacifier. However, Aidan likes to suck. When he's tired, he'd cry for 30 minutes or more until he fell asleep - if I used a pacifier, it takes 1 minute and he's out cold. So for now, I'm using it. It soothes him and makes my life a lot easier, even if I have to hold it in his mouth. I've tried getting him to use a blankie or his fingers, but he only seems to like those if he's content (not upset and tired).


I finished "New Moon" in record speed and am now onto "Eclipse." I'm loving this series!!! The movie "Twilight" comes out at the end of November and I'm determined to NOT see a preview. I don't want to see the actors until I'm done with the series, to keep my imagination going. I did have my mom look it up to see if the actors were known or unknown. I'm excited to see who's playing Bella and Edward! But I don't want to know until I'm done, so don't tell me!! (Oh darn - I just did a Google search to add this "Eclipse" picture and I saw the names of the people playing the main characters!!! Luckily, I don't recognize their names... I'm still in the clear).